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Some go more hotly to Have a rest

abroad well and cheap - at all not such excessive task as it seems at first sight. The main thing - to appear in due time in the right place. As it is correct to hunt for “last-minute tours“, the correspondent of “SP“ Ksenia Tatarnikova

at the beginning of winter of 2004 found out the Muscovite Irina Mamay gathered on a visit to the mother living in Cyprus. In search of the most economic rounds Irina began to comb the websites of travel agencies.

of Inexpensive options it turned out p very much that it did not sustain and decided to share valuable information with other travelers. So Cheaptrip, “cheap round“, - the Internet - community in which participants share information on fresh “last-minute tours“ was born.

the Example of Cheaptrip is indicative

: to learn “to catch“ good special offers and to go on the world almost for nothing many want now. Of course, to find “last-minute tour“ at the ridiculous price, it is necessary to work. Much, perhaps, more comfortable to come to the nearest travel agency, to choose a tour from offered by the manager and to pay “according to the price list“. But agree: it will be offensive to learn in hotel in the resort that your neighbor paid for the same permit one and a half times smaller. However, at the same time you should not forget about the main minuses of “last-minute tours“: a perishable tourist`s product hunters have to be ready to act from the place at any time and to go not always there where there is a wish. Besides in the market of “last-minute tours“ there are a lot of fakes.

of Tura of internal combustion

In shops such goods is called “stale“ and get rid of it simply: arrange sale, throwing off the price several times. Approximately in the same situation there are also travel agencies from time to time. They are forced to reduce the prices of permits with expiring “expiration date“ gradually. The date of departure is closer, the less price, for couple of days before final “combustion“ of the permit (including flight, a transfer and placement in hotel) stand up very little.

at the same time should not think that “rasprodazhny“ rounds by definition are bad. In “burning“ easily worthy resorts and hotels can get. Just experts did not guess with future demand: tourist`s packages are formed in advance when nobody yet definitely knows how popular will be this or that direction.

For example, the current summer season not really well began for travel agencies that, respectively, allowed the most enterprising citizens to have a rest “for kopeks“. In May and June Turkey (five days in three-star hotel gave even for $63) “burned“, in the middle of June Egypt (seven-day round in three-star hotel in Hurghada cost $100) and Cyprus joined it (seven days in hotel “two stars“ was on sale for 240 euros). At the beginning of July Bulgaria unexpectedly “lit up“.

to have a rest in resorts of Gold dust, in Albena, Varna, Bourgas Now, it is possible for $200. This price is several times lower than usual. The main reason of “burning“ as experts consider, not in recent floods, and that in the tourist market Bulgaria was overestimated. The companies counted that the flow of tourists to this country will increase in comparison with last summer, and in advance redeemed quite large number of air tickets. Demand remained at the former level.

in “three stars“ in Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia could be carried out seven days by

in the middle of July less than for $200, in Cyprus - it is less than for 250 euros, in Spain and on the Liguriysky coast of Italy - for 300 euros.“ Usual“ the permit in the same hotels would cost at least by one and a half times dearer.

of the Reasons of emergence of “last-minute travel offers“ two. The most widespread is as follows: at tour operator remains on hands too much redeemed in advance, before a season, air tickets, is frequent on charter flights.

in order to avoid losses them should be got off the hands, though at half price. PR - the director of the company of Tez Tour Roman Rybakov explains such situation with short-sightedness and excessive ambition of colleagues from shop: “Someone learned to react to fluctuations of demand by replacement like the plane from bigger capacity on smaller, and someone continues to rely at random and puts huge Il - 86 for all season, despite everything“.

the Second reason of “ignition“ of rounds - emergence on the settled direction of the new player.“ Let`s tell, a certain tour operator decides to intrude from the current season on the market, new to himself - Turkey and to sell tours to this country, - Tatyana Varga, the marketing manager of the Turparad company tells. - At “old“ players strong communications with partners from the Turkish side already managed to be created, provide them discounts in hotels and other privileges. The beginner has no communications, and the prices hotels declare him higher. Respectively, its permits will be more expensive than others in the market, will not buy them, it inevitably will begin “to burn“ and eventually to sell the tours at cut price“.

Superheated Bulgaria, cold Cuba

to buy “last-minute tour“, first of all it is necessary to know when to begin behind it hunting.

If to judge by numerous advertizing in the press and the Internet, “last-minute tours“ are available always moreover in a large number. As if differently there could be travel agencies with names it seems “Hot rounds“ or “Shop of last-minute travel offers“.

However on closer examination it turns out p that the similar companies sell not only and not just “last-minute tours“.

Actually, most often the phrase “last-minute tour“ - just advertizing course calculated on the inexperienced client. For example, honestly admitted a network of travel agencies of IP Shop of Last-minute Travel Offers (SLMTO) that generally sell tours at the usual prices.“ “Last-minute tours“ at us really happen not so often, - Nina Sizova, the head of marketing of MGP says. - A company name in this sense rather successful brand“. Actually “last-minute tours“ can appear in any companies, but, of course, not all the year round.

Least of all chances to find “last-minute travel offers“ during a high season (from the middle of July until the end of August). The peak of special offers is the share of the beginning of a season (May and June) and the end (the beginning of September). It is connected with the fact that hotels on the mass directions force tour operators to redeem places since May when the Russian tourists did not manage “to be shaken“ plainly yet, and finishing September - October when mass holidays at Russians already behind.

