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How much is to bring together the child in school?

When parents begin to think of this question? In the majority, at the end of August when “school markets“ open. It seems to me that it is worth thinking of it in advance then not to run and to look for where is cheaper and where in general though something remained. And at once to go to already checked places and to buy everything that is necessary.

Me it became just interesting to

and how many money actually it is necessary to spend. Having written the approximate list of the necessary accessories, having asked the familiar boy of years to help 7 me, we went on shops.

did not represent

Ya what appears to buy a hard work to the child what is necessary for school, but so that it was pleasant to it too. The choice of stationery is huge now, for every taste and purse thickness. But I faced one problem. What was pleasant to me appears, our children do not accept at all. Sometimes on my exclamations:“ Watch what lovely feature! Let`s take“, he looked at me as on the aunt who absolutely lagged behind life: “You what you want that me at school ridiculed? Now nobody buys it“.


Of course, it is possible and not to reckon with opinion of the child, but so you will just lose his trust. I do not want it. It is possible to explain to the kid that you plan to spend a certain sum for all acquisitions. And to suggest it to count together with you that can be bought more expensively, and what is cheaper. So he should make the choice what to buy. For the child it is already not so offensive, he makes the decision, you need to help it only.

our campaign took with

almost whole day, but we could not bypass all shops which to us were advised. And then I understood one more thing: in the question “how much is to bring together the child in school?“ it is not only about money. The huge number of forces and nerves is spent. And nervous cages, as it is known much, are not restored.

in the Evening I began to count

how many money it is necessary to spend. Conclusion: if the nobility where to buy - it is not so unprofitable how it was thought initially. But it is better to take with itself in shop of the man, will be to whom bags to carry and his council will not prevent. So, took bags - packages and forward! I hope that my list will help you.

Name Lower bound of the price: Upper bound of the price:
the Satchel of 1 piece is 142 rubles of 1 piece there are 933 rubles
the Shoe bag of 1 piece there are 40 rubles of 1 piece there are 194 rubles
of the Notebook of 12 sheets of 50 pieces * 1 river 30 to. = 65 rubles. of 50 pieces * 3 rubles 60 to. = 180 rubles
a ball pen of 1 piece are 1 river 20 to. of 1 piece 33 rubles
the Pencil simple of 1 piece - 80 to are. of 1 piece - 15 rubles
Glue of 1 piece - 2 rubles 20 to. of 1 piece 10 rubles 80 to are.
Plasticine of 6 flowers of 1 piece is 15 rubles of 10 flowers of 1 piece there are 25 rubles
the Case of 1 piece there are 27 rubles 50 to. of 1 piece 888 rubles
Felt-tip pens of 6 flowers of 1 piece are there are 3 rubles 50 to. of 6 flowers of 1 piece 170 rubles
colored pencils of 6 flowers of 1 piece are there are 7 rubles of 12 flowers of 1 piece there are 275 rubles
of Paint of 6 flowers of 1 piece there are 14 rubles of 8 flowers of 1 piece there are 33 rubles.
the Sketchbook of 1 piece is 3 rubles 50 to. of 1 piece 5 rubles 30 to are.
the Ruler of 1 piece - 90 to. of 1 piece 12 rubles 80 to are.
the Eraser of 1 piece is 1 river 20 to. of 1 piece 12 rubles
Scissors of 1 piece are there are 7 rubles of 1 piece there are 106 rubles
of the Brush of 1 piece there are 4 rubles of 1 piece there are 116 rubles
the Sharpener of 1 piece - 80 to. of 1 piece 31 rivers
the Diary of 1 piece are there are 9 rubles 50 to. of 1 piece 33 rubles
the Case of drawing instruments of 1 piece are there are 22 rubles 50 to. of 1 piece - 121 r

Here you, having armed with the list from necessary purchases, were going to go. But where? I can tell on own experience: only not on the market. I will call some advantages of purchase in shop.

  1. the biggest range. In the market will not offer you so much.
  2. Wants to dispel the myth that in shops everything is expensive. In the market to buy more expensively now and there nobody will give a guarantee for goods to you.
  3. In the market always the chance to buy low-quality goods is and nobody will exchange it. In shop all storage conditions are precisely met, and on them you will be given a guarantee.
  4. If some problems, that is an opportunity to exchange goods for similar arise.
  5. the Qualified personnel will always help to make a right choice, will tell everything that you want to know about goods, will prompt how to pick up what is necessary for you for your purposes. So you will be able to save too.

