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Magnetotherapy of

Magnetic fields surround us everywhere - and, first of all where there are electric devices and wires on which electric current “flows“. Development of mobile means of radiotelephone and space communication, network of personal computers leads to the fact that the increasing number of people is affected by electromagnetic radiations. Scientists warn about electromagnetic danger to the person, assuming that technogenic electromagnetic radiations can make an adverse effect on an organism. But, as well as in a case with snake poison and other toxic agents, their small doses can be for the person medicine...

the Modern physics, despite all its triumphal achievements, cannot still explain that it represents at least a permanent magnet. Not to mention the most magnetic field! It is described and is widely put into practice, but its main secrets are still not solved. Using electricity (and it is also a form of manifestation of a magnetic field), even great scientists still did not comprehend true meaning of the phenomenon. But theories and hypotheses there is a set. Here one of definitions: “The magnetic field represents one of forms of the electromagnetic field, is created by moving electric charges of elementary particles (electrons, protons etc.)“. At the vast majority of chemical elements protons (the positively charged elementary particles which are a part of an atomic nucleus) are not mobile. And only a few metals possess the expressed magnetic properties: iron, cobalt, nickel and their various alloys. It is considered that it occurs from - for mobile orientations of protons in a kernel. Even when ray of light (not only solar!) falls on substance, it gives it additional energy and slightly magnetizes.

Magnetic fields - useful and harmful

Classification of the magnetic fields (MF) is based by

on their ability to change in time and space:

  • of Constant MT does not change in time in this point of space in size and the direction.
  • Variable MT changes in time in size and the direction.
  • Pulse MT changes in time in size and does not change in the direction.
  • Pulse running MT moves in space of rather motionless patient and pulsewise changes in time. It possesses the greatest biological and therapeutic activity.

We recognize from the fact that it is almost impossible to exclude impact of a magnetic field on the person in his everyday life. Certainly, it is possible to weaken it, having gone where - nibud to a taiga or to the desert island where there is no electricity. But far from a civilization only certain heroes can carry out all life. Or odd fellows. And for the sake of what? All the same radio waves (by the nature too electromagnetic) penetrate all planet. And when they (variable, that is unstable) penetrate a body of the person with “not medical purpose“, cause changes which are still a little studied. Moreover, the modern electromagnetic weapon is capable to strike the people who are deeply underground in the bunker. Even if it is not connected with “surface“ electric and other wires (communications), deeply underground not to do without electric devices. The most powerful variable electromagnetic wave is capable to destroy all these devices and to do irreparable harm to human health, being in a vault.


With the medical purpose uses not any, and the directed magnetic field. That is specially adapted for treatment. Induction - the main characteristic of a magnetic field (expressing density of a magnetic flux on the square limited to the closed carrying-out contour), measured in Teslas, more precisely - in thousand shares Tesla, that is miles Tesla (mtl). The magnetic field induction in 1 mtl causes threshold changes in fabrics, promotes initial therapeutic action.

the Second important parameter of a magnetic field - frequency. Optimum medical frequency - 8 - 14 Hz.


widely advertize for house use Now physiotherapeutic devices which cornerstone the principle of treatment by a magnetic field is. It consists in medical impact on the patient`s organism to the variables pulsing, the pulse or running low-frequency magnetic field by means of inductors of electromagnets, inductors - solenoids or a constant magnetic field by means of permanent magnets.

influence Mechanisms

Magnetic fields affect with

an organism at the molecular, subcellular, cellular, fabric levels and at the level of a complete organism.

under the influence of MT at macromolecules (big molecules - enzymes, nucleinic acids etc.) there is an emergence of charges and change of their magnetic susceptibility.

the Great value is attached by

to orientation reorganization of the liquid crystals making a basis of membranes and cellular structures. The happening reorientation affects their permeability that is important for regulation of biochemical processes.

erythrocytes are extended by

under the influence of MT in the form of an oval, become more passable in the vascular course. At the fabric level the effect of magnetic influence is reached due to microcirculation improvement (blood circulation on small vessels) and increases of permeability of membranes in a zone of influence, increase in speed of biochemical reactions and exchange processes, regeneration (restoration) of the damaged fabrics, stimulations nervously - muscular processes, reduction of hypostases.

Bodies and systems of an organism differently react to action of a magnetic field. Selectivity of response of an organism depends on electric and magnetic properties of fabrics, their distinction in microcirculation, intensity of a metabolism. On degree of sensitivity it was revealed that nervous tissue, then endocrine glands, sense organs, blood is most sensitive, it is warm - vascular, muscular, digestive, secretory, respiratory and bone systems.

Action of a magnetic field on nervous system is based by

on stimulation of processes of braking. It explains emergence of the calming effect and favorable action of a magnetic field on a dream and an emotional pressure (especially at constant stresses). Action of a magnetic field causes analgesic effect that is useful at the widest range of diseases.

under the influence of a magnetic field with induction of small intensity the tone of vessels of a brain decreases, blood supply of a brain improves, arterial pressure decreases. Under the influence of magnetic fields function of adrenal glands, a thyroid gland, gonads amplifies.

At influence of magnetic fields coagulability of blood decreases. At the beginning of influence of MT there is short-term (5 - 15 minutes) a delay of a capillary blood-groove which then is replaced by a microcirculation intensification. In time and upon termination of a course of a magnetotherapy there is an acceleration of a capillary blood-groove, improvement of sokratitelny ability of a vascular wall and increase in a krovenapolneniye of vessels. The gleam of the functioning components of the microcirculator course increases, there are conditions promoting disclosure of reserve capillaries. At influence of magnetic fields viscosity of blood, and not at once, and only to 3 - 4 - y to procedure decreases. Therefore at the beginning of magnetotreatment (as well as when using many other physiodevices) the patient can have a strengthening of pain. That is why hardware treatment should be carried out under control of the skilled doctor which will thoughtlessly not cancel the appointed procedure if it temporarily caused easy discomfort. Rules are that that if the aggravation occurred on the third procedure, then the course will consist of 10 procedures. If mobilization of forces of regeneration and self-control of an organism was late to 7 - 8 - go a session, the number of procedures will increase to 15 - 20.


It is proved that when the human body is influenced by the ordered directed magnetic field made by the physiotherapeutic device, it protects cells of fabrics from influence of “unfriendly“ fields including belonging to ecological pollutants of external environment. That is fabrics have an opportunity for the period of the procedure “not distract“ on chaotic factors of external aggression, and as much as possible to devote the activity to processes of self-control and self-restoration.

What the magnetotherapy treats?

Indications to application of a magnetotherapy are: