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The temperament and estimates of

Each child is capable to cope with the school program, and it is for this purpose optional to pore over lessons until late at night. It is enough to define what psychological type your child treats and to find that approach which will allow the school student quicker and more simply to remember material.

the Famous psychotherapist and the writer Vladimir Levi insistently advises

to parents to congratulate the child on his first two.“ At school of a shower of the child will always try to escape among estimated terror“, - he writes. Really, whether it be the enviable five or the sad two, estimates remain only dry figures, and each mother loves the poor student in any way not less, than the one who bears the diary full of the five in a portfolio. But sometimes for excellent (or at least positive) a mark everything is it is necessary to fight - when the speech comes about examination, quarter or semi-annual control, independent work, say, to any examination on which teachers draw conclusions about progress of your child. Each child in own way reacts to that stress which is created by these “examinations“. So, parents should have patience and wisdom, and also to specify what psychotype their school student treats and to train him for tests, having armed with our detailed instruction.

Phlegmatic, quiet children will hardly begin to be nervous also before control as choleric persons. Depending on temperament of the child you can predict that will trouble it and in what he will not experience difficulties in school. So, sanguine persons, most likely, will leave more willingly to a board and to pull a hand at lessons while melancholiacs with pleasure will sit out on a back school desk, and choleric persons will begin to pray at all for that they were not caused. But to be guided only by temperament of the child there would be insufficiently. Psychologists made typology of persons depending on its ability to perceive information. Having understood whom actually is your child, you will be able to find more effective techniques for his training.

Logician: the mathematical and logical dominant of thinking is developed

you can be congratulated. Manuals of a pisana just for your child. And, most likely, it has no problems with study, in particular with algebra, geometry, physics and the other exact sciences. It is not excluded that at the same time literature, languages, humanitarian objects slightly limp. Oral performances and exits to a board in unloved objects create on it panic, especially if the school student treats choleric persons or melancholiacs. But, according to the estimates of psychologists, children of this psychotype are more rare than others suffer from poor progress and seldom give preference only to one school subject,

How to prepare for test works

In favourite objects of it and it will not be required: he knows them by heart and will hand over on “five“ even if today panics and convinces you that will for certain be filled up. On the eve of examination try to create houses the quietest situation, make a tasty dinner, it is obligatory with a dessert. Tests in unloved objects create logic the real stress. Considering all this, help it quicker and more qualitatively to remember material.

Try to use tables as often as possible. Information structured in such a way will settle in the head much quicker.

Biology, history, social science turn

from texts into figures, schedules and even systems of the equations. Build schedules on a gain and reproduction of amoebas, infusorians or on population of the Golden Horde. Historic facts are well remembered in the form of the equations: instead of X there will be first letters of the name of events or historic figures, and instead of coefficients at X - dates. So, Napoleon turns into N, and record about war with it - in 1812 N.

Any facts which need to be remembered try to explain

to the child from the point of view of logic. For example, “Nastasia Filippovna considered herself unworthy love and therefore ran away with Rogozhin, and he killed her out of jealousy“. As little as possible excess words, only essence and brevity.

Suggest the child to write down the short abstract in each humanitarian subject. Let uses mathematical symbols, invents own signs or uses shorthand.

Preparing to control in chemistry, biology, put practical experiments and experiences, investigate wildlife. If it is required, go to a zoo before control on zoology.

Viewer: the visual perception of information


Transitional type of thinking is developed. On the one hand, textbooks and records on a board as if are thought up especially for it: look and remember. But bright images are necessary for the viewer, and in boring tables and gray pictures he does not see anything inspiring. Your child, most likely, has difficulties with study, and probably it concerns mathematics, languages, literature, chemistry, social sciences. The biology, history, geography are given it rescue colourful visual aids, cards, even the school skeleton frayed by generations more simply. But with spelling it has no problems: he just “photographs“ words in books and remembers their writing.“ The viewer“ treats the category of horoshist, but a thicket - mediocre pupils. Not really likes to address a class (if only did not get on temperament), but if it is necessary, speaks beautifully, using bright images, On control escapes cribs.

How to prepare for test works

Allow it to prepare for


cribs! Only let it does not write down, and sketches schematically that information which needs to be remembered. Next morning, before an exit from the house, you can select safely everything lovingly the prepared cribs: also do not doubt, he perfectly remembered everything that he diligently drew yesterday.

Before control in the most unloved objects suggest it to paint only color spots a picture of own mood, and then - an image of what he needs to know on control tomorrow. These pictures will coincide with probability of 90 - 95%... Ask the child to decipher the second drawing and to show what means each color spot on a leaf. Most likely, it without effort will lay out to you all material which will be checked tomorrow (“This point - Pythagorean theorem, I remember it, see, it pink, and is a formula of the area of a trapeze. Here I swim therefore all lilovo - blue...“ ). Over gaps (and the spots corresponding to them in drawing) write to memories the handle missing formulas, dates, names.

the Same technique you can use

with other materials: plasticine, paper, fabrics. Ask the child “to weave“ history russko - the Turkish war in a type of a bracelet - a bauble.

