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The first time in a day nursery - a garden

of Aliyushe two years were executed, and we without any fear and nervousness decided to go to a day nursery. I treated kindergarten seriously. I considered as a mental condition of the child (a stress, fear), and a physical state (frequent colds). And therefore we began to prepare for a garden in advance. Having listened to lectures in children`s policlinic for parents whose children go to a day nursery, I understood in what direction to us to work and how to train the child.

Approximately a month before a campaign in a garden we began to attend school of early development (fortunately them now much). The atmosphere there very much reminds kindergarten: toys, children, tutor. Occupations are only more saturated. At once it was pleasant to the daughter there, she actively played, learned to communicate at games with children.

Happened, there were also difficulties between peers if not to divide something - shouts, crying are distributed at once. But at the same time children learn to be in collective, get used to discipline, all that is required in a garden.

Besides these occupations we came to walk every day to the kindergarten platform during this period of time when all children walked. I explained to Aliye what is kindergarten that there children do:“ Over time and you will go there, is so good and cheerful there“. Difficulties at communication with children at it did not arise, as pleased me.

we decided to glance

One week prior to a garden in our group where the daughter should go every day. I got acquainted with the tutor, and Aliya with interest examined a situation of group. The first minutes she just stood, then grabbed a baby carriage and began to roll on group. When came it is time to leave, she did not want to come off toys, and I with a force and with a roar had to take away it. The fact that she did not want to leave a garden did not mean at all that she will like to go to a garden every day, each child wants to visit such situation where there is so much interesting.

Along with mental and psychological preparation we began to prepare and physically: drank vitamins, tempered legs warm and cool water, increased time of walks in the fresh air, observed the day regimen which is brought closer to a garden.

There now, that day - “the first time in a day nursery - a garden“ came. For me it was very concerning. Having come to a garden and having entered into group, Aliya remembered that here she already was, and surely undertook the same carriage, as well as last time, and began to roll it. I told it:“ Alija, well I will go, I will buy you something“, and in reply heard nothing.

Having left a garden, I did not know how quicker to pass away these two hours. Of course, I worried about the child. At last I came for the baby. Having seen me, she ran up to me, and expression of her face was lost and lost. Obviously, she did not understand that it was.

Next day my nervousness did not abate, and on the contrary, only amplified, the child already understood that it is it a garden: mother leaves, and the kid for some reason remains with some aunt and children here...

Having come to a garden, Aliya seized me, without wishing to release. I diligently began to try to distract it toys which were in group. We began to call by toy phone to the grandmother, rode from a gorochka, opened lockers and watched what toys hid there. But at any my intention to leave she right there got to me on handles and again hung at me on a neck.

Then me have nothing

did not remain how to hand the child personally in hands to the tutor. I hardly escaped from tenacious hands of the child, and the aching crying was in reply distributed. I left group and of a locker room listened whether my daughter will long cry. Crying lasted a couple of minutes, thanks to the tutor: it entertained the child toys, thereby distracting it. When I came to take away the daughter, having seen me, she quickly ran up to me and, I do not understand why, began to cry. I told it: “I went to shop to buy you a yum-yum“, and got its favourite delicacy from a bag.

So day by day we slowly got used to a garden. When we came into group and as soon as its crying began, I right there distracted it something, interested. Very tenderly and carefully spoke with it: “Look what beautiful platyishko you now will put on“, “And where your hairbrush? Let`s comb hair“, “Approach a mirror. Who there?“ Aliya right there switched to my question and for a while forgot about the concern.

However, when parting I still gave the child in a charge to the tutor, and it continued to distract it in group, and crying right there abated. According to tutors, crying was only in the mornings when parting, and before going to bed the daughter remembered me and called me. Then I put on a bed where she sleeps, her favourite soft monkey that to it it became quieter that something native is near and favourite.

at once I was not going to come To work, considering that the child can be ill, and will be to wait several months better until adaptation to a garden ends completely. As soon as the daughter had first sopelk or slight cough, we received medical treatment at home and about 2 - 3 days did not go to a garden. Why to wait when the child gets sick seriously? So best of all and to the child. When the kid long does not go to a day nursery (I mean if to take the sick-list), then he begins to wean from a garden and again begins to cry when parting with the loved one.

the Adaptation period of my child did not come to the end with

yet, but I am glad to what so far at us turns out, generally, not bad.

I consider

Ya, it is necessary to train the child for a garden in advance. To consider interests of the child, his desire, to find proper words, arguments. And then the child can keep healthy nerves. And the child will only be more sociable, it is more joyful and will please with it the parents.