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Waiting for the second miracle of

you Remember that time when you listened to each slightest change in yourself, in the organism when lived in it, the small lump developed, pushed? Now this lump - still only subject of your attention. But, as in the fairy tale it is told, sooner or later - and you began to listen to yourself again. Also were not mistaken: you are again pregnant. You the second time will become a mother. And that little man who does not doubt at all that he is the center of the Universe will become not the only thing soon at all. He will become a senior. And it is very big stress for the kid... whether

your child Is ready

to the birth of the brother or sister? Whether YOU are ready that your child will be not the only thing in a family? Whether you are ready to what you will have to endow with love and cares not of one, but two? It is necessary to be prepared for this event most and to prepare the firstborn. How to make it? Of course, to prepare is not just to tell: “You know, the kid, and at you will appear the brother or the sister soon!“ It is necessary to prepare gradually, long and gradually. And in this question important value has age of your first child.

the Individual approach

If to your kid is not executed by

three more years at the time of the birth of the second child, then process of preparation will easier take place. Why? Most of people in memory has events after three years. Therefore that period of life when the kid was the only child in a family if remains in his memory, then memoirs will be not really bright. But it does not mean at all, as it is not necessary to prepare the child for the birth of the second kid at all. It is necessary, it is necessary! Begin to pay attention of the firstborn to how it is exciting to play together, to together mold a Kulichiki, to run etc., even in rainy weather always is with whom to tinker. Read to the kid of the fairy tale where heroes have brothers and sisters (“Three pigs“, “A wolf and seven kids“ and others). Come together to a conclusion that together - that is much more cheerful.

But should not ask the child a question of that, he wants the brother or the sister. Perhaps, he will answer “no“ - and then to overpersuade him will be difficult. But at once stipulate the fact that his friend at first will be still very small and at once will not be able to play. Yes what to play! It will be such small that he will need to be fed from a breast with a milk, it will not be able go, even to speak! Therefore to mother, that is you, it will be necessary a few to help to grow up such friend. And who will help mother? Of course, its assistant, best in the world. it is a high time for p to move

of the Kid who still sleeps in your bedroom to the certain room. And let the senior child “will solemnly present“ the small bed to the future younger. And it is necessary to give such gift not just before childbirth, and at least for several weeks. Moreover, you should equip his new dwelling together with the child.

If your senior child already goes to kindergarten , keep in mind: at this age children remember a lot of things. And, of course, that period of life when it was one, will remain in memory of the kid. But the sense of preparation will be former, only, likely, it is worth convincing the baby that still long ago it wanted that it had a brother or the little sister. This age does not cancel gifts from “tummy“. Let`s the firstborn touch the stomach, especially during stirs inside, explaining that so the kid “greets“ the elder brother or the sister from within. And tell the child as much as possible about what he was in a tummy, and then when was only born. It is always interesting to listen about himself to what you do not remember at all.

If the senior child goes to school , it is necessary to you slightly more difficult. Strangely enough, but the child is more senior, the jealousy is more. Though, it seems, is also more adult, and everything understands, but... With children who are more senior, talk that he wanted will not cause big trust any more. Here more “serious“ conversation that you in a family will have an addition will approach. At all, and not just at mother or at both parents. Do not divide a family into parts: all of you together expect addition. You can even ask the child to take part in discussion of a name of the kid, it is even better if you ask to make the whole list of possible names, separately for boys and for girls.

Of course, to the school student will have part of cares of the kid. That it did not become a burden, try that these cares looked not as a duty or the order, and as your request: “It is possible to ask to wash you a small bottle? You will cope?“, “If I ask you, you will be able to bring a diaper?“ . And it is always necessary to thank for any help, even for a small act, it though big, but still the child.

Who will help mother?

to you it is quite good to h2 to discuss with the husband also such option: whether it is worth inviting also the housemaid that she helped you about the house and in cooking at least for that period of time when you return from maternity hospital and you will entirely give the time to the newborn. It will be possible, expedient to invite the senior child nurse at least at several o`clock a day that it could give with it the developing classes, read, play. It is necessary that the senior did not feel “thrown“, as if you were broken off, the main time will be taken by the kid. by

That it that in vanity of efforts about younger you will not manage to buy something to the senior did not happen p> to

, try to choose time and to get shkolno - writing-materials “with a stock“. Difficult in it there is nothing: the list of educational literature is always known in the end or at the very beginning of academic year, and a stationery even if you buy much, will never be superfluous. And here in advance and in a large number you should not buy clothes and footwear, especially at the beginning of summer - in the summer growth of children is more active, and your child will not manage even to update what you buy it.

But if you kept clothes of that period when the senior child was chest, then it needs to be touched, sized also on seasons and once again to stretch and stroke. It - that precisely is useful!

If your child did not attend kindergarten, then specially from - for the births of the second child it is not necessary to give it there. But if later some time you planned to send the senior to a garden, then it has to look naturally, but not as if younger “is guilty“ of everything. Try that the senior child, whenever possible, led the same life, as before appearance of the younger brother (sister) - that is visited the same circles (sections, occupations), as earlier. whether

needs to buy products for the future for the period of your absence? Looking what. Fresh vegetables - fruit have to be fresh, but not frozen.

Therefore them should not be prepared in a large number. And here the frozen vegetables, meat products, products of long storage - will be very opportunely. Only it is good if not you do it, and your assistants, relatives, the husband under your sensitive management. It is necessary to take care not only of products, but also of means of hygiene, detergents etc. What you will leave less cares for the postnatal period, to you it is easier for those!

It seems all prepared

... But it is just in case better to make the big list - a reminder (can be, it will even be more convenient to make it in the form of the table): where and that lies as in what order it is worth putting on, doing, prepare etc. Paste such lists on cases, bedside tables, boxes, packages. These notes can be useful not only the nurse, but also your husband who, as we know, in the absence of the wife badly is guided in a household.

There now, now it is possible and to be going to maternity hospital. Also believe if coped with one, then and with the second you will precisely cope! With two it is easier!