Paste additional clean sheets in textbooks of the child and encourage drawing on them in process of reading. Agree with the teacher that he did not forbid your child to draw in the textbook and at lessons when new material is studied.

Pick up thematic movies (for example, from the Air Force or National Geographic) or the computer presentations on subjects on which check is expected, and look at them together with the child.

Poet: linguistic abilities

are developed by

your child reads greedily, secretly or openly composes itself and can be the remarkable speaker. To you, as well as parents of the logician, it was lucky as the school program is focused also on the reading children. They well remember aurally and receive the five on Russian, literature, languages and other humanitarian objects. The exact sciences are given more difficult, and at such lessons as music or drawing, to poets happens dullishly.

How to prepare for test works

Invent together tales of the beautiful country to Mathematics (Physics, Chemistry, Drawing, etc.), about the citizens inhabiting it - Figures (Atoms, Points and so forth) rules of this magic country. In a game form you will help the child to acquire both difficult formulas, and not giving in to usual storing of the theorem laws.

arrange to

On the eve of test work the real discussion on the set subject: let the child argues the standard point of view, and you put forward the ideas of the poor student contradicting common sense. Hold the ground: the area of a circle is calculated as the sum of squares of legs! Also give to the child the chance to dissuade you: let draws this circle, explains to you about number pi. He will not notice how he will repeat the necessary subject by heart...

Athlete: kinestetichesky type of perception of information

It is absolutely optional

that the physical culture was a favourite subject of such child. It can be the fragile Thumbelina incapable to climb a rope and to run a hundred-meter race, but she ideally feels own body. Preferences in study are, but they do not give in to the uniform rule. Such children badly concentrate, quickly get tired, sitting in one place, and with test works often there are difficulties: having begun one task, they throw it on the middle and pass to the second, and as a result do not solve any...

How to prepare for test works

your child wants to smell the theorem, to touch carbon dioxide and to try out on taste battle with Mongol - Tatars. Otherwise he just does not remember information. Suggest it to allocate before tomorrow`s test house tangible objects qualities of what needs to be remembered. The paper on geography will move to kitchen where Greenland will be creamy ice cream, and Australia - lemon jelly. Let the child plays the fool and learns formulas, shifting from place to place soft toys or shooting from the water gun at different targets.

If to the child is required to learn

long material, segment it and allow it to do breaks and to move as soon as the next fragment is mastered.

Preparing to control on physics, chemistry, biology, whenever possible simulate those objects about which there is a speech, or show their action in life.

Test: define type of perception of the child
to define what type of perception of information prevails at the child and what limps, is enough to answer our questions. More than 3 “hits“ in one of areas will also characterize the school student. If 2 - 3 statements from different areas approach its character, so at the child various types of perception are developed, and it will facilitate his study.
the Logician
  • In the nursery (or at least on a desktop) always an order, and the child directs it without your reminder and with pleasure.
  • Crossword puzzles, problems on logical thinking, rebuses, charades - its favourite entertainments.
  • does not like to undertake new business, without having finished previous.
  • Adores investigating
  • prichinno - investigative communications between events, objects and so forth
the Viewer
  • Notices those details to which very few people will pay attention.
  • Understands painting, possesses good esthetic taste.
  • In a new, unusual situation very quickly begins to feel at home.
  • Perfectly navigates
  • with a map, magnificent “navigator“ is not lost in unfamiliar places.
the Poet
  • Is ready to listen without a break for days to radio or the working TV (to listen, optional to look!) to speak by phone, to communicate on the Internet with friends.
  • Verses, lyrics, quotes from movies remembers
  • on the fly and regularly inserts into conversation.
  • the Beautiful speaker, does not hesitate to act at a board.
  • will Perfectly explain with
  • to the lagging behind friend those objects at which gets on well.
the Athlete
  • Adores physical activities and active recreation and sport.
  • was Mastered by at least one type of handwork (embroidery, knitting, a list on a tree, origami, weaving and so forth) .
  • Prefers
  • in clothes own on anybody not similar style.
  • Likes to watch
  • how something becomes manually.
the Musician
  • Is interested in and well understands music.
  • begins to miss music, turns on the music, even when studies lessons.
  • is Known by many songs, precisely reproduces their melody.
  • by
  • Well developed ear for music and feeling of a rhythm.
the Transcendental object
  • Prefers a privacy to noisy group occupations.
  • the Pensive and beholding nature.
  • Is tired of vanity, music, foreign sounds, does homework only in a complete silence.
  • Keeps the diary, trusts the thoughts to the best friend (perhaps, to a pet or a toy).
the Leader
  • Prefers group types of activity to single.
  • Is interested in
  • in life of a family, the friends, relatives, asks them, willingly listens.
  • is Thinly felt by foreign mood.
  • Likes to show an initiative and if necessary will be able to head group of age-mates.