the Following question which interests many: whose production is better, our, Russian, or import? Behind council I addressed to the Center of a stationery and office accessories of “Dove“ to the managing director Belokopytov Alexander Vladimirovich. Here that he answered me:“ The Russian goods are not worse at all, and sometimes it is even better import. And they are cheaper, through customs of import it is necessary to pay the state duties for transportation, and it is significantly reflected in their price …“


also how to decide on the choice at such variety of goods cannot but concern? As it was already told above, address the seller, he will help. But you too though approximately have to know what want. The seller not the wizard - cannot guess your thoughts. I will try a few to help to decide to you on the choice. So.

the Most important thing with which it is worth beginning purchases to school - a satchel . For a good satchel or a portfolio you will give much, but it is worth it, believe. What it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase to? It has to have a firm back with orthopedic elements. They allow to watch the correct position of a back, at the same time do not bend a backbone, and in hot weather the back at the child does not sweat. The satchel has to have a steady bottom that did not fall near a school desk. The top handle of a portfolio should not be made of cloth not to injure fingers; plastic - the most convenient option.

If you worry about safety of the child, choose a satchel with inserts of reflecting elements. They are simply irreplaceable during the winter period when brightens late, and darkens early. Children crossing the road in twilight are almost not visible to drivers, and these elements can be noticed from far away.

Notebook . Now there are a lot of notebooks with bright, beautiful covers which so attract children. It just also should not be important criterion at its choice. Teachers say that children distract from educational process when they with enthusiasm consider covers.

If to your child it is difficult for p to concentrate on occupations, then refuse such notebooks. Will be the bright interesting diary enough. So favourite that it will be a pity to pull out from it pages and to throw out in a window that parents did not notice a bad note.

If you buy by

a notebook in shop, then can be sure that it conforms to all Russian standards, cages are not washed away and they have correct sizes. They will not strain sight of the child that is important.

Handle . Correctly picked up handle is very important, especially in the first year of study when there is a training in the letter and formation of handwriting. How to choose it?

  1. It has to lie conveniently in a hand.
  2. to Have the rubberized inserts, or a corrugated surface in the place of pressing of fingers.
  3. Paste should not soil a sheet of paper.
the good handle conforming to all standards can be bought

for 6 rubles 50 to., I think that many can afford it. Gel pens have only one shortcoming - they quickly come to an end. If you are able to afford to change often cores, then these handles precisely will suit you. But in some educational institutions they are not welcomed. Therefore before purchase it is better to specify at school as teachers treat such handles.

Pencil . To the kids and children going to the first class “Designer“ is better to buy simple pencils, for example. But if you want that when falling a pencil its slate pencil did not break, and when sharpening did not crumble, then buy more expensively better, productions of the Czech Republic, worth 8 rubles

Besides listed to which all already got used, are also other types of pencils. Segment - are very convenient, do not demand sharpening. But during the work with them it is required to buy accuracy therefore they are not advised to first graders whose functions of small motility of hands are not rather developed. Seniors and students prefer collet pencils with very thin core. Cases of such pencils strike with the variety. Any can find for itself something.

Colored pencils . Alexander Vladimirovich Belokopytov carried out tests of such pencils and established that today the leader are pencils of School Point firm. They do not break, colors at them the brightest do not crumble in the course of work, and that, is undoubted, important for children of younger school age.

Would like to specify

that there are special pastel pencils, and it is impossible to demand from them brightness therefore attentively read the name on packings not to be trapped. If something is not clear to you, ask sellers, they surely will help you. Erasers it is better for p to buy

import production. The choice is huge. And any more there is no need to presoak them in kerosene that is softer than steel, like the heroine of the movie “The Most Charming and Attractive“. You can buy both soft and firm.

Cases happen different: with filling and without it, soft and firm, iron and plastic, bright and imperceptible, with drawings and without them. Choose on the taste. But nevertheless it is better to buy firm cases without filling. Then you have an opportunity to choose, than to fill them.

the Choice of glue is rather broad

. PVA glue with the ball batcher is very convenient. To first graders usually buy glue stick. During acquisition surely you watch that it was not dried up, ask the seller to check.

Proofreader . Proofreaders - handles are still popular. Probably, already any pupil does not represent how it is possible to do without them. There are proofreaders in the form of a tape, but work with them requires a certain skill.

Wooden rulers did not go out of use

yet, they are more plastic and will not be able to wound the child with sharp splinters if break. But at plastic there are advantages. They very bright and beautiful and the accuracy of divisions at them is better. The choice always remains for you.

of the Folder and of a cover . Buy covers for notebooks and books surely dense, so you should not change them every month. Plastic folders are very convenient for notebooks on buttons. In them they are not rumpled, the pupil always knows that all notebooks in one place, it is not necessary to look for them on all portfolio.

There now, upon purchase of stationery we specified highlights, but on it collecting in school does not come to an end. Still the child needs to acquire clothes and footwear. And if at school the special form is entered, it is necessary to buy also it. Also do not forget about payment of schools or gymnasiums. But it, I consider, already separate conversation.