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In the previous issue of the magazine we acquainted readers with flylady - popular system of housekeeping. Its essence in achieving the best results at the minimum time expenditure. We said about how to apply the principles of flylady when cleaning the apartment. Today it will be a question of one of the most labor-consuming daily occupations - cooking for all family.

we Will begin

with the menu


to the hostess such situation is not familiar: early in the morning you face the refrigerator and reflect on that to prepare it for breakfast. These thoughts for all day can take up to 15 - 25 minutes of time which at young mother always in deficiency. Therefore it is the best of all to find an hour in the evening or in the day off, not to be too lazy and make the menu for any long term - we will allow, for two weeks. It is possible to make it in the different ways.

Way the first . Within a week write down all dishes which you prepare for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, and make the menu, proceeding from preferences of your family.

Way of the second . If food addictions of your family are far from the principles of healthy food, make the menu according to the recipe-book, choosing the most useful. So you will manage to kill two hares: to save time and to revitalize the relatives.

Way the third . On some culinary websites there are mailings of ready menus for every day. It is possible to subscribe to such newsletter.

What will be included into your menu? It depends on time which you have. It is good if it are dishes which can be prepared quick. It at all not necessarily has to be the “unhealthy“ food like pelmeni or powder soups.

it is a lot of recipe-books and websites specializing in useful and tasty house junk foods Now. It is good if the most part of your diet is made by salads and vegetable soups: these are those useful dishes which demand the minimum time expenditure.

the Ready menu can be stored by

in your kitchen or in memory of the home computer. Thus, every morning you will have a concrete action plan which should not be considered.

“Market day“

Now when the menu is ready, the question of when and where to buy products arises. It is already known that for saving of time and money it is more rational “to stock up“ on all necessary in supermarkets or in the market one or two times a week. Of course, before it it makes sense to make the list of necessary products, being guided by the made menu. When all basic is acquired, it will be necessary only to buy perishable goods, for example bread and milk from time to time; you should not run in shop behind each trifle any more. It is possible to go some other way - to order products by phone or the Internet.

How to organize working space

Having observed itself, you will understand that quite big time when cooking leaves on washing up hands (if, for example, they already in flour), to approach the refrigerator, to get a necessary product, to return back, etc. Therefore it is very important to equip the workplace correctly.

speed Secrets

“Quickly it is possible to wash up not too polluted vegetables or fruit in a plastic bag: we put them in a package and we shake. If necessary we repeat procedure. It is the best of all to wash carrots or potato by means of a metal bast for ware or a brush. If pieces of meat it is accurate to p to spread out

to you will need only to defreeze the ready dishes divided into portions in a microwave.

of Slips for a supermarket

Experience shows that, making every time the new list for a campaign on the market or in a supermarket, we surely forget something very necessary. To facilitate a task, we offer the universal list of products which usually enter our diet. You will need to correct some it and to specify quantity. This list can be held in the computer and to update every time as required.