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What the beautiful woman begins with?

are a question of the test which I found on one of the websites devoted to medical cosmetics. Men had the most popular answers “legs“ and “breast“. At women - “faces“.

I the truth, it is possible to set hair beautifully, to use eye shadow, favourably to emphasize bust advantages with clothes, to put on a high heel to become more harmonous and higher, but... without clean face skin it is difficult to imagine rather beautiful woman.

So from what we, beautiful, begin, really with powder and cream? I would offer here absolutely other versions of answers!

... Since youth

can Hardly argue with it. Only not the passport age, namely that freshness, sexuality and appeal which are peculiar to young girls is meant. It is possible to look young and in 20, and 30 and in 50 years.

And vice versa. It is unlikely it is possible to look good, having, let us assume, excess 20 kg on a body. Meanwhile, statistically, every fifth Russian of childbearing age is also more senior has excess weight, more than seventy percent - problems with skin, everything is universal - dysfunction of a thyroid gland which in many respects defines the above-stated problems!

A average age of approach of the climacteric period makes 47 years. (For comparison in the USA - 55 years).

... Happiness

In the people is told, the person shines with happiness, and it is difficult to imagine the happy woman of ugly. At the same time happiness is always something very deeply personal: strong family, favourite work and, of course, appearance of the long-awaited child. But here we are waited too by unpleasant statistics. According to different data, from thirteen to eighteen percent (!) married couples in Russia are fruitless. A third of the reasons of infertility are the share of a weak half of mankind.

Pregnant women with violations of health make more than 90%. And the number of pathological childbirth for the last seven years increased almost in three (!) time.

... From health

Here, perhaps, absolutely exact answer. Health is a basis of natural beauty which defines both youth, and appeal of the woman, and an opportunity to conduct full-fledged life. The healthy woman perfectly does without powder and cream, her slim figure will be emphasized by any clothes. It should not be spent for cosmetic operations, liftings and peelings and so forth and so forth. She everywhere everything is in time: at work, at home, with children, surprising at the same time all with the vigorous energy and invariable optimism.

Here only as to become the modern woman so beautiful?!

On overhaul

In Moscow the Clinic of cybernetic medicine is. Here by means of unique modern methods of diagnostics and therapy complex treatment is carried out. Or as doctors, “capital repairs“ of an organism speak.


Unlike usual treatment, in clinic apply the techniques allowing to influence the operating systems of the person (nervous, endocrine, immune) thanks to what the organism begins “to correct“ errors, to fight against the obvious or hidden internal violations. And doctors actively help it with it.

Stage first. Diagnostics


In clinic apply program inspections, in particular “The gold standard of diagnostics“. It is the most capacious complex of researches which gives to doctors the chance to see (and to estimate degree) the violations happening in an organism. “The gold standard“ includes blood tests on hormones, viral hepatitises and sexually transmitted infections. Biochemical indicators of blood and urine, balance of minerals and ultrasonography of internals are estimated. And, the main thing, - degree of their functional activity (the method of superhigh-frequency radio spectrometry or DKM which does not have analogs). With its help it is possible to open not only the obvious, but also latent pathology.

This “The gold standard“, are said by doctors, are especially important as during pregnancy planning, and after the delivery to estimate organism reserves. And also at infertility and a nevynashivayemost. If to find the prime cause of frequent abortions, it will allow to be prepared for pregnancy and to keep the child.

Stage second. Therapy

“Capital repairs“ of an organism is a complex impact on the operating systems of bodies, a peculiar information and power feed which allows an organism to solve independently the problems, and also gives it additional strength for fight against a disease. Doctors manage to clean nodal educations many cases bezoperatsionno: fibroadenoma and cysts of mammary glands, miomomatozny knots in a uterus, cysts of ovaries, endometriosis... The majority of the sharp and chronic illnesses which are not demanding the emergency surgery will respond to treatment.

After the first course of therapy in clinic to the person forces come back, the hormonal background and a menstrual cycle is normalized. Improves mood, working capacity. There is the general rejuvenation of an organism.

beauty Sessions

All know that if you want to have a slim figure, it is necessary to play sports. To run, either to float, or to torment exercise machines in fitness - club, the main thing - to move. Excess kilograms are so dumped.

But cannot and sweat... For combustion of fat in clinic there are several alternative ways.

Cryosauna. It is such special cabin with vapors of liquid nitrogen where it is possible “to take a steam bath“ at minus hundred degrees. Two - three minutes of such bath happen enough that skin became covered with white hoarfrost.

during procedure the organism tries to warm by all means itself from within, the smallest capillaries reveal, and to a surface of a body flows blood. Fats at such procedure, figuratively speaking “melt“.

A one more plus of the cryosauna - updating of skin, it becomes pink. As at babies. Ten - fifteen such procedures, it is also possible to forget about beauty shop for a long time.

Massage. When skin after the cryosauna was well warmed, and in all body there occurs the sweet languor, it is a high time to lie down... on a massage table. Here virtuosos of the business work. To tell here it is useless. These hands need to be felt!

Magnetotherapy. Turbotron is the fantastic car reminding the rocket deprived of a cone and a nozzle. Subjectively there you do not receive any feelings. However, as experts explain, under silent buzz of internal windings there is “a magnetic shake-up“ of an organism leading to normalization of work of internals and improvement of a metabolism.

Laser. About the laser I was told much and long. It appears, in medicine did not think up borders of its use yet - every year at doctors more and more data on its positive therapeutic properties collect. But I remembered one property very well - the laser improves a condition of veins that for many modern women very actually.

Oxygen. Kislorodoterapiya improves tissue respiration, and forces removal of harmful products of an exchange from an organism. Therefore that who decided not just to recover, throw off excess weight here but also to rejuvenate, after all therapeutic procedures not superfluous will be half an hour to have a rest, oxygenating blood.

“Capital repairs“ of an organism is one more version of the answer to a question what the beautiful woman which doctors give begins with. Only you should not forget that the medicine is necessary not only to those who are ill. It is necessary to those who do not want to be ill, and wants to remain healthy and beautiful!

you can Get advice or register in diagnostic programs by phone (495) 101 - 40 - 50 (without days off).

Address of clinic: Russia, 117871, Moscow Miklukho St. - Maclay, the house 16/10

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