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The buffet for the kid of

Probably, before each young mother at some moment rises a question of the choice of food for the kid. In shops of an eye run up from abundance of multi-colored jars and boxes, in parental magazines the sea of advertizing, on information Internet enough. It is difficult to make a choice, the child - not the most suitable object for experiments.

Baby food of Semper - not from the category cheap. To the choice of such food for the child usually come consciously. What Semper differs in from others as well as where it is made - the press - round to Sweden was for this purpose organized.

our acquaintance to Semper began

in Stockholm about a press - conferences at office of the company. Semper - the company small, but for Sweden it is brand No. 1 in baby food. Semper and in other countries is popular: takes the second place in the market of baby food in Iceland, Finland, Norway though here is on sale under the SM trademark? FOLK. In Denmark Semper occupies about a half of the market and Allomin is called. The Russian market for Semper - one of the most perspective directions of development in spite of the fact that today in Russia parents buy baby food much less often and less, than in Europe (according to some information, 50% of the Russian mothers of children till 3 years in whole or in part cook baby puree).

Why Swedes choose by


Swedes adhere to recommendations of World Health Organization and do not allow introduction of any feedings up to four - six months. And when time will come, use baby food mainly of manufacturing, understanding that absolute control of quality of the used fruit, vegetables, and especially it is possible to reach some meat and fish only in the conditions of special industrial laboratories.

For harmonious development to the child needs to receive the balanced food. The ratio of products in jars with baby food is calculated so that the child received precisely dosed quantity of all components of a day diet necessary at a certain age. In the first year of life the kid should learn flavoring scale of the main food, to accept and fall in love with various vegetables and fruit, and also to pass a way from completely homogenized to almost adult food. Therefore for each age experts provided the consistence of dishes: in four months offer the baby most crushed food, in five - slightly - is slightly more rough, in eight - with small pieces which the kid can already chew. So it zheludochno - the intestinal path gradually prepares for digestion of more and more rough food, and teeth learn to chew.

Quality and safety

“Is made by

in Sweden“ - for many this phrase is a symbol of quality of production. The Swedish farmers completely provide the population with the main food, observing strict requirements to their quality, structure, the size and even I blossom. It is vigilantly watched by the state, punishing guilty.

Products of Semper firm are made by

only from the Swedish milk, meat and raw materials, except those products which are not grown up in Sweden, for example, rice, mango, bananas. It is a principled stand of the company as only in this case it is possible to speak about rigid control and a guarantee of faultless quality of raw materials and the final product.

to Group of journalists managed to visit one of dairy farms of the DeLaval company, being the supplier of Semper. Purity and silence on a farm - the phenomenon unusual. The most widespread way of keeping of cows in Sweden is the besprivyazny method at which the cow itself decides when it is time for it to walk, have dinner or be milked.

Yes, as it is paradoxical, the special robotic complex is engaged in milking of cows - the operator monitors process and is attracted only if necessary. Well-groomed Burenkas live in the light spacious room, lie on special soft mats - laying. Between ranks periodically passes a scraper - the cleaner and directs purity. Each cow in an ear has a special chip with personal information: if the cow approached a feeding trough and wishes to have dinner, own portion of food is given by it taking into account that and when the cow ate last time.

With milking a situation approximately same - when the cow feels that it is already time for it to hand over milk, it comes into the specially allotted place where the robotic system is ready to accept milk. After identification of a cow the robot finds special vacuum suckers each nipple and washes out it, then milking process begins. Information on amount of the handed-over milk arrives on the computer at once and registers in personal history of a Burenka.

the cow probably does not feel Any negative feelings, otherwise, probably, cows would not crowd about the robot waiting for the turn. Milk goes on pipelines at once to tanks where the cycle of its processing begins. By the way, the cow can come for walk quite independently and at own will - the door on the street is open. Miracles, isn`t that so?

of Semper does not use the products containing genetically modified ingredients. To reach it, Semper chooses the reliable suppliers using raw materials, guaranteed free from GMO. For confidence in purity of raw materials and ready-made products, Semper closely cooperates with independent laboratory AnalyCen in Sweden and GeneScan in Germany.

Analyses and tests are carried out by

on all cycles of production of baby food. The component structure is studied, are carried out the analysis on mineral substances and vitamins, bacteriological and toxicological control, testing for nitrates and nitrites, physical researches and an organoleptic assessment are only a short list of all steps of researches through which there pass the raw materials of Semper.

the Same analyses wait for production at a stage of its production in shops of production, and of course, at a stage of full readiness. For example, after food is already packaged on jars, all consignment of goods costs in a warehouse within two weeks waiting for results of analyses which are carried out by specialists of plant. And only after that the goods go to shops.

