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Seryozha of

Seryozha did not love the white nights. He was irritated by the long stone streets pressed to the earth by the lead sky it movable bridges and rostral columns did not please, to it it was bad from unusual chilliness... In a word, the boy did not like St. Petersburg, and he felt that sooner or later the city will show it for it the account. Everything was others, prickly, unfamiliar here...

light of barracks plafonds Arrested with

attention in the mornings, cut soul of mockery of companions - cadets, abrupt words of teams and clicks of heels on a parade-ground hooted an echo in the head. It would give everything for that his life in military school was a dream, but on the contrary - dreams in which it was again at home with mother, were scattered every morning from a sharp ring of reveille, leaving behind only the dried-up tears on a pillow.

Seryozha did not remember

of the real parents. They died when he was absolutely still a kid, so spoke to it. From hospital it was taken away by the woman - the trustee whom he began to call mother.

Mother was dobra. Mother fed and dressed the boy, checked estimates in the diary, arranged in music school... Probably, she loved Seryozha... They lived together until he was not eleven years old.

A then mother stopped loving the boy.

be not surprised to

, it sometimes happens to mothers, even to those at whom the sons grow that to tell about receptions. The matter is that in mother`s life other man appeared. Big, beautiful, adult and with the business.

Seryozha turned into the free application. In very annoying appendix which quite could become a hindrance to future mother`s happiness. Especially as the man with whom she fell in love did not transfer the boy to spirit - others blood, small parshivets who only and does that gets in the way.

here the solution is found by

I, simple and ingenious. Military school. Both the person will become, and will serve the homeland. All documents are processed with tremendous speed. Seryozha is carried through all country to the city of Kronstadt and left there. His tears of very few people concern - will be bored for a while and will get used. Adults solved everything for it for a long time. Already the necessary papers rush on instances, on a leaf dry lines of the protocol already fall: “On an extent... citizen... could not find a common language with minor Terentev... neighbors confirm that the citizen... all conditions were created for...“

sad days in the case Last. The two in notebooks flash in increasing frequency. It is clear - it made sense to study earlier to please mother, there is no need now... And who needs the pupil spoiling model indicators? To anybody. Therefore as soon as at Seryozha sharp bilateral otitis begins, it is instantly deducted. But here it becomes clear that it has no parents any more, even receptions.

the Boy gets to the Petersburg transit shelter “Fyodor“. Also understands that in comparison with it the military school was just paradise. There at least pretended that it is necessary to someone, and here even consider it superfluous. Seryozha has a new schedule of life now. In the afternoon - cold indifference of adults, and at night - mockeries of “companions“, those who are more feasible. After several days spent in a shelter it does not maintain and is solved on escape.

I from this point escape becomes style of his life. And also raids and round-ups, cellars and attics, whistles and sirens, dirt and cold, syringes and glue...

of Seryozha lived on the street three years. In December the two thousand fourth, dressed in summer boots and a baseball cap, he asks a trifle from passersby around well-known “Gostinka“ (the square at Gostiny dvor metro station) and approaches the person by the name of Eduard.

Modern life is arranged to

so that irrationally - kind acts seem to society pathology, and the person in whose heart there lives kindness, the pragmatic majority at heart considers abnormal and laughs at it, keeping externally sympathizing look. But, fortunately, abnormally kind people nevertheless sometimes meet.

Seryozha was lucky

. The case reduced it with such person. Eduard regretted the child and took him to himself home. Explained a situation to the wife and the son. They could understand and accept everything, and, having begun to care for the child, they could not any more and did not want to stop. Seryozha is decided to be taken in a family then the family had to realize fully what this terrible occupation - to be kind.

“You exchanged us for some bum“, - Eduard`s parents told, and he with the wife had to look for the new apartment urgently. “You abnormal“, - told at school where Eduard came, trying to arrange the boy to study, and refused to do something. And in hospital where put zaneduzhivshy Seryozha, doctors pronounced a terrible sentence - hepatitis C and A, plus HIV - an infection. Also issued the forecast for the future. The boy without expensive treatment needed to live 15 years.

of 15 years... Scanty term. And during this time it is necessary to manage to grow, become someone, to leave behind something... Is not enough for much for it and half of century, and here only 15 years... Unfairly and unfair...