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How not to be afraid of a mortgage?

For the person who never borrowed money to decide to take the credit for the apartment not really easily at once. We with the husband considered that we quite normally earn. In our case process of accumulation reminded Zenon`s aporiya about Akhilla and a turtle: by then as we gained the necessary sum, it became insufficiently, and it was necessary to save still. And in the spring so at all it seemed to us that it we - that “turtle“ who for some reason and illogically tries to catch up Akhill. Zenon together with the aporiya nervously smokes aside.

we, actually, were never afraid of

of the Mortgage. All these fears from a series “and that if...“ and “and suddenly“, and even the most terrible - “and that if suddenly....?!“ we were not frightened, just forced to study a question and others experience at first attentively (The Internet drives!) to count options and to compare programs of different banks.


as a result, in many respects thanks to forums and conferences, chose International Moscow Bank. Several people tendered the credits, and all were happy. And at Bank also a rate it seems the lowest - 9% in dollars and 11% in rubles. We considered rubles and rejected. More true the husband long thought, considered and declared that in dollars, it, it seems, is more favorable. I will not adduce all arguments, but sounded plausibly. Besides they at me are written down if it turns out that it was more favorable in rubles, it at me to pension will wash the dishes without everyones “in turn“.

Ah yes … I will tell honestly, all of us - were in a privileged position. Was already at us howling the apartment in Moscow area. So-so the apartment - an odnushka in a five-storey apartment block to live we do not live in it for a long time (at first handed over, and then ceased), but against today`s madness it pulled for the Very good sum. Well and if distracted - we sold it to “ipotechnik“ too, so did not even begin to employ the realtor. To advertize in “From hand to hand“ it is easy. And it is more behind anything it is not necessary.

All transaction went under control of bank. All documents standard. Transactions are carried out daily on some pieces, as on the conveyor. Were, of course, - give calls from agencies, say, we to you will find the buyer for the symbolical sum in 3 - 5 thousand dollars, but the husband ripped them in the bud, and benefactors were sent politely, but is firm. If to sell to “ipotechnik“, the seller is reliably protected!

At first wanted to carry out by

the transaction alternative. I.e. we find the buyer, quickly we look for option, and then we carry out two transactions at the same time. But it was necessary to refuse this idea quickly. Nobody wants to wait. In the word of honor that we will not raise the price, do not trust. Growth - that the prices continued. It is a pity. Especially as practice counter sale in MMB. I.e. it is possible not to bring the first contribution, and to direct money for it from sale of the apartment. Little girls from mortgage department assured that there is nothing difficult, and, judging by further work with them, most likely, so and was.

it was terrible? Of course, terribly. The husband from time to time looked at me strange when every day by the evening I formed the next portion of questions which also did not come to its mind. Men like to show what allegedly all know and all control though actually just let matters drift, hoping at random.

the Apartment were looked for by only three weeks. Since morning pro-rings on the same “From hand to hand“ and to the different websites. Specifications free sale or alternative, how many years in property. Because if less than three, then or the seller has to pay a tax or to specify the sum less than 1 million rubles in the contract. MMB agreed to it, but we wanted to receive a tax deduction.

the Picture in the first days was painted by

. Options are. Went on viewings every other day, trying to see in one area 2 - 3 apartments at once. The first week was malicious, looked for “ideal“ option. But as time to themselves was rigidly limited, then slightly lowered a little a level.

By the end of the third week a choice was made by

in favor of favourite Hugo - the West. There is more expensive, but infrastructure and the area very good. The apartment - an odnushka on the last floor 17 - floor quite new panelka. To the subway, unfortunately, far, but Bittsevsky park absolutely nearby.

Documents on the apartment were almost collected by

(one reference was not enough). MMB considered and approved in 3 days, put more on insurance (by the way, found for only 0,8%) and two - on an assessment (processes go in parallel). Generally, after handed over all documents, came to the transaction in a week. A week more of registration, and documents on hands.

Repair was decided not to be done, after moving we will glaze a balcony. The first payment on the credit in a week. Not to go to office, subscribed for the Internet - bank through which we will extinguish. And we prepare documents on a tax deduction. 130 thousand rubles are scarcer than hen`s teeth (and then still a deduction from percent on the credit).


generally to take or not to take the credit - the personal choice of everyone, here to give advice it is useless. Just there is a wish to note that there is nothing terrible in this mortgage. It became ordinary business for a long time. The main thing - not to be nervous, not to be afraid and not to hesitate to ask if that it is unclear.