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Maternity welfare unit (As at us can install disgust for the pregnancy period)

So... The desired moment came, you saw two stripes on the test. You are pregnant! The initial pleasure lasts not for long, to the first campaign in local ZhK...

- we leave Pregnancy?

- Of course!

- Abortions were?

- Is not present


- a uterus neck Erosion?

- Is not present


- Inflammations of ovaries?

- Is not present


- That, any diseases on gynecology?!

- Is not present


- the Stake - in sexual partners“?

- Mmm... Well, I do not remember... Perhaps 10? (Well and questions!)


But it it is finished, we start survey. Fastidious breaking of gloves, a washing of hands after survey. Means, so...

of Kip of analyses, the directions to doctors, we make these tests in one policlinic, these in another, all right, handed over.

of ultrasonography! Hurrah, it is possible to learn who you will have!

- Forgive to

, and it is already visible who?

- Is not present


- Excuse


the Direction on screening (in Voronezh it lovely call “the analysis on ugliness“). I do not want. On reception I am unscrewed, explaining why did not pass screening. All right.

Every time is written out but - a shpa, candles with a papaverine and something else what for? Everything bought, but I accept nothing. In the last visit in general pricks were registered. There.

the Direction on ultrasonography.

- So I already 3 times did!

- Well whether it is necessary to look at everything normally develops!

I it I am healthy! And what gets to those, who have some problems with health? By the way, when I “mowed“ from screening, told that I was ill.

- Temperature was?

- Is not present

, just the throat burned...

- At the therapist were?

- Is not present

, of course...

- Immediately to the therapist, and me from it the reference!

I still, forgot one charm when came to make the general test on blood, did not know that it is necessary to take in registry the coupon, except the direction! As a result stayed hour in turn, and it was turned out by the lovely laboratorian back home.

Yes, when I could not come to reception, I was called back right there by the nurse: “Why were not“? Also you will not leave them.

you want to become pregnant once again? Then we go to you!