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Whether it is possible to give rise without pain?

“Cannot more, cut me!“ - reached from patrimonial chamber.

Similar shouts in four days of stay in maternity hospital to me had to be heard every night. Surprisingly, but all maternity hospital knew whether there is childbirth at present.

By the time of an extract I began to understand

why in several hours after the delivery when to me allowed to rise and go to a shower, I received a compliment from girls from prenatal office on the subject of how quietly I gave birth.

In general, no special heroism in it existed. I did not constrain shouts or groans, I just could not shout even if I would like. Not only to shout, but also it is impossible to speak during fight if you want to achieve anesthesia due to breath. Any attempt to tell something forces down breath and, therefore, leads to strengthening of pain.

Many imagine that there are special techniques of breath at childbirth, and the poses helping to lower pain. It is known also that teach it on courses of preparation for childbirth.

Approximately the same representation was also at me when I expected the first baby. Then I did not consider it necessary to burden myself with searches of courses and preparation, having relied on the mother`s forces - the nature and knowledge of medical personnel. And I at that time had very approximate idea of existence of such courses.

Cannot tell

that first labor was unsuccessful. Generally, everything passed safely, I almost had no gaps - only microcracks; childbirth was not too long - 10 hours; the girl was born not large (3100 gr.) also got 8 - 9 points across Apgar. The husband was present at childbirth, gave me moral support, especially in the beginning while I was still able to think something. And then I appeared on a bed with a dropper, to me gave the anesthetizing injection, the consciousness grew dim. There was a night, there was a terrible wish to sleep, the head was turned from medicine. The husband did not know how to help me, and stood at attention at me “quietly“ behind the back, probably from solidarity assuming at least some inconveniences. I so did not own a situation that even when I needed the real physical help (to make massage, to hold a knee on fight), did not guess to attract the husband.

Here a fragment from the diary of my first labor:
“Fights went every three minutes, and 60 seconds of tortures were replaced two minutes of a dream. There was a wish to sleep insufferably, from medicine the veil was always of me on the mind, but all this was unimportant. I did not think of the child at all, and thought only that I should pass all this up to the end, and there is no opportunity to postpone childbirth though for a while to take rest. And still: if to me it is so painful even with anesthesia, then what would be without it?.“

Probably, these feelings are familiar to much.

However everything passes

, the end and to my tortures came. Already next day, holding the newborn daughter on hands, I remembered childbirth without horror. In a week I was overflowed by pride that “I could do it“! And in few months I quite quietly treated a possibility of the birth of the second child in a year - another.

And still childbirth left to

easy feeling of a dissatisfaction.

I began to read to

After the daughter`s birth a large number of magazines about children, and the most important, gradually found on the mass of information in the Internet. Though childbirth was behind, the subject of pregnancy and childbirth still interested me. And by the beginning of the second pregnancy (to the senior daughter there was then a year and month) I was already rather informed also on what courses of preparation for childbirth, and about childbirth, their traditional and nonconventional ways, about maternity hospitals etc. exist.

So, having gone to a way “on the second circle“, I decided not to neglect everything.

First of all, I wanted to decide on “the plan of childbirth“. I will give one more fragment from the diary:
“For the first time at me any plan was not, the desire naturally was simple to give birth. And already, which - that more certain.
I Want to give birth without stimulation and anesthesia. Together with the husband. Without dropper, and being not attached to a bed to have an opportunity to change situation. I Want
that the child was put to a breast at once. Perhaps I want too much?
A I want - that everything nothing - that did not disturb!!!“

So, the plan appeared more - less definitely, it was necessary to find the place where it is possible to carry out it. I worked a subject of house childbirth rather in detail, it attracted me, but, having discussed and having considered everything together with the husband, we came to a conclusion that it not for us.

Means, it was necessary to look for suitable maternity hospital.

It turned out

not such a simple task. Oblaziv all Internet, I looked after for myself several options. But the more I collected information on different maternity hospitals, the less all of them suited me.

I will not begin to tire the reader with peripetias of my searches. I will tell only that they were crowned with success only to 38 - oh to week of pregnancy. Absolutely incidentally I found maternity hospital in Dolgoprudny.

the Manager of maternity hospital was

very lovely woman. She in detail spoke with me by phone, and made personal meeting at which we discussed details. My plan of childbirth was quite feasible here, plus to it was allowed to bring with itself any things from the house which can deliver: ball, pillow, rug, music... At the same time the price was just ridiculous, did not come within miles of quotations of the Moscow maternity hospitals.

For implementation of my plan of ideal childbirth (now I can already speak so, without being afraid of a malefice) I signed up for courses for pregnant women at Spaso - Perovsky hospital. I managed to receive from courses that I wanted: real skills of breath, positions in labor to watch several movies, both domestic, and foreign. In addition, despite mine, apparently, already quite extensive knowledge of pregnancy, and I recognized a lot of useful information by this subject.

