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Yalchik - a heavenly spot of

We heard the lake about a small heavenly spot in 70 km from Kazan more than once. But, unfortunately, never there were. And this year we decided to be convinced that all this not fiction that actually there is a small piece of the South.

the Recreation facility is on the bank of the lake Yalchik, in the territory of national park “Mary Chodra“. This very beautiful and picturesque place. So pure lake and transparent that is even visible as small fishes float. There is always 5 - 7 higher than degrees, than at us.

the First time we went there to investigation, for only one day. Then still the child (1 year) was ill us. Whole two weeks cold. But, despite it, we all - went. Took droplets, ointments, tablets. To our surprise through a couple of hours the nose ceased to shmykat. We never used an aspirator. Here that the pure ecology means!

I in few weeks we already went to have a rest according to the permit for 10 days. Lived as in paradise. Top-level service personnel. Three meals a day. Every day something special and tasty! Bicycle rental, boats, catamarans. Every evening fascinating games and competitions, well and, of course, disco.

K to us there came friends and relatives. Spent the whole day with us, and in the evening after shish kebabs left. Generally, every day there is a holiday!

A of mushrooms, how many in the wood! Half an hour of walk and full bag! So we will have a tasty winter. Mushrooms salty, marinated, dried.

Children run the whole day, jump, frolic. There is very good playground. Swing, roundabouts, gorochka, prygunka etc. Sometimes it seems that you in a summer camp (as in the childhood). There are even tutors who are engaged with children. Think out any sketches, rehearse dances and songs, and in the evening a small concert.

Once we sat together with children ashore. Karina (2 years, the daughter of our acquaintances) saw little small fishes and as will cry: “Mother, watch how many beautiful frogs float!“ All of us is amicable in a laughter. It appears, in the afternoon showed it tadpoles earlier. And now she says to all that the father catches in the small river of frogs, and mother fries them then;-). Both laughter and sin.

Somehow time the husband brought to

a water-lily. It appears, the daughter went into a hysterics, having seen this flower in the lake. Well also broke. About a penalty, of course, it did not know. We on it as flew all … He, poor, so was frightened, did not know where to hide, where to throw out;-). And in the evening to us the manager came to a lodge to ask our men to participate in the ballet. The husband thought that came to fine him and to a descent to it: “Yes, yes. I know! I agree to everything!“ She all began to shine, shook hands with it. Told that it such good and sympathetic. It just helped out it! Having once again thanked, left. The husband on us with suspicion: “So all - them could be broken?“ Thought that we laughed at it. And we laughed at it in the evening when he had to dance “The swan lake“! There are such affairs! It was necessary to pay for a flower dance.

In a word every day the trick is! Perhaps there air so influences? And differently how to explain our never-ending laughter?

of 10 days flew by, and we with tears left from there. So there was all native and close. Now each day off (well if of course it is free) we go to Yalchik. Without permit, the savage. We put tent, we lay a table … And surely we come around on base to greet our favourite “leaders“! Surely there we will go to the next summer, for the whole month.

I advise

Ya to all to go on Yalchik. This strange place! If you do not trust me, then you have an opportunity it to check. You will not regret! It is not necessary to spend a lot of money for any abroad, it is good to have a rest it is possible and here, in the homeland!

Yes, by the way, the base works even in the winter! For those who are fond of skis most that (I, of course, not really, but the husband adores). So who will decide, come, we will meet! I think, on it all. If there are what questions, set, whenever possible I will answer all. I will look forward also to your stories about rest (it is desirable here, in the homeland).