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Education by freedom: Dim Dimych

it is possible to read part 1, part 2 Here.

my Child goes to kindergarten, normal municipal, without everyones there... And here all of a sudden, on you - the composition! Like, “dear parents, be kind, do not take the trouble“. In give! And a subject - that what - “I and my kid“! To be stunned! Well, unless it is possible - such are showered?! Did not expect, honestly. What cunning, want all found: I about the child will tell them, and they should do nothing.

Managed them! Yes as about the child to write?! Or perhaps it at all not such what I see it! Yes it indeed unusual - my Dimka. The truth - the truth!

his curiosity does not know a limit and danger (with all that it implies). Though, probably, curious - visionaries among children is a normal phenomenon.

Constantly something breaks

, that is investigates - will not save enough toys. Loves machines. To a disgrace. Sometimes it is even opposite - nothing to it interesting, only and pottered with the vehicle fleet. Likes to build towers, and of everything that will come to hand, and very high - as far as hands are enough. And what will tell... For example, the other day we make a fool with it. I speak: “Dim, you is such tasty!“. And it:“ I am not tasty, I - useful“.

Loves painting, music, theater. The other day with the girlfriend gathered for a performance, so the child the real hysterics arranged to me that I do not take it with myself. Though, in my opinion, in theater it likes a surrounding situation more - many people, big halls, a chandelier beautiful. However, somehow time, during the opera for children, told that his grandfather and the grandmother (in the past opera singers) sing better and left the hall.

That else about food spiritual? Came into church... it was pleasant. I do not know what - just was pleasant. Always you feel mood of the child. For example, among adults feels more than comfortably: communicates as equals and even tries to boss. In the relations with similar that for me is strange, easily gets under someone`s influence.

always tries to draw Dimk`s

on the. Perhaps, from - for the fact that I allow a lot of things to it: the machine new - it is good; on pools to run about - well, run about; to look at the adult book - please. But if a fundamental issue - I stand as the rock!

Dim Dimych very much likes to help me about the house. Especially it is attracted by “water activities“: washing of linen, washing of ware. In this regard the family was forced to pass to ware iron.

But the child has also not really iridescent habits. Most of all I am killed by two of them. In - the first to pick. Even it was necessary on restaurants - the cafe with it to resemble. Some time after similar campaigns Dim Dimych keeps. But some moment - bang comes! - and the child picks again! Sil to fight against it less and less.

In - the second, the TV. I absolutely seriously consider that the TV - the main enemy of the childhood. And unless is not present? Sight - spoils, fresh air - in flight, a hypodynamia - hi! I am silent that my cub “is enough“ everything that heard - saw on this “box“.

on the other hand, I do not feel sorry for time and money to bring the child on a premier performance, a concert of the known collective, the closed photo exhibition. Dima has an opportunity to communicate close with very interesting people. Everything that is seen and heard at such moments by my son, at least professionally, and even is ingenious. There is a hope that having matured Dim Dimych will not rush on any “game“.

the Strange thing, almost all children are geniuses. Why adults - that such poor?! Perhaps it for fear what “light feats in the dull country“ are vain? But for certain there is some medicine “for fear“. I here try slowly - to explain little by little to the son that the state, it - I, that is - he; that in it - concentration of experience and talent of several generations of priests, peasants, doctors; that there has to be a core; that it is necessary to be proud... Of course, the child still little understands - will frown, and a look such... cunning - wise.

Ya I try to save it from unnecessary risks and silly steps, to correct its vital installations. All the same each parent (even if he does nothing) makes enormous impact on the child. And if I do not manage to grow up the noble, responsible, fairly clever person from my Dimki, then, in any case, he will not become some nasty rascal. And if he on life has to be “villain“ then, not deprived of charm.

Or perhaps everything will manage. And maybe, I will manage to enclose in its small golovushka still something that Dim Dimychu will help, remaining myself, to do that there is a wish and not to harm others.

of the Father, already two o`clock in the morning... I write the composition, and my kid sleeps: curls white on a pillow were swept, breath equal. Sleep synulya, tomorrow - to give the composition to kindergarten.