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What to do with cough? We treat cough at the child of

“The doctor, we do not know that to do with cough - we treat - we treat, and it does not pass“.“ Ambulance? It is possible the doctor on the house? The child strongly coughs, cannot sleep“. The pediatrician hears such complaints nearly more often than all others. What is cough as to struggle with it and whether it is necessary?

First of all cough - protective reaction of an organism. By means of it it pushes out from airways what is not necessary for an organism at all - from rather big foreign matter to a fine dust and microorganisms. Airways are covered by a special resnitchaty epithelium which by means of slime drives all alien outside, away from easy and other parts of the respiratory highway - a nose, a throat, a trachea and bronchial tubes.

Cough - pristupoobrazny reduction of muscles - helps to finish this process. There would be no cough - any banal inflammation of the top airways would turn into pneumonia. So, cough is necessary. But what? Of course that which is followed by allocation of a phlegm. Physicians call it productive, all others - damp.

Other types of cough - dry, barking, importunate, pristupoobrazny which happens at whooping cough - useful are not, strongly tire the patient, prevent it to sleep, can lead to vomiting, are followed by muscle pains and eventually increase respiratory insufficiency.

Here how much unpleasant can come from this, in general, necessary and harmless symptom. Depending on its character and it is necessary to approach cough differently. All cough remedies can be divided into three main groups conditionally: so-called mucolytics - the means diluting a phlegm, expectorant - strengthening cough and calming - reducing activity of the kashlevy center. Besides, some preparations have the combined action - both mukolitichesky and expectorant.


At treatment of cough use not only chemical medicines, but also a significant amount of the most various herbs and homeopathic remedies. Besides, for fight against its different versions use also numerous physical procedures - from physiotherapeutic procedures, to various revulsives (banks, mustard plasters, grindings) and, at last, the massage of a thorax having special value at children of early age who badly are able to cough, or at patients with a medicinal allergy.

a certain sequence (algorithm) in application of cough remedies Exists. A task always one - to achieve that cough from dry became damp and the child well coughed up a phlegm. Let`s consider concrete situations.

Whooping cough

At this children`s infection cough arises from - for the fact that the koklyushny stick irritates directly kashlevy the center. She breeds in nervous system. The patient with whooping cough can begin to cough from everything - from a loud sound, bright light, concern.

Cough at whooping cough very characteristic - it begins with the loud whistling breath, lasts pristupoobrazno several minutes, the child just cannot stop cough. He often at the same time puts out tongue so that there are anguishes of its bridle. At koklyushny cough from terrible tension there can be hemorrhages in skler of eyes and thorax skin. At small children attacks of koklyushny cough (reprise) can be followed by respiratory standstill.

Laying aside prevention and treatment of whooping cough, I will tell only that here the preparations diluting a phlegm and strengthening its allocation are absolutely useless (mucolytics and expectorant). Here only the preparations which are calming nervous system and removing cough are pertinent. By the way, such “koklyushny“ character of cough remains at patients some time after treatment from this infection (till 1 year) and at all banal colds.

“Barking“ cough at a so-called false croup

“False croup“, or lyaringotrakheit, followed by narrowing (stenosis) of the top department of airways, - a state rather dangerous and demanding immediate hospitalization. At home it is possible to leave the child only if the situation repeats often and parents completely own skills of the help to such child. However, and in the latter case it has to be under fixed supervision of the doctor.

the Essence of a disease consists in hypostasis of subcopular space and reduction of a gleam for air passing. Hypostasis of a mucous throat and very viscous phlegm usually joins it. These states can arise from two main reasons - a sharp respiratory infection and an allergy. Gradual increase of events, the previous temperature, increase of cough is characteristic of a virus croup. Allergic arises suddenly, with big hypostasis and thereof sharp narrowing of a throat, but also quickly and passes with correctly given help.

