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The fantast Vasily Golovachev predicts the future of

In an early autumn in the Star city situated near Moscow took place unusual a press - the conference devoted to a release of the new book of Vasily Golovachev “On that side of fire“. In the real hall of analysis of space flights the writer told journalists about the new work and made the forecast of the fact that he waits for mankind in 3000 - m to year. The Russian astronaut Sergey Viktorovich Zaletin - the Hero of Russia, the person, by the last stepped into Mir station before its flooding was also invited to a meeting. As it appeared, the writer and the astronaut have much more of general, than it could be assumed.

Vasily Golovachev: (Century G.) Allow me small digression. Exactly thirty years ago I wrote the story which became then a cycle basis. The epic represents eight novels. The story was called “Giants of a kosogorye“. The fragment from it was printed in then still the Studenchesky Meridian newspaper. It was the space story about flight to the center of the Galaxy.

To me writers traveled who to Mars who to Venus - the same Strugatsky wrote the novel about flight to Venus... And as cool wrote! It is interestingly read still. And, they very close approached those parameters which we know about Venus now. And I decided to come far away that except me and scientists who are engaged in it nobody could tell that he really happens there...

However in the book expedition, fortunately, did not reach the purpose, and met a relic life form which existed one billion years ago. From here also all epic was started turning. It first of all was the space detective - the fighter full of the movement, aggression, the drive.

Ya both was fallen in love in the childhood by space, and love still. However, itself did not fly yet. There is a strong wish to take a detached view of the Galaxy, own eyes, but not via telescopes... This dream and remained. It is unlikely it will be carried out, but... who knows. Perhaps, in the following life.

Each my book is a meeting of new knowledge, for example, of how the Universe with what parameters was born. Besides, meeting with space beings. A year ago there was my third book in the cycle “Black Person“ where I already described process of cosmological expansion of the Universe. You already likely know that the Universe extends also with acceleration? Now it is fashionable to speak about it. And so, I already described all this in the books...

A I suggest to listen to Sergey Viktorovich now.

Sergey Zaletin (S. Z.) : Thanks, Vasily Vasilyevich. It is very symbolical that we gathered in this hall because all arrived expeditions are invited for technical blamestorming session here. That is, there are employees concerning flight here. You understand, weeds in space - action, very difficult from the technical point of view. Not always everything happens as it would be desirable. And in this hall there is an analysis of all negative nuances of flight.

A today we gathered concerning a release of the next book of Vasily Vasilyevich here. It in some degree is symbolical, any science fiction writer in soul the astronaut and vice versa.

Ya it is not casual began with this hall... Any astronaut is from the childhood. I literally became engrossed in reading of Belyaev, Efremov`s books. Perhaps, those young years formation me as future astronaut, occurred under the influence of these books. Unfortunately, when Vasily Vasilyevich only went to that creative pedestal on which it is now, I could not read its books yet. It was the end 60 - x - the beginning 70 - x, and fairy tales were my first books, of course. But then I quickly enough passed to a fantasy. If you talk to our operating group of astronauts, then all of them will agree with me - for any astronaut of the book and, in particular, a fantasy are of great importance.

B. G.: what Sergey Viktorovich spoke about, I think, concerns not only the astronauts, and in general all people who are thinking, creatively conceiving and looking for. Reading, and especially reading a fantasy, is a certain knowledge base...

A now I have a question to Sergey Viktorovich concerning flooding of Mir station. Sergey Viktorovich, and with what feelings you did it? We understand that with closing of “World“ a certain era died. There is a policy of the state:“ To close“... But this, is a piece of life, and here - to take and close. What was felt at the same time by you?

of S. Z.: For me, frankly speaking, it is very sore point. When we finished ours 28 - yu expedition on Mir station, there were two options of development of further events. First main way: in half a year on “World“ will arrive next, 29 - I am expedition as a part of which there would be Pavel Vinogradov and Snezhanna Sharipova. Leaving station, we prepared it, preserved systems which had to be in such state about eight months. Works were quite difficult. It is connected with the fact that, theoretically, the station was not adapted for konservation because it was designed, proceeding from the fact that there the crew constantly has to work.

We guessed that if there is a good forecast for development of ISS, our transatlantic companions will just suppress the Russian government and station will be flooded. Unfortunately, and occurred. On March 23, 2001 the Mir station stopped the existence.

When I saw frames of destruction of station in an upper atmosphere, at me tears gathered in the eyes... Because the Mir station within three months was my home, and I made every effort in order that it flew. It is pride of the Russian science, it is pride in general of all Russia. There was a conclusion that the station still quite of a remontnoprigodn and can fly 3 - 4 years, at least. And ISS still then was only under construction, that is the science there any was not...

