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Why to us school of early development?

Already the second year I carry the son in group of early development. When we for the first time crossed a threshold of training center, Artemke was not executed also one and a half years. As well as many mothers, initially I was a little skeptic, but interest got the best, and we began to attend classes. Already a month later I finally was defined: to group occupations - to be!

Lessons lasted on an hour twice a week, in group there were no more than eight children and as much adults as not only joint stay of mothers and kids, but also their joint activity practiced in school. To my pleasure, occupations did not assume speeding up of natural age development at all, and promoted soft, delicate disclosure of individual abilities of kids. Artemk`s

it was p very sympathetic to music, he with such pleasure danced rhythmical national dances that other children were instantly loaded with its energy, and the lesson turned into a cheerful children`s balaganchik with the peep and squeal carried along all corridor. Of course, we too regularly danced houses, but presence of partners in a round dance and the grateful audience in an image of parents affected the son in the best way.

Should tell

that for me stay of the son in group of age-mates was the purpose of visit of school of early development. Kindergarten for a number of reasons including on a condition of Artemkiny health, in the next years did not shine us. Long walks and games on the platform with children in winter time were very problematic too. There were only developing centers.

Burdened with pedagogical education, I began to estimate carefully approaches and techniques of modern schools for kids. And if in the advertizing leaflet something came across to me, type: “Your child after our occupations it will become favorable to differ from peers...“ I ruthlessly threw out this booklet in a garbage can. Soon I found suitable for me the psychologist - the pedagogical center, besides being near our house.

gave the First classes of Artemk at me on a lap. More bright kids greeted for the handle a shaggy hare - the glove doll which is put on the psychologist`s hand. A subject it was ready here - to burst into tears here. Except mine, in group was still a couple of such kids with dewey-eyed. Subsequently on occupations I did not see them any more - despite arrangements of the psychologist, mothers did not risk to bring the kids on occupations.

I decided not to make hasty decisions and gave a discount for adaptation. As it appeared, it was quite reasonable - through a two-three of occupations Artyom already freely communicated with other children and their mothers. Just it needed time to get used - before we spent the most part of time with the little son together, numerous guests and the noisy companies in our house were a big rarity.

Each lesson conditionally was divided

into several blocks: in detail - manipulative activity (collecting of pictures, puzzles, various framework etc.) syuzhetno - a role-playing game (games with dolls, ware), art activity (drawing by fingers, brushes, a molding from plasticine of flat cakes and sausages, gluing of applications) and musical part. The attention of children of one-and-a-half-year-old age is very short-term, and occupations were quickly replaced one behind another. In appearance the lesson not really - that resembled a lesson in that sense which we got used to put in this concept, and all events reminded cheerful children`s fuss rather.

to Some parents it just also did not please

. The subject of parental expectations is a subject of separate conversation. To watch mothers it was business not only interesting, but also very useful. Looking from outside, involuntarily you notice some unattractive moments in communication of mothers with kids, you analyze, and with horror you catch yourself on thoughts that sometimes and you arrive in the same way.

this year mother with the two-year-old boy came to our group. Many children go to group the second year, there are also brand new children. Each child is inherently unique, and not without reason the main wish of the psychologist at PTA meeting was: “Never compare the child to another“. But the boy`s mother, we will call him Anton, it was ready in relation to the child very crucially. What it did, it constantly straightened out it by a dissatisfied voice: “Well not so! Anton! Look how do others!“


It no wonder that the kid could not adapt in group, showed interest in something less and less was, and, eventually, it ceased to be driven on occupations in general. I think, in a couple of years, from an easy hand of mother, the label “incapable“ will be provided to the child.

Other mother, the attractive young woman, brings into group the little son, always dressed fit to kill, in expensive import suits though in advance it was discussed that children will both draw and to use glue and to mold from plasticine. As soon as reaches creativity, mother with tension begins to watch that hands of the son remained perfectly pure. This tension is transferred to the kid. As a result the child flatly refuses to draw fingers.