I Repeat

: at these states the call of the doctor urgent or ambulance is obligatory! But than you can help? The child needs to be “soaked“ urgently. For this purpose give it a high dose of any mukolitichesky means (if it is mixture, then surely warm!) . Begin to give to drink to him plentifully. Open a window or a window leaf - air the room! Fill a bathtub of hot water, take the child on hands and enter with him a bathtub for 10 - 15 minutes.

you do not fuss At all, you do not shout, do not frighten the child - at concern respiratory insufficiency can amplify. If you for one reason or another stayed at home, do not go to bed - the child`s podpaivayta warm water, give the mukolitichesky and expectorant means and other preparations appointed by the doctor, make to it few times steam inhalation.

Cough at obstructive bronchitis

At obstructive bronchitis - as well as at bronchial asthma - cough arises also constantly, as well as short wind. An essence of this state arising most often at allergic the adjusted children that the phlegm which is formed in bronchial tubes very viscous, and the child cannot cough up it. Bronchial tubes spazmirutsya around this viscous phlegm, at the same time the exhalation especially suffers.

Unlike “false croup“ where the breath is complicated and extended, here the exhalation becomes especially difficult. And here, as well as at a false croup, application of various mucolytics - the means diluting a phlegm is very important. And only when cough becomes rather damp, it is useful to connect actually expectorant means.

Should give to drink to the child - to do to it at least two times a day, and even the elementary massage - pokolachivayushchy and kneading is more often. For this purpose you, minutes through 10 - 15 after giving the preparation diluting a phlegm put the child on the knees the head down and begins to do it pokolachivayushchy massage by tips of close fingers on a thorax, periodically pounding it a palm and pressing from top to down so that the breast was pressed inside. Ask the child to cough or press a spoon shank a language root. Be not afraid of vomiting - at the same time the phlegm is diluted.

Massage is especially important

to children to allergic persons to whom application of many drugs is contraindicated. Also application of mustard plasters is contraindicated to such children. Surely persistently give to the child plentiful drink. If the state does not improve, short wind accrues - do not hesitate with a call of the doctor!

Cough at usual tracheitises and bronchitis

Most often begins

as dry, unproductive. There is no phlegm. The main objective - to achieve in the beginning its emergence. In the first days - application of mukolitichesky preparations or preparations of the mixed action, then - expectorant. If cough became productive, the child well coughs up a phlegm, all preparations can be cancelled, passed to massage of a thorax. Do not forget to give to drink plentifully to the child warm solutions (a fruit drink, teas, juice). If there is no high temperature, it is possible to apply from the first days revulsives (a hot foot bathtub, mustard plasters, grindings). All this, strengthening inflow of blood to respiratory organs, strengthens emergence of a phlegm.

Cough at viral pharyngitises

At defeat only of the most top departments of airways - throats is very often observed by

the importunate frequent dry cough which is followed by sneezing. This cough does not bear any functional loading and very much exhausts the patient. Here the help can consist in carrying out inhalations with herbs, oils, soda inhalations, giving for night of the preparations calming cough.

Long, long cough

Is rather complex problem. How to approach it? If your child it is long coughs, he needs to be examined - to show to the otorhinolaryngologist, to check reaction to Mant, to consult at the pulmonologist and the phthisiatrician. It is necessary to know its long temperature reaction, to make clinical blood test.

of the Reason. So, at a helminthic invasion (askaridoza) there is a stage of passing of larvae of ascarids through lungs that causes a long severe cough in the spring and in the fall. But most often long cough depends on an unsatisfactory state mucous the top airways, on its allergization, a chronic inflammation. Then at the child slime can constantly be formed, and he will try to cough up it. These a state it is necessary to treat at experts.

Often cough within 3 - 4 weeks remains to

at the child after postponed a SARS. This cough is aggravated by parents, giving to the child of mixture for cough which, having mukolitichesky and otkharkivayeyushchy effect, and provoke this cough. So achieved from the child of damp cough and a good otkharkivaniye on what 4 - 5 days usually leave - stop giving these means, you pass to massage and warm drink. Cough will pass.