I here we after flooding of “World“ had some technical failure when experiments were not made. Some kind of stagnation because of politicians. Unfortunately, so occurred. I try to bypass this question mentally. You can put yourself on my place: if you live in any house and this house is destroyed suddenly - it is very sick. Especially as behind my back as behind the back of any astronaut, there is not just a staff of Control center of flights, and collectives of many tens, hundreds of scientific institutions, factories and plants which built station... It painfully struck also them too. Therefore everything that depended on me before the decision on flooding of Mir station was made, I did.

B. G.: Unfortunately, at us in the country not everything depends on clever people. Most often on the contrary.

- Vasily Vasilyevich, in your books is a lot of special terminology... From where you take materials?

B. G.: you Know, it as in a joke: “Where took where took... Bought!“ the way of life such (laughs) Same... I all life was interested in science. It till school times was. To this day the volume of the knowledge gained by me on science and space all the time increases. Therefore I can speak almost as equals with academicians about cosmology: why, for example, the Universe develops and what it will be then...

I know

Ya about stars much. Information collects and then is published in my books. I do not force myself it to be engaged! All this is really very interesting to me. And of course, which - that from special terminology is included in books - differently it is impossible, such is specifics of science fiction with a bias in astronautics. And let someone does not know these terms - they pass them. I seldom do footnotes, they explain only the general principles. It forces many who also treat life, as well as I to look for this information somewhere still. I consider that it is correct.

- Vasily Vasilyevich, action in your new book happens in the far future: the space subway, solntsekhoda which easily dive into the Sun is created and bear nuclear attacks. There are speyser who can go on a string... You very safely as the true science fiction writer, you predict similar. What you at the same time lean on? How there is a development of your fantastic thought?

B. G.: I always on a front line of the latest opening of astronomy, physics, astrophysics, also study everything that catches sight. I have all necessary channels for search of this information. Here, for example, the speyser - the spaceship - goes on a string. There is a lot of physical theories, including the string theory, not to mention combination of all four theories of interaction.

the String is a certain symbol, actually. I do not explain too why the string instantly penetrates the Universe. For this purpose it should write the treatise. And in fantastic work where constantly someone flies somewhere and for someone rushes, it cannot be done. Because the reader stumbles at once. I only hints let know that there are those measurements about which we know nothing, and those laws of physics which we only begin to comprehend.


concerns a solntsekhod - my heroes should have passed somehow to the center of the Sun. To describe how it occurs, I have to be to study all those processes which are known to science at the moment: what is the Sun in general what it has layers what there are reactions, etc. It was necessary to read tens of books... and I read them. Honestly. Still none of scientists whom I know, reproached me that I described something incorrectly. The only thing, still exists the theory that there is no nuclear reaction to the Sun. But we will not speak about it now.

- So nevertheless, we will go on a string in 24 - ohm a century?

B. G.: we Will be, we will be. Even we will be earlier.

of S. Z.: Military astronauts go on a string also now (laughs). Vasily Vasilyevich told that none of scientists never reproached him, and came to my mind here that. When Khrushchev began “to cut“ the Russian astronautics, the question was asked: “And when we will depart on the sun?“ Answer:“ On the Sun we will depart at night“ (laughs).

Vot and Vasily Vasilyevich says too that it is possible to switch off the Sun and on it to depart. I as the person technical, I think: we have on Earth an overload - unit, and the Sun in hundreds times more on weight, than Earth. Even if theoretically to switch off the Sun, at approach to it we it is simple - naprosto we will die from influence of a solar attraction. Because an overload in 18G nothing live on Earth, except, maybe, rats and cockroaches, can sustain.

We fly to space on an overload to 6 - ti units - it is very heavy. On the way back the same overload, but it seems to us one and a half times heavier because we come back already tired... And 18G... I guarantee to you that the healthy organism can sustain it during half a second, a maximum - second.

Such overload for all history was only once when astronauts Lazarev and Makarov landed somewhere in Altai and by miracle escaped. The lander has a parachute which was hooked for a tree, and so they also hung between life and death. And so, when they went down, the overload on a third of second reached peak - about 19,5 units. And that, consequences were very negative. Both of these astronauts died, without having lived up to average age of the man in Russia. Though at us and so this level is below a plinth.

B. G.: But I - that provided everything! I created the anti-gravitational generator. But you understand, any cases happen - punched the generator and so on...

of S. Z.: Actually, these questions are combined with many technical moments which the mankind should overcome for flight to Mars. Well to Vasily Vasilyevich - he clever, writes such books... And what - that to do to us?

- Sergey Viktorovich, at you is the speaking surname - Zaletin. Tell, and it is easy with such surname in space? Or on the contrary?

of S. Z.: In the childhood I had a surname Rabinovich... You understand, huh? it was necessary to go to space, and I became Zaletin. Therefore, everything is quite natural and natural.

- And cockroaches at Mir station are?

of S. Z.: And about cockroaches... There was such case, will tell you in confidence when some stray cockroach got to space. How it on Baikonur could make the way on the loaded ship? If does not change me memory, Gena Monakov had it: when they unloaded the ship, the cockroach could not be hooked and departed in zero gravity. Caught his Gena and will not understand in what business: from station it or from the cargo ship...