Good time for “catching“ of inexpensive rounds - the end of August, so to return from a trip in September. Cheap it is possible to leave and in February - all were spent for New year, nobody goes anywhere, the tourist can be attracted only with low cost. Successful time for cheap rest - December.

For New year (on December 26 - on January 2) many additional flights abroad fly. Not to fly back “empty“, these planes have to take out someone from - for borders. Respectively, one one or two weeks prior to these dates in all winter mass directions there are very cheap rounds (Egypt within $100, Thailand for 12 days for $399, Pattaya for $250, Goa within $300, Singapore plus Bali for $500 etc.) .

in general on the mass directions - Turkey, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Thailand - the probability of emergence of “last-minute tours“ is very high. Respectively, the chance to buy “last-minute travel offer“ to the countries which are not for our compatriots in special tourist demand (for example, New Zealand, the USA or Latin America), is small. Tura to similar places - goods piece, and at travel agencies at the most rough miscalculations of planning will never arise such surplus of the charters redeemed, say, to Dominican Republic that the prices failed.

Where should be bought

After definition of suitable time the following step - to solve, where to follow the permit.

it is the best of all for p to address to the credible, familiar agency with a big flow of clients. There will offer you at choice several options, and you will be able to make an advance payment at once, having secured the permit. In a case with “last-minute tours“ it is important.

When the price of round is twice lower than

usual, persons interested to leave are formed much at once, all can solve even 15 minutes: while one tourist goes with an advance payment to agency, its tour can already be sold to more mobile client.

Before addressing to agency, it is useful most to rummage on the Internet and to determine for itself the range of the prices by the interesting direction.

At all not the fact that the price at which you bought permits in the last trip did not increase for the objective reasons since then. It is possible to get acquainted with the lowest prices of rounds for the last one and a half years, for example, on the same www. cheaptrip. ru. In the section “Archive“ it is enough to press the name of the country interesting you and to check messages on the cheapest offers on this direction.

If you decided to look for “last-minute tour“ without the aid of agency, draft work should be done independently - to comb numerous travel sites in search of special offers. By the way, experts all - do not recommend to be engaged in independent search of “last-minute tours“ to the person absolutely without experience: the tourist has to understand perfectly hotels on the direction and know all tour operators not to be trapped.

“If it is “last-minute tour“ of the known tour operator which works at the tourist market more than 10 years, then there are no contraindications to its purchase, - Roman Rybakov explains. - In this case at the level of the service provided to the tourist the low price of round will not affect. And here if “last-minute tour“ is sold by the tour operator who is not so long ago working at the market that is serious suspicions about possible problems on vacation“. Tourists, the bought cheap “hot vacation packages“ in the Onions Round company faced such situation, for example, in June of this year. Having arrived to Antalya, they found out that they simply have no place to live: the travel agency did not pay a reservation in hotels.

not to burn through

At obvious pluses of “last-minute tour“ (you buy usual tour at reduced price) it has also minuses. The main reef is as follows: round can simply - naprosto not to be confirmed.

the Client comes to agency, makes an advance payment, the manager “puts“ it on air tickets (assigns them to the tourist) and sends inquiry to hotel. The hotel watches existence of numbers and within a day sends either a consent, or refusal.

This moment the vacant room can not be, especially if it is about “last-minute tour“ when to a departure there is an odindva of day. To compensate expenses to you the insurance from not departure can help.

If refusal comes from hotel, the operator, as a rule, offers the tourist at choice other options. Usually they stand more as rooms in cheap hotels are bought up quicker, than in expensive.

generally, hunting behind “last-minute tours“ a certain passion is inherent in

. Agree, it is very pleasant: most to track down round, to impose it with phone calls directly in a den, to hit an advance payment - and eventually to stretch in a chaise lounge where - nibud at the pool, with pleasant consciousness that to you it costs twice cheaper, than to neighbors in hotel.

Not eligible to travel abroad
the Insurance from not departure - very convenient way to return money if long-awaited holiday for any reason breaks
Such insurance guarantees compensation of cost of round (and it is unimportant, “burning“ it or usual) in case of non receipt of the entry visa, a trauma, an illness or death of the insured or his close relatives, the beginning of judicial proceedings, conscription, fire and others a swagger - major circumstances.
In 90% of cases, according to insurance companies, clients make out an insurance, being afraid of refusal in delivery of a tourist visa. The greatest risk in this sense at the people who were born or living some time in regions of the North Caucasus and also at those who have no citizenship of the Russian Federation. Experts advise such citizens to be insured first of all. The young unmarried women and persons who for the first time are going abroad also draw close attention of consular services.
If refused to you entrance to one of the countries of the Schengen area and next time you gathered in another, especially it is worth issuing an insurance not to lose money.
can Get an insurance from not departure only through travel agency - directly insurers do not make out it. The size of an insurance premium depends on permit cost, usually it is 2,5 - 5% of the sum which the tourist paid for round.
the Insurance policy begins to work in 15 days prior to the beginning of a trip. If the trip breaks, it is necessary to receive compensation for the spoiled holiday on the basis of the documents confirming a loss occurrence. Among them: the statement for insured event with the indication of circumstances of not departure, the original of the contract with travel agency, official refusal of consular service of embassy, the medical certificate about diseases, the original of the international passport and others, depending on concrete circumstances of insured event. According to these documents a half of cost of round is compensated to the client by travel agency. Behind the rest of compensation it is necessary to address to insurance company. She is obliged to pay money (cash or transfer into account of the client) within ten days after submission of all documents.