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The price of success

When changes your social status, both clothes style, and a manner to talk, habits and tastes change. You have to correspond to that level on which you sit. But often and practically always, your friends, childhood friends, schoolmates or classmates, do not understand it and move away from you.


it is sick, offensive. You try to understand why all this occurs? They do not invite you together any more to descend in night club or just to sit to have a heart-to-heart talk. But you did not change! Why they see in you other person?

In the people is said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. It seems to me that friends are learned when you are accompanied by good luck, you hold it by a tail, and they cannot grasp. True feelings are that`s when shown. Many say that you try to obtain the situation, “going on bones“ other people, such as they. But there are also more offensive expressions.

you sincerely do not understand

I why they with you act this way? Did not do them absolutely any harm, than did not offend, did not offend. Actually to you it is the heaviest now. You lose old and true (as it seemed to you) you have no friends and new yet. Also it is unknown whether you will have them on that branch to which you flew up. And you remain alone.

What we differ in

from wild animals? Yes inherently anything. If any individual begins to be allocated from pack, then it or is expelled to look for new (and it is unknown whether will accept you there) or the tribespeople kill. And during all life so occurs constantly. You grow on a career ladder, and your environment changes. Only true friends can sustain your success and financial superiority.


But a thicket happens absolutely in a different way. You are promoted or you marry the man of means, come to tell this news in all details to the friends, and in reply you can hear:“ Well and a more power to you and a drum on a neck“, and all will continue to discuss Petrov`s dismissal and to swear at his chief, like a sailor. It is much more important, the person has a trouble, his chief a goat, it is higher than it, he is his chief. And you sit together with it on the same step of the social status. And to accept you, in their opinion, means to let the enemy in the clan.

also other motivation Is. When your career grows, affairs at work become more, pay you not for that you lay on a sofa. It is necessary the day, and even week, month, to plan in advance. And you cannot gather in the evening on the first call of friends in the bar to drink beer till the morning, meeting, commissioning of the project or still something urgent and urgent tomorrow any more.

You try to postpone for the weekend or at least to several days your sit-round gathering. But you are not understood any more and absolutely sincerely consider what you about them forgot, you do not want to have with them what put, you hesitate of their society therefore you cancel a meeting. It is very difficult to overpersuade them, it is almost impossible.

What to do to you? How to arrive? You can arrive as you consider it necessary. But do not do only one - do not buy friends! It will be not those relations for which you wait. To you will look with captation in the face and to say only what you want to hear and not that they think of you actually.

They will have a rest and good time at your expense, to ask money on credit and not to consider it necessary to return them, at you is them more, than at them. And when you will remind of a debt, be sure, you right there will stop being “the guy“ and will pass into a rank of foes who “zazvezdetsya“ and forgot about the old friends. And gossips about your “star fever“ will extend with an improbable speed. It is necessary to be ready and to it.

But the heaviest when your close relatives begin to consider that you put on airs, ached with money and, having replaced a circle of contacts, moved away from them. Though actually it not so. You right there become a person “non grata“ for all if you do not hire the relative. And the rest it is not important that that is the sloven who is constantly shirking work, absolutely inert person, not the person interested to use any efforts for earnings of money. All know that he was already dismissed from 5 - 6 places, but it does not matter because you are a relative, you are obliged to give it work. And what for? If he initially does not aspire to it?

You will be all the same guilty

. You live better, than they. And concerns nobody that you tried to obtain the situation long and persistent work. Also you do not wish that all your work went “up the spout“ from - for one person who can drag away all command for a bottom. And with such state of affairs to have to be reconciled too.

the Reason of such relations - banal human envy. Why does that happen between the best friends? I do not know. From where it undertakes? Whether it is worth fighting against it? And if costs, then, as well as than? I think, many asked these questions and did not find the exact and concrete answer. Very painfully when you lose friends. But there is one opinion which, I hope, will be able though a little to console. Under the law of life, always, when, you lose something, then surely you find something, it is necessary to notice and pay attention to it only.

But also absolutely other category of the people who reached a certain situation in society and continuing to be engaged in the career development is. There are people who consider that, reaching a certain status, you have to change also the environment. As one of respondents was expressed:“ You grow in the intellectual plan, and they remain below, so about what it is possible to talk to them?“

Such people cease to communicate with old friends, considering that they have no they and there cannot be common interests. They determine a circle of the friends by the principle - as far as this person to it is important whether it will be able to help with further career development and how favourably for himself he will be able to use its business - acquaintances if they become friends. Are correct or not such judgments, everyone will solve for himself. We do not undertake to judge anybody. Life will judge all.