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Spoon for mother, a spoon for the father...

the Problem of children`s appetite on the globality is comparable unless with a question of schooling to a pot and laying to sleep. At playgrounds continually you will hear: “Yes you that? However, so well eats? And I also do not know what with the to do to me. Already and books to it we put on a table, and toys...“ Having sadly sighed, mother puts to the run-up child the next cookies.

Should tell

that my eldest son at infantile age was really unique child. It quickly enough set the mode of a dream and feedings, and it was possible to invite the audience because even he ate absolutely disgusting, in my opinion, cauliflower puree so as if nothing was more tasty in this world to each meal - well very widely opening a mouth and sentencing: “And - and - m!“ If there was not enough divine food suddenly, the child broke into tears, demanding still.

In one and a half years he ate for breakfast a four hundred-gram glass of yogurt (a spoon, independently), and for lunch - a saucepan with soup. At the same time I followed only 2 rules - not to give to the child anything edible between feedings (except drink, certainly) and whenever possible to make meals at the same time.

I will Never forget eyes of Scandinavians with which we will of destiny appeared once at the next tables in the Turkish hotel when they saw our son who is sitting at a table on a usual chair, independently drinking juice from a cup and choosing tableware depending on food which he had to eat. Nearby on a children`s stool with a small bottle in teeth and in pampers their two-year-old child sat...

I will not cut out

, at that time I absolutely sincerely considered that and has to be at all. Well I did not understand mothers who said that their offspring has no appetite to what tricks they should resort to feed the child. Tricks are in general the separate song, in an arsenal of each mother or grandmother there is the to no - Hau - the picture on a bottom of a transparent plate, the author`s fairy tale for a zagovarivaniye of teeth, house specialties (up to that to every day of week there corresponds a certain color of food!) table games like “open a mouth - will fly samoletik“ and other inventions, both own, and transferred from generation to generation. I developed resistant opinion in this respect: there are no children who do not want to eat, there are adults who are not able them to feed.

A then we had Kiryusha... The younger son forced me to treat much simpler and more tolerant. I already not only did not condemn mothers who could not feed the children, I understood them. Here precisely speak - difficultly to understand a problem of other person until same concerns you personally.

When to Kerim was 9 months old, at me milk completely ran low, and we passed to acidified milk formula. Respectively, it did not make sense to give it a breast as soothing any more - the child was only angry and bit, because that to it in a mouth nothing flew. At the same time the son could refuse the vegetable puree put to it for lunch easily if in it suddenly there was not enough carrot, and even in general without any reasons seen on that. There was no wish to fall asleep for a hungry stomach to it too for some reason, and it was the answer to my old question “Why to Feed the Child if He Does Not Want?“ In order that he as though itself did not understand what he wants, but it was worth feeding him as harm and a capriciousness right there somewhere disappeared, and blissfully filled up dithat...

I do not know

whether it is worth sharing way which I used for achievement of the treasured purpose, perhaps, someone will condemn me as my method consisted in a literal zapikhivaniye of food in the child. The son - in situation reclining at me on hands, the head on the left forearm, in the left hand at me - a small bottle with juice, in right - a spoon which I scoop mashed potatoes from the plate which is on a table. We bring a bottle to a mouth - the child joyfully opens a mouth, we clean a bottle, we push 1 - 2 spoons of mashed potatoes, and already then we allow it to suck a little, again we pull out a bottle - again mashed potatoes etc.

Are clear that similar feedings did not give special pleasure to either me, or Kerim and it was a shame to admit to somebody the methods. Therefore when my pig-headed synulya rose against the children`s food and wished the same, as in a plate at the brother (it occurred closer to his first birthday), I suddenly decided to pass to new tactics of feeding, under the conditional name “You Do Not Want - It Is Not Necessary!“

“And the truth, - I argued. - Somebody would try to feed me against my will! So why I will torment the child especially as he grew up already enough to ask to eat“. And I began to realize the new plan.

When the son, having woken up in the morning, once again began to refuse the porridge put to it which I as careful mother, immediately hurried to offer it, I just took away the child from kitchen and some time entertained him books and toys, we even did exercises which I threw long ago. In an hour I unostentatiously took an interest: “Perhaps to eat we will go?“ Kiryusha joyfully runs on kitchen and, about a miracle! Eats all plate! And precisely - unlike me hurrying on kitchen right after rise or the eldest son, which in response to mine “Good morning!“ answers: “I want to eat!“, the husband easily can make a morning meal one or two hours later after awakening. Probably, youngest went to the father...

the First step was taken by

, and now I with alarm waited for lunch time. It was more difficult to feed the child with soup, than porridge in view of the fact that this dish was in the habit to spill and appear anywhere, but only not in a mouth of my son, especially, if the spoon which is already brought to the destination unexpectedly met an obstacle in the form of close lips and teeth. Besides, after a lunch it was assumed sonchas, and it was impossible to leave dithat hungry.

Having delivered to

before the son a plate and having found total absence of interest in its contents on his face, I unexpectedly for myself solved:“ Let it will be a lunch, and the lunch will wait!“ also gave to the pighead couple of pieces of cheese. When cheese was successfully eaten, I put the son in a bed, handed it a small bottle with mix and left.

Looking how the slept child with pleasure absorbs soup (besides an hour later after rise, probably such at it feature of an organism that appetite wakes up later), I thought: “And who told that the lunch has to be in 12 - 00? When mother nurses the child on demand, she thinks a little of why to him was impatient to suck in the middle of the night when the one-year-old kid does not want to have dinner in time determined by mother, she by hook or by crook tries to feed him. The child at 3 - 4 o`clock in the afternoon - for God`s sake wants to have dinner!“ .

Thus, the most important problem - with a lunch - was safely solved, and the plastic bib acquired few months ago - a pocket facilitated my life even more, having set thinking, at last, of schooling of the child to eat independently.

As for an afternoon snack and a dinner, with these two meals of difficulties practically does not arise - for an afternoon snack at us usually cake cheeses, cookies with juice or still something tasty, and a dinner I prepare one on all long ago. Even if younger will refuse to have supper, I do not worry about it - before going to bed he drinks the evening kefir therefore he should not fall asleep for a hungry stomach definitely.

I will not claim

that any more never I resort to tricks - in life there are situations when the child needs to be fed quicker, for example, if it is time to go to the doctor who works, say, with 13 - 00 to 15 - 00 and will not wait until at my son appetite wakes up or if arrival of guests is expected - and then I am helped by a banal zagovarivaniye of teeth.

And still several principles to which I steadily adhere exist:

- obligatory reception of liquid food - I can accept refusal of a breakfast, a dinner, but not a lunch even if the lunch takes place at three o`clock later;

- I do not give any “pieces“ and furthermore sweet between meals;

- we eat only in kitchen, previously having washed hands and having sat down at a table, an exception - arrival of guests and holidays (then it is possible together with all is in a drawing room);

- I try to diversify the menu - I cannot eat two days running same;

- if the child is ill, I never force and I do not persuade him to eat, for this time all rules and the principles concerning soups, pieces, sweet etc.


Well and, at last, the most important are also cancelled that I understood for that long and eventful and opening four years of my stay in a role of mother - it is necessary to listen to the child, to reckon with his features and to look for compromises in everything, even in such question as a diet.