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Plasticity after weight loss of

you considerably grew thin, and your skin still “remembers“ former volumes? How not to allow an obvisaniye of skin and what to do if the problem already arose?

is Advised by the plastic surgeon managing office of esthetic plastic surgery at department chelyustno - front surgery at the Russian Peoples` Friendship University in Moscow Zurab Amiranovich Meladze.

From where folds undertake?

how skin after considerable decrease in body weight - a question individual will behave. It depends both on age, and on the speed with which you lost kilograms, and from natural elasticity of skin, and from daily care of it.

at the same time the age plays not the most important role. Sometimes at women in 50 years skin keeps a magnificent tone, and at thirty-year-old, on the contrary, quickly loses elasticity. It depends on heredity and specific features.

Should not be forgotten also about influence of external factors. Elastin fibers which “hold“ a skin tone are very easily damaged. For example, they begin to collapse actively when receive an excess dose of an ultraviolet. Therefore lovers of suntan should be especially careful if they want to keep face skin and bodies of elastic.


Usually lowered a tone of skin and at chain smokers. It is one more occasion to think of disposal of this unhealthy and beauty of a habit.

we Increase a tone

Being going to grow thin, pay special attention to care of the skin. If you planned to get rid of a significant amount of kilograms and centimeters, it makes sense to consult at the cosmetologist and to pick up necessary conditioning agents.

It is useful for p to resort also to professional procedures. Options exists much today. These are various physioprocedures, a mesotherapy, an ozonoterapiya, various massages.

It is important that all these influences had system character. Usually they are done by “shock“ courses, and then carry out the supporting procedures several times a month.

Also good help occupations can act as swimming or water aerobics. They help to strengthen at the same time muscles and to tighten skin. The water flows which are flowing round a body during the movement work as a natural masseur. From here - the good tightening effect. it is important to p to remember

that the speed of disposal of excess weight plays very large role. Usually growing thin ladies seek to get rid of “ballast“ as soon as possible. But if you really want to get a beautiful figure, grow thin as it is possible more slowly. Let`s an organism get used to changes. Then all fabrics and bodies will manage to adapt to decrease in body weight. And skin will be tightened under the new size.

It is very important to p to watch the diet. If in it there are not enough polynonsaturated fatty acids, skin will inevitably lose the elasticity. Therefore carefully cut down fats in the diet.


concerns also proteins which act as the main construction material for cages. Besides, vitamins and minerals which quantity, unfortunately, decreases together with diet caloric content are necessary for an organism.

If you decided to go

on very rigid diet, pick up additional additives to food. They will help you to compensate deficiency of necessary substances.

But, unfortunately, sometimes even the most careful leaving and the balanced food cannot prevent obvisany skin. And in this case it is possible to clean not esthetic folds only by means of the plastic surgeon.


Most often the face, a breast and a stomach suffer from too active weight loss. Skin is especially subject to stretching there.

the New oval to a new figure

On a face wrinkles appear or become aggravated, the face form loses clearness, at many cheeks as if become hollow, and the chin and a neck sag. All this, of course, spoils esthetic impression and does not match a slim figure in any way.

Most often in such cases resort to one of face lifting options. It allows to correct at the same time an oval and to get rid of wrinkles.

what will be operation depends on a specific problem. For example, if the chin sagged, do lifting of a midface. And at problems in a forehead choose tightening of the top third. Sometimes it does not make sense to do to

p tightening. For example, if it is few wrinkles, but cheeks failed. In this case it makes sense to carry out a lipofilling. The essence of this procedure is that at first through tiny punctures take away your own fatty tissue from area of a stomach or hips. Then it is processed in a special way and by means of injections entered into problem zones on a face.

of Advantage of this method - in its safety. As material your own fabric which cannot cause rejection is used.

at the same time procedure gives to

double effect. Besides that cheeks become elastic again, the metabolism and food of facial tissues becomes more active. As a result the condition of skin considerably improves.

Breast: it is less, but better

Not at all ladies the bust form after finding of symmetry changes for the better. Especially it concerns women who before weight loss could brag of the impressive size of a breast. Most often the shape of mammary glands worsens, and they droop.


In this case will be helped by operation on lifting of mammary glands. The surgeon will accurately remove “excess“ skin, and then will correct a form and height of a breast. It is important to note that after this operation all functions of mammary glands remain, and further there will be no problems with chest feeding.

However, after this operation can remain noticeable traces from cuts. Most often they are visible at people with congenital tendency to formation of hems. At the same time at many in several months after operation it is difficult to find some traces from operation.

Sometimes the shape of a breast after weight loss spoils even at initially small size of a bust. In this case it is possible to resort to prosthetics. Correctly picked up implants of an anatomic form will fill and will raise mammary glands. And in case of need this operation can be combined with tightening.

Very often ladies want not only to correct a shape of a breast, but also to get rid of extensions in this area. Unfortunately, today there is no way to move away them completely and forever. Even after plastic surgery the part of extensions remains. And application of external means and various polishings only help to make them less noticeable.

the Secret of a flat stomach

the Stomach it becomes very frequent the most problem part of a body. From here very slowly and unevenly excess fatty tissue leaves. At the same time skin is reduced very reluctantly here. And often after considerable decrease in body weight instead of a chubby tummy there is a skin fold - “apron“.

can Get rid of it only by means of an abdominoplastika. It is operation which helps to take away “excess“ skin and to correct a shape of a stomach.


Depending on a condition of skin during operation the navel can be moved. It is formed as if anew in anatomic correct situation.

Operation of an abdominoplastika can be combined with a local liposuction. It is very frequent even after a concentrated study sport and diets around a navel there is a fatty small pillow. Plasticity will help to get rid of this problem and at the same time to tighten skin.


during this operation affect only skin and fatty tissue. But sometimes happens that the problem consists not so much in a skin obvisaniye, how many in stretching of the white line of a stomach.

It is the strip passing in the middle of press muscles. In certain cases - most often during pregnancy - it as if disperses. And then the stomach will remain convex, despite all efforts. But if to restore integrity of the white line, it will become flat again.

Two in one or two times on one?

Sometimes after too active correction of weight can face

not one, and at once several problems. For example, correction is demanded by both a stomach, and a face form. In this case the temptation is big to perform at once two operations under one anesthesia.

Many consider that it is more humane approach for an organism. It should not be affected by anesthetics of preparations once again.

Actually myths about harm of an anesthesia are strongly exaggerated by

. Today there were preparations which make most sparing impact on an organism. And the competent anesthesiologist will always pick up a dosage, optimum for you.

If to speak about combination of two operations, then here everything depends on their volume. It makes sense if two small interventions, for example prosthetics of mammary glands and lifting of a chin are planned.

But here it is absolutely inexpedient to combine a serious abdominoplastika and, for example, operation on lifting of a breast. In this case it is better to perform one operation, then to wait 2 - 3 months and to carry out the second intervention.

It is natural, after each operation it is necessary to carry out all rehabilitation procedures actively. In this case the organism will receive adequate loading and easier will cope with it. That is you are quicker restored after operations.

the Plastic surgeon will help you to finish with

formation of a beautiful figure. But nevertheless, being going to grow thin, be careful. You remember: what more slowly you will lose weight, especially the result will be resistant.