I every time as soon as I want to be indignant:“ Artyom whether it is impossible more accurately“, me is remembered this boy, and I automatically close a mouth. Accuracy is of course, well, but whether it is worth abusing the two-year-old child soiled on vacation or on walk?

And at times at lessons interesting details of the intra family relations involuntarily open. On occupations there are certain rules for all children. For example, it is impossible to climb on tables, to pour out haricot or peas on a floor, to touch the tape recorder. Once instead of mother into group the girl was brought by her grandmother. With mother the girl quietly conformed to the standard rules, well communicated with other children, with interest performed the offered tasks. But with the grandmother... There was an impression that the child as if was changed.

the Girl, we will name her Olya, defiantly began to pour haricot on a floor, to lift up children, to be capricious. The grandmother did not react to anything. We are, in fact, others aunts, were forced to do to the baby of the remark and to select behind her the scattered grain. And the grandmother only unperturbably observed how we creep on a floor, cleaning scattered into place. The relations reigning in this family between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law need only to sympathize.

It is even more interesting than

, than for adults, to watch our children. Last year when average age of participants was around one and a half years, our children, appear, were not interested in society at all. Among themselves kids communicated a little, they liked to do something with the mothers much more.

By the way, one more plus of joint occupations with kids - mother this hour belongs to the child completely. What a sin to conceal, houses we often neglect full communication with children, collecting a mosaic with the child, we watch the favourite soap opera, from reading the fairy tale on the most interesting place we are distracted by phone call of the girlfriend, between the Internet and the boiling soup on a plate we build with the child of a tower of cubes. Children very well feel that our thoughts soar somewhere far, and demand from us the present, the attentive relation to themselves, taking offense and being capricious, apparently, out of the blue. And in group mother is really concentrated on the child, foreign talk between parents during occupations not really - that is welcomed.

And so, this year, having returned from summer vacation, kids so were delighted to the friend to the friend that practically all the time carry out in joint games. Our children matured and now learn to build the friendly relations. Artemka had a friend Ilyusha too - the boy with whom he prefers to communicate most. Somehow Semyon put in their tandem, he wanted to play with boys machines too. But our bugs were in a forceful mood - to let nobody in the friendship. Semyon had to escape from fast cams of Ilyusha.

A in behavior of the son I recognize myself more and more. All children were inclined over a new toy, everyone wants to take the first a thing inaccessible earlier. And the Subject dangles on a sports complex at this time, it as if does not have business to the others. But here children played enough and switched to other activity. Then already Artyom gets down from a complex and directs to the left toy.

I will not hide

that first it disturbed me - the sonny does not try to obtain the among the first, quietly waits, takes what will get. I, nearly crying, told about it to the husband, very much I was concerned by the future of our child.“ Do not dramatize, - the spouse calmed me, - he just does not like to be in herd“. And I suddenly remembered the first PTA meeting: “Never compare the child to others“.

also one more moment for the sake of which many mothers drive the children in school Is. And I too in this case not an exception. We are mothers - we want to go to school. In institute. For work. But we have no opportunity or desire to send the children to a day nursery - and there is a wish “to go“ very much already. There, where there is a constant collective where it is possible to chat about that, about this where will estimate a new dress or a hairdress. Therefore the purpose at us with children the general - all of us go to school to be socialized:-).

Finally one more small answer to a question: “Why to us school of early development?“ As one mother told:“ House I do not give to the child peas - it should be swept out then from all corners. I do not give it paint - he draws on wall-paper. I do not give it plasticine - we have fluffy carpets“. And, despite all absurdity of this phrase, I somewhere at heart nevertheless am forced to agree: however, happens, we limit children in creative rushes just for that reason that we do not want for the third time in a day to get the vacuum cleaner and to grab a floorcloth. Therefore welcome to school!