So, by the time of childbirth we were rather grounded and morally ready in the best way. That it was farther, best of all will show the diary.

“In the morning on February 8 I woke up from a nagging pain. In 20 minutes pain repeated, and in 20 minutes I understood that I, apparently, waited.

Ya dressed: made an enema, shaved (of course, by means of the husband). Fights were weak. It seemed to me that process goes too slowly therefore I tried to achieve not anesthesia, and on the contrary, strengthenings of pain. For this purpose I accepted “a frog pose“: squatted on hunkers, having parted knees and leaning hands on a stool. It seemed, it did fights by more effective.

By noon fights became more notable. I began to apply slow deep breath (into four accounts the breath - on six exhaled).

B 14. The 20th fights sharply became frequent and became more painful. We urgently began to gather. In 15. 45 was arrived to maternity hospital. I was issued, changed clothes and examined: disclosure of 3 - 4 cm. I transferred fights, having bent and having leaned on a couch. Deep breath gave fine anesthesia. Only I could not speak during fight not to lose breath.

At last registration is ended by

, and in 16. 30 we carried out to chamber. Here I was examined by the doctor on duty. Disclosure was already 5 - 6 cm. The doctor told that the bubble flat and suggested to prick it. I did not begin to object strongly.

After a bubble puncture the doctor assumed that there were hour two, and offered anesthesia. I refused, having told that - that hour of forces at me will be enough for two.

After departure of the doctor I settled down on a floor, having leaned on a pillow. In intervals we with the husband guessed a crossword puzzle, during fight I breathed, and it did me massage of a waist. At this stage massage gave full anesthesia!

became more painful than

of Fight, and I passed to the speeded-up breath at fight peak. The husband still did massage which killed pain already not completely, but precisely half. After the end of fight I showed it where pain moved and where to mass.

Two fights I transferred it on all fours, this situation was less painful. However it was also less effective therefore I returned to a former pose: sitting on the knees divorced in the parties. In this position I physically felt advance of the child. During fight I tried to represent disclosure of a neck, to think of it it was sick, but allowed to relax and not to clamp pain, and to meet requirements of her.

during the next fight I felt desire to make an effort. While it was not really strong, I decided to prodyshat some more fights. When this feeling amplified, I asked the husband to run for the midwife. Till the most this moment we continued to guess in breaks a crossword puzzle.

the Midwife laid me on a bed. Disclosure was already full. We carried out several attempts on a bed, but whether I made an effort badly, whether the neck was not ready yet, - process went slowly. Only minutes through 25 something it began to turn out, and I was led in rodzat. But fights still were rare, and to me decided to stick sinestrol.

of Prodyshav the next fight, I got on a chair, and began to make an effort though both midwifes and the doctor were busy not by me. I do not know whether threat to stimulation worked, or the desire to finish somewhat quicker all this, but me was succeeded to collect all forces and to advance the child to an exit. On the following attempt all rushed to me, and on intensity of pain I understood that I till the birth of a head remained not for long.“ And without sinestrol“, - someone told. The midwife encouraged and instructed, the husband supported to me the head that too was very opportunely.

were given

of the Attempt difficult, but I knew that I the more put forces, the end is closer, and tried to overcome itself. After four or five attempts I saw issinya - a crimson head, to me ordered to breathe through the mouth, the child was turned, and on the following attempt all little body was born. I perfectly saw all this as I made an effort as it is necessary and did not close an eye.

17. 40 - the doctor stated.

to the Girl sucked away slime, rubbed off it, turned in a diaper and put to a breast. It pochmokat a little, and the doctor pressed to me a stomach meanwhile and squeezed out a placenta. Did not find any gap in me“.

Needed to sum up of

some results. whether

I Am happy with the childbirth? I consider by
Ya them almost ideal. I made everything as I wanted. I gave rise almost without pain (in comparison with first labor which passed with anesthesia). I was struck that how effective can be the help of the husband.

I Would like to give rise to houses? Is not present
. I needed accurate teams of the midwife which allowed to direct efforts. And I needed feeling that if something happens the help will come immediately. whether


Needed training courses? for
It is obligatory! The women going for childbirth without preparation do not represent as far as they complicate to themselves life! You should not doom yourself to torments which can easily be avoided if to imagine what occurs in your organism and as to help it. And of course, it is necessary to train the husband for childbirth. Mine was on only two occupations, but it allowed it to feel much more surely, than for the first time and to render me, besides moral support, the real help.

Go for childbirth consciously, and you derive from them pleasure!

Anna Minyaeva (Ekhomama)