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Antritis without punctures, adenoides without operation

Free, easy breath is same natural and very important human requirement, as well as food, a dream, the movement, communication. But sometimes series of infinite nasmorok, a chronic congestion of a nose, pain in a throat begin to torment us. If adults still can cope with it, then how to be with children? Really their life has to begin with diseases?

“Of course, no! - the doctor of clinic of plastic surgery “San Lazare“, the candidate of medical sciences of Milan Yakovlevn Bezchinskaya answers. - Possibilities of modern medicine will allow also you and to your child to forget about the squelching nose and a sore throat forever. Treatment by the laser belongs to such innovative, superefficient and painless techniques“.

Very sensitive issue: why stuffy nose?

of the Problem with a nose (and a throat) begin h2 at many people at early age. The quantity of children`s diseases grows every year though the modern medicine reached big heights not only in treatment, but also prevention of diseases of the top airways.

the Main reason for growth of incidence - deterioration in ecology of the city. Getting in an organism together with air, harmful substances (from exhaust gases of cars, a cigarette smoke, industrial emissions) settle on a mucous membrane of a mouth and cause her irritation. The situation is aggravated by also various bacteria and viruses - they perfectly feel in respiratory organs and, strenuously there breeding, cause dangerous damages to mucous. Exerts the impact and a hereditary factor - are transferred to many children of an illness from parents. And if such little patients not to survey and not to begin treatment in time, then already at the earliest age they will show whole “bunch“ of diseases, is frequent in extremely severe forms.

Fortunately, now in an arsenal of doctors the plastic surgery is. Here not the complete list of diseases which it with success treats: chronic forms of nasmorok, including allergic, a congestion of a nose or antritis (sharp and chronic), increase in adenoides, tonsillitis and so forth

Modern techniques of elimination of antritis and inflammations of adenoides include various laboratory analyses and comprehensive inspection, including x-ray, cardiological and so forth. Only after it the course of medicamentous and laser therapy which is carried out on an outpatient basis is appointed.

Without pain and a nervous tension

to Get rid of of antritis without pain, without punctures, without surgical intervention - now it is possible! His Excellency Lazer will save children from psychological injuries and from pain which accompanies any surgical intervention. He will make so that they will not be afraid of doctors any more.

the First stage of treatment - careful drainage. Slime is sucked away through a natural opening of a gaymorovy bosom by means of vacuum. The method is painless and does not demand pricks therefore it perfectly is suitable for children. Necessary drugs are in passing entered. Further there is, actually, a laser therapy process. Important advantage of use of the surgical laser at diseases the ENT SPECIALIST - bodies are the beskrovnost, and also short duration of intervention. Already on the fifth - the seventh day at the patient is restored nasal breath. As they say, breathe more deeply!

the laser and in treatment of adenoides - the pharyngeal almonds which are settling down in the nasopharynx arch is So effective

. They are well developed only at small children, from 12 years begin to decrease, and by 16 - 20 years completely will atrophy and disappear. However the inflammation leads to the fact that adenoides increase in sizes again.

the First stage of treatment same, as well as at antritis, - careful drainage without punctures and pricks. Procedure of washing of lacunas of almonds is in certain cases possible. Further the laser removes an inflammation and hypostasis of a mucous nasopharynx therefore adenoides decrease, and breath is restored.

“In our clinic adenoides do not delete

, - M. Ya. Bezchinskaya says. - Both the respiratory gymnastics, and reception of necessary medicines, and other components of a course which the doctor appoints, proceeding from each case are added to laser therapy“.

Procedure demands

from the doctor of big professionalism therefore it is necessary to address only to the checked clinics. However often to you call such transcendental cost of treatment that it is necessary only to take the leave. The optimum combination of the price and quality is offered today by clinic of plastic surgery “San Lazare“ - 10 - 11 thousand rubles. And it is about well approved methods yielding excellent result.

Laser therapy is really unique

today - thanks to it, your kid will cope with the illnesses and will not remember them, listening to fairy tales or in a dream flying in clouds.