Musician: musical abilities

are developed by

This school student does not think day without song and very much worries that lessons of music ended already to the fifth class. You in vain consider that music distracts it from lessons, and demand that it immediately switched off the audio system and became reasonable. On the contrary, without sounds and a rhythm he is almost incapable to perceive information... Special preferences in study at these children are not revealed: they can love and not understand both algebra, and history, psychology at all. They hardly act at a board, badly build phrases, worry and forget elementary words. All their problem - in the compelled silence and lack of music. Sometimes it is enough to them to sing some melody during test work to execute it perfectly well....

How to prepare for test works

Suggest the child to remember mathematical formulas, physical laws, theorems, repeating them in a certain rhythm. The same equipment works when storing definitions, rules of Russian.

the Main character of the movie “I Loved You“ learned “Eugene Onegin“, dancing and imposing verses on music. Offer this way to your child.

Compose together songs on school objects. The English irregular verbs perfectly are rhymed and keep within lines, and to think up under them a melody even more simply.

Transcendental object: internally - the focused type of the personality

It perfectly knows itself(himself) and not really - that seeks to share the secrets with you. Easily strikes up new acquaintances to strange people (for example, the janitor - the philosopher) and for certain keeps the diary where writes down the experiences. At a transcendental object excellent intuition, but in study they for some reason seldom trust it. A favourite subject - one or two (it is frequent - from - for the charismatic teacher), the others literally go from - under sticks. At the same time it will never begin to write off and ask for help of schoolmates, including it is lower than the advantage. It is often beaten out in excellent students, but not from love to knowledge but because it looks nobly and distinguishes it from schoolmates.

How to prepare for test works

interfere with study As little as possible: at a transcendental object the sense of responsibility and desire are better to be developed “the gray majority“ too strongly, and they just will not dare to study badly and not to learn homework.

If some subject really strongly limps, employ the tutor. At the same time look for such teacher who will be nice to the child.


As at such children increased uneasiness, it is important to calm them on the eve of test work. You can consider together stars or small fishes in an aquarium, to suggest to dream of summer holiday or a gift on birthday.

Leader: externally focused type of the personality

the Party-goer at heart, the ringleader, the hyperactive, cheerful, cheerful child. He is capable to be dvoyechnthe lump with the same ease, as well as the excellent student, can love one subject today and hate it tomorrow. Study comes to it easily regardless of progress as the main thing for it at school are people. If teachers and collective to it are nice, it will bring home good marks, but once the unloved, “harmful“ teacher appears or to replace school and to get to a nonnative class, the diary will dapple with the two.

How to prepare for test works

As well as in a case with the poet, reincarnate in the confused poor student and demand that the child explained you an essence of that subject which he prepares for control. At the same time you can peel potatoes, drop knives, inattentively insert okh - akh and to kill it. The more obstacles, the with big enthusiasm he will try “to drum“ into you the knowledge.

Play a similar scene together with the husband. Let one of you argues the correct point of view, and the second contradicts him. Involve in settling of dispute of the child (“You understand, we argued here: who such Markets?“ ). Do not doubt that the school student will manage and to reconcile you and to successfully repeat material.

we Prepare together
That with honor to pass the forthcoming test, whether it be a difficult dictation or ordinary examination on algebra, it is necessary to you: to spend
  • several hours for studying of the school textbook to refresh a subject of test work in memory. Can present to today`s school students material not absolutely as at the time of your childhood. Understand a subject in her modern statement;
  • to prepare the list of control questions on a subject. Choose that way of answers which is the weak place for your child. If it is lost, acting orally at a board, check his knowledge orally even if it is waited by written work. And, on the contrary, ask it to answer your questions in writing even if you prepare for the oral report;
  • to calm the child if he falters and makes mistakes on this house rehearsal. Sometimes it happens that from school stresses children cease to think and even faint. Explain to the child that nervousness will recede as soon as he comes to a class and will receive a task. Place emphasis that, whatever assessment it brought home, there is always an opportunity to repeat unsatisfactory work, and you love it, without looking on any marks;
  • to think up the equipment of answers to questions, storing of difficult formulas and figures. Use methods of a mnemonics, sketch or think out ridiculous verses that to remember something. Do not hesitate to experiment - if your child remembers the English words dancing, so dance together with him and on each step learn the new word. In this case not process, but the received result is important;
  • to offer
  • to the child it is as much as possible food for mind: include in its diet the complex carbohydrates providing uniform inflow of glucose to blood and maintaining brain activity (porridge, whole-grain bread, nuts, vegetables, brown rice). Also products, vitamin-rich groups B (nuts, spinach, cabbage of broccoli, beef), antioxidants (dark chocolate), vitamin C (a kiwi, sweet pepper, tomatoes, a citrus) help to remove nervousness;
  • to watch that on the eve of testing the child well got enough sleep, but did not try to finish learning formulas or the poem till midnight. Teach him to plan time rationally.