Most likely, the cockroach was in a single look. To big pleasure, he could not breed - there such environment that all live, developing without cogitative activity but only on reflexes, will die. Perhaps, except for molecular forms of development of life. So this cockroach at Mir station was, but he incidentally flied on station in the cargo ship.

B. G.: At me even the whole cycle is, “The forbidden reality“ is called. That all of us are descendants of cockroaches. By the way, and after us cockroaches will remain because they are more hardy, than we. The curious cockroach made the way on Mir station... Same there is also a real fantasy - here it!

- Sergey Viktorovich and how a cockroach on the cargo ship - that got?

of S. Z.: It could get on the cargo ship only with those things which rush there. Somewhere itself, along corridors - it is unreal simply - naprosto because there absolute sterility. In addition, transfer to astronauts heaps of parcels, and these parcels I can be camouflaged under some other things. It is not excluded that the cockroach made the way there...

B. G.: All the same it is the intelligence agent.

of S. Z.: . It was valid. The person 2 - 3 wanted to make the way on the ship that in couple of days to start in space. In my opinion, two Russians and one Kazakh...

B. G.: Well, it is not important what they were nationalities. Because there is a dream which needs to try to obtain all means. It is also a certain means. By the way, at fantasts on this subject tens of novels, stories and stories are written... But I did not write!

- And you will write?

B. G.: I will not be. Because then will accuse me that I forced the same Kazakh to make the way on the ship.

- In many fantastic works concerning space, war is the cornerstone of a plot... Why so? These are criteria of a genre or something else? And second question: at such development of technologies society 24 - go will be less happy centuries, than we?

B. G.: And unless our society happy? We never got out of wars and so all the time in them and we live. It - not criterion, so to say, literary process. It is an assessment of our life. We very seldom find the middle. By the way, it is not so bad. Because the middle is gray.

aggressive draft in the person - thirst for change of a situation, and always to the best Exists. And in order that to change something to the best, it is necessary to press someone. All of us restrict time each other. At the left, on the right, we are pushed with elbows, we climb. It in the most primitive image. And further only war begins. We and live. I do not know whether there will be able to be in general a mankind this state. I do not trust, for example.

of S. Z.: And unless when there is a war, we cease to eat, love, to live? War - it is continuation of policy other means. Therefore, likely, not Stoit to divide life on “when war“ and “when the world“... The civilization develops, but at some moments there are military operations during which people perish. In principle, war is a world development tool too - specific.

B. G.: And not only developments, but also regulations, by the way, certain relations. It is correct. The policy is an expression of economy. All of us understand it, but the policy already regulates also culture that is absolutely bad. The culture is not only books, art and so on... All this that we created, all we achieved. And all this is shipped in a certain political atmosphere which causes the conflicts.

- Sergey Viktorovich, we will return to 3000 - mu to year. Here Vasily Vasilyevich already predicted that waits for us in the future... And your forecasts? Space and in general... What society will be?

of S. Z.: It is quite possible, we will fly if not on the Sun, then on the next space objects how now to go by the subway in Moscow. It is quite natural. I think, it is even not the forecast, but reality. For the last hundred years we made such jump forward that we through one thousand years, quite really, will fly also on the Sun... It is not excluded even that we will be able to switch off gravitation, but in the measurements.

We say that there is no contact with unearthly civilizations. But we, maybe, also live with them, only in the different planes, matters and measurements. We are together, but we do not notice each other. Actually, a meeting with other civilizations much more difficult moment, than it we it is possible to imagine. It is quite possible that someone will want to depart on the Sun, will pass into other plane of measurement and will look what is there, in the Sun that nearby that on other planets. I two hands vote for it and I hope that everything will be as Vasily Vasilyevich describes in the works.

B. G.: Upasi you God that so was!

- Sergey Viktorovich, and our astronauts are trained for a meeting with humanoids?

B. G.: And you think, they are not HERE?

of S. Z.: Yes you Star go beyond! You know how many there humanoids!

We deal with technical problems here, and simply we do not pay to such questions attention. However I suspected this subject. Children often ask similar questions, journalists... But all this rhetoric.

B. G.: It will not tell you - it is the colonel. He has no right to answer such questions. Of course, they prepare for a meeting with humanoids!

of S. Z.: we have a gun for this purpose!

B. G.: And concerning humanoids and the future... Fantasts always go after the scientist. Very seldom happens when the fantast predicted that what was not in science yet.

Ya, by the way, too I investigate different options. If to take all my creativity - and these are about 50 books - it is possible to find the option of the future in each novel. But same does not mean that everything will be quite so. To reach the same Mars, billions of dollars are necessary. Any country of it will not master. Everything rests against money. There will be money - will depart.

, of course, I want

Ya that my country departed to Mars, and to Venus... And any Americans to us in it will be not the decree. We have enough resources, it is necessary to dispose only of these resources competently. Forecasts both were written, and will be written, but hardly they sometime completely will come true.