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How to the tutor of English to make the technique?

Recently at one forum I came across discussion of teachers about problems of training in English: “... We deceive both parents, and pupils. Really in the existing conditions to teach foreign it is hardly possible. In many respects falling of interest in studying of language at most of pupils in the senior classes is also explained by it... It is valid, difficult to love a subject which cannot be learned. And all our talk about some communicative techniques, etc. remains only talk...“

of the Critic continued to develop in this direction. At the end teachers exchanged opinions on manuals “Happy English“, Starkova, etc. Most of teachers complained of impracticality of these grants. Yes, the truth, it not the most optimal solution therefore it is possible to understand these teachers. But the main thing - having found shortcomings of this or that technique, not to stop on the place, and to look for alternatives and to treat the work with love and creatively.

I know

From the experience that a problem not only in textbooks, but also in a training technique. It is possible to formulate questions for a start.

It is not the full list of problems. Probably, you guess in what the reason? Pupils lack incentive and motivation! As I know the skilled tutor that these two things mean to students and pupils. The incentive and motivation are very powerful tools in effective training in foreign languages, and, not only for children, but also for adults. Alas, but we often forget about this important fact and we begin to criticize any grants or abilities of pupils.

And how to find a way out of this situation?

Many will at once answer that it is necessary to pass training abroad. Yes, this ideal decision. But how to be if the financial position does not allow? Then it is necessary to choose an optimum way. Give, define stages of this way.

  1. of to Learn the pupil`s purpose . It is necessary to find out, for what purpose he wants to learn language. If the pupil did not decide on the answer to this question yet, it is necessary to help it to specify the purpose. Results of training strongly depend on this first step. So, proceeding from a certain intention and desire for which the student strives, it is necessary to plan effectively the program of training and, respectively, to create strong motivation. The bad and having insufficient abilities beginning pupils especially need it.
  2. K to everyone - individual creative approach, i.e. a right choice of a technique and grants . Some tutors, especially beginning teachers or students giving lessons work by the principle “one grant and one technique“. As a result of occupation turn out routine and boring, so and ineffective. And how to solve this difficult problem at the wide range of different textbooks today? Proceeding from the experience, I will try to help you useful tips with the choice not only grants, but also modern techniques and different resources on the Internet.

What grant to use li?

Very much I recommend to

English Vocabulary In Use (pre - intermediate, intermediate) from Cambridge University Press. Can use this book both students for self-training, and teachers for training of school students and students. The substantial book with clear illustrations does occupations practical and interesting. One of pluses of this textbook consists that new words are remembered naturally and simply, and, the most important, the use of words and phrases speaks in daily contexts, but not just in offers as it becomes in other grants, especially in domestic. Such technique (I call it brain storm - brainstorming), allows to catch vividly new words directly at a lesson what I am convinced every time of.

A of Headway, English Grammar in Use (R. Murphy) and many other books already turned into classical grants. And it is not surprising. Their efficiency is known almost to all, probably, and to you too. But, being limited only to these textbooks, it is hardly possible to be trained in informal conversation effectively. If detailed information on different foreign textbooks is interesting to you, I advise to read this informative article.

A for examination I advise the students the book English Language Tests of Nelson. With this book it is very convenient to determine the initial level and the direction of further advance of students. These tests are effective especially during the repetition of everything passed. I always use it. And, by the way, by my technique examination happens after every fifth lesson. It is much more effective, than repetition at the end of a course.


As the beginning tutor to make an own technique?

So, we already chose the textbook, and now let`s learn how it is possible to create a unique technique, creatively using simple textbooks and different programs. For example, as it is done by me.

  1. I make the plan of an interesting lesson In advance.
  2. the Subject which chose for a lesson (for example, from Headway) successfully I combine
  3. with an audio material on the same subject, for example from the website.
  4. New words we do not hurry to write down
  5. at once on paper. At first I carry out dialogue, using these words. Thus, new words are remembered instantly and firmly in memory of the student. And then already he, without consulting a dictionary, writes down words in the notebook. I strongly recommend you to act too this way, and be convinced of efficiency of a technique.
  6. Then for full fixing of the learned words I check
  7. the student according to the Lingvo Tutor program in ABBYY Lingvo 11. By means of this program I make the dictionary of new words in advance.
  8. I write
  9. After an explanation of grammar offers in which I use fresh grammar, both in the correct look, and with mistakes. And the pupil corrects errors and as a result accurately remembers the correct use of rules.

How successfully to cope with the disobedient or student (pupil) having insufficient abilities?

Allow to share the experience with you.

I Try to approach
  1. creatively everyone and I apply the most different amusing and interesting ideas. Among them is both own, and that which I take from the different websites. Here one of them.
    to Tutors which are not familiar with this website yet very much I recommend to visit him. There you will find a lot of useful and interesting. I think what to you will not prevent to learn about a useful experience of teachers and tutors from the different countries.
  2. I Apply different programs for training of foreign languages. At me any lesson does not pass without computer and, respectively, without these programs. And I use programs both in online - the mode, and in offline. There is one my favourite American program for training in foreign languages (I will tell about it in the following article), thanks to which I considerably improved quality of the occupations, and respectively, and the financial position. As after application of this special course pupils began to highly appreciate my work what I am very grateful of for

the Tutor on foreign languages