Quality of the final product is inseparably linked

with questions of storage, transportation and delivery to the consumer. Semper traces all logistic chain from plant to a counter, trusting the production to reliable distributors and distribution networks.

the Product range of Semper

of Semper thoroughly works as

on quality of products irrespective of, it is intended for export or for domestic market. Each position is exposed to strict quality control. Products (Russia and other countries) are made for all markets on the same production line.

the Range of Semper contains about 100 names today - it is the dairy mixes, juice, porridges, fruit, vegetable and meat mashes which are completely providing children from the birth till 3 years with environmentally friendly and useful food. The baby food of Semper is made at 3 plants: can food - in Eslev, at plant of the company of Prokordia (group of companies of Orkl), dry dairy mixes - in of Getene, at plant of the company of Arl Fuds, and juice at plant in Lakholm (belongs to the company of Tserealia).

In the last 2 - 3 years at cooperation with the Russian pediatricians and specialists in baby food of Semper was developed by a number of products especially for Russia. In spite of the fact that traditions of food of the northern countries and Rossi are in many respects similar (a basis of food meat and potatoes make), the situation in Russia is complicated by the fact that more than a half of children have an allergy, at many iron deficiency anemia, diseases of a thyroid gland from - for a lack of iodine are observed. Therefore the most part of the assortment range Semper delivered to Russia - the products promoting prevention of these diseases.

All Semper juice is enriched with vitamin C and iron - it is very important for prevention of anemia and strengthening of immunity. Semper juice does not contain sugar, artificial fragrances and food dyes. Fruit purees have practically the same properties, as juice, but the rice starch which is a thickener in addition is their part. Getting in zheludochno - an intestinal path, rice starch protects a mucous membrane of a stomach and intestines from influence of different harmful substances - enveloping them, starch brings them out of an organism. One of the most popular products in Russia is the “Prunes puree“ promoting disposal of locks.

Vegetables as a basis of healthy food, are a source of carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral substances. The organic acids which are present at vegetables intensify release of digestive juice and production of enzymes, they possess zhelchegonny action and well influence an exchange of fats, reducing the content of cholesterol in blood. Many vegetables contain phytoncides - substances with strongly expressed antibacterial action. The most popular vegetable products of Semper are cauliflower and broccoli purees.

Meat - the main source of animal protein necessary for growth and development of the child, formation of erythrocytes and increase in amount of hemoglobin in blood. But the number of maintenance of meat in a diet of the child should not be superfluous (it can cause excessive load of unripe kidneys of the child, make negative impact on function of a liver). Therefore the amount of meat in ready dishes of Semper is picked up so that to exclude adverse effects. In meat dishes of Semper different types of meat - a horse-flesh and a rabbit, beef and veal, pork and mutton, a chicken and a turkey are used. Ready dishes are a meat with a garnish in jars of different volume - 135, 200 and 250 grams.


B for prevention of an allergy, and also iron deficiency anemia to the Russian market brought 2006 essentially new meat products - “A rabbit with cabbage“ and “A horse-flesh with potatoes“. Distinctive features of these products also is that, the rabbit and a horse-flesh are the most hypoallergenic. The horse-flesh is acquired by the child`s organism in only 3 hours whereas beef - for 24.


For prevention of deficiency of iodine to all meat dishes of Semper added the iodated food salt. The greens (fennel, onions, a parsnip, rosemary, a celery and parsley) which are contained in myasoovoshchny dishes improve comprehensibility of animal protein, contain the substances possessing bactericidal action that increases immunity of the child.

Sweden long since is famous for the fishing traditions therefore Semper offers kids a wide choice of fish dishes:“ Flounder with potatoes and vegetables “, “ a cod with potatoes “, “ a flounder in lemon sauce with potatoes “, “ a salmon with potatoes “and“ a cod in shrimps sauce“. Such variety of appetizing dishes will not leave indifferent and the adult :).


In assortment of Semper besides can food presented milk porridges. The special attention is deserved by Vellingi - unique drinking porridges. Thanks to the consistence which is brought closer to a milk consistence, Welling takes the intermediate place between dairy mixes and usual thick porridges. Usually it is drunk from a cup, eaten from a plate and only the smallest pour it in a small bottle. Offers children of 4 - 5 months of Semper rice and corn Vellingi, not supporting squirrels of cereal cultures (gluten), 5 - 6 monthly - ovsyano - wheat and multicereal. This dish in Sweden with pleasure is eaten for breakfast by both children, and parents.

At the product range of Semper the adapted dairy mixes are present, some of them are specially intended for feeding of the children having an intestinal dysbiosis, locks, intestinal gripes and an insufficient increase of weight.

the Russian prospects

Alexey Uzhanov, the representative of the Decna AS company, the exclusive supplier of baby food of Semper in Russia and the CIS countries, declared:“ In the last several years the tendency to growth of need for baby food of industrial production was outlined. And, the main factor of stimulation of demand is not only the growing social welfare, but also need for the guaranteed quality and advantage of a product. Any baby food of industrial production prepared by state standard specifications and standards, a priori qualitatively and safely. The food made in ecologically favorable region adds to this list a guarantee of purity of raw materials and a product“.

About 60% of sales volume of baby food of Semper are the share

of Moscow and St. Petersburg. But in 2006 the company started implementation of the project directed to strengthening of presence of Semper in regions of Russia and the CIS countries. The zone of close attention of the company includes Kazan, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, and also Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

If you had questions, call to the hot line Semper in Moscow: (495) 517 - 42 - 05.