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How cheap to go to the Parisian Disneyland of

the Parisian Disneyland is a place which is capable to make happy and the child and the adult. There it is worth going if is though the slightest opportunity. But as far as this expensive pleasure? Proceeding from the experience, I will try to tell you how to make this trip of the cheapest and how to derive the greatest pleasure from park.

We were in it twice - in 2002 when the daughter was 4 years old, and quite recently, in August, 2006 (8 years).

the Plane

So how most cheaper to get to Paris from Russia? In the optimum way the plane is represented to me. Purchase of the ticket on the veseena - the autumn stock of Aeroflot will cost you 250 euros for the person, and it will be the most expensive part of travel. Of course, it is possible to go by bus (the ticket there - back 150 euros) or by own car (probably, it will turn out even cheaper, but I so did not go), but it seems to me that with the child everything is better to fly by plane. Especially as between Moscow and Paris quite decent Boeings and Airbuses fly. So, our first expenditure - 250 euros for the air ticket.

one more way to save on air flight Is. You fly, let us assume, on the affairs to Madrid, but buy the air ticket not on direct flight, and on Airfrans with change in Paris. It appears, we have the right to do a stop in a change point! I was assured that for any term within action of the ticket. I do not trust in it still, but in the second trip (in 2006) we got to Paris quite so, having stopped for 5 days. Everything normally worked. Thus, the arrival to Paris was free!!! But, clear, such way suits not all therefore in further calculations we will not consider it.


We arrived to Paris - we should live somewhere. I bring to your attention ideal, in my opinion, option - the hotel located in 15 minutes of driving of ReR A (it is the suburban electric train joining the subway) from the center of Paris and in the same 15 minutes, but in an opposite direction, from the Disneyland. The hotel is called “Formule 1“. Actually it is the big network of hotels stretched across all France and some neighboring countries. There live in it generally French.

the Main motto of hotel - “Purity cannot be much“. And this installation is successfully carried out. Small standard numbers are for three really well repaired and contain in perfect tune. But! A shower and a toilet the general - in a corridor. And too ideally pure. Any special delicacy in an interior - everywhere plastic and a carpet. Very pleasant design, modern colors.

A the price - 33 euros for number, that is 11 euros for the person! Incredibly low, in my opinion. Therefore this hotel demands a preliminary reservation, and during the peak periods - in a month, not less. It is possible to reserve it on the Internet - the website www. hotelformule1. fr. For visit of the Disneyland you need hotel at number 2240, it is called “Marne - la - Valle Noisy - le - Grand/Champs“. At a reservation only the first night is paid if at you something does not turn out with a trip - you risk 11 euros for the person. Not terribly, truth?

the Hotel is located

in 100 meters from ReR station, between hotel and station - a small floor space on which the big supermarket “Super U“, a bakery (ah, these French rolls and croissants is located!) and a little odezhno - souvenir little shops.

the Disneyland Park

So, we lodged, in the morning we are waited by the Disneyland! Working, by the way, from 9 in the morning to 11 in the evening (during the winter period business hours others, see www. disneylandparis. com). And whether we there here will be able to spend 14 hours? Or - and whether all of us will manage to visit in 14 hours?! Answer: we did not master 14 hours (only 11 hours had a good time there), but visited everything that we wanted. With it we were very much helped by experience of the previous trip, otherwise it would be much more difficult. It is that experience I and I am going to share with you.

At first general information about the Disneyland device. You come to terminal station of ReR A under the name “Disneyland“ and go through the area to cash desk. Cash desks a little, everywhere turns, but hardly you stay in them more than 10 minutes - they move very quickly. Tickets cannot come to an end - sell them in unlimited number. The cost of the adult ticket this year was 45 euros, children`s - 35. It is a lot of, but IT is worth IT!

So, the trip to the Disneyland will manage in 250 + 2 * 11 + 45 = 294 euros on condition of two spending the night in a triple room. Plus the visa - to whom it is necessary. To it it is necessary to add still fare by the subway and ReR from the airport and to the airport. Anyway, no more than 330 - 380 euros.

But, I think, there will be a little people who will go to Paris only for the sake of the Disneyland. In this city it is worth being late! Especially as excess day of accommodation in hotel for you will cost only 11 euro! Transportation to the center of Paris - 3 euros. Cheap, agree!


to Paris with visit of the Disneyland plus, let us assume, in the city will cost 3 days you 400 euros! In 4 days (5 nights) of Paris! And than for bigger term you are late there, will cheaper cost to those one day, the most expensive component - flight, (which, in principle, can be turned into moving and fairly to save on it). Week (7 nights) in Paris will cost you 54 euros, two weeks - 37 euros in day of ineradicable expenses. You, of course, establish the upper bound of expenditure at discretion. Well why I want to Paris again?!

However, it is time to return to park...

you pass

with the ticket through a turnstile. Do not throw out the ticket! Inside it to you oh as it is useful!

the Disneyland is divided by

into five zones. Main Street USA - the main promenade - a heap of thematic little shops.

of the Zone of entertainments:

  1. of Fantasyland - the country of imaginations. Generally for the smallest (till 6 - 7 years), but is there which - that, interesting and the adult.
  2. of Adventureland - the country of adventures.
  3. of Frontierland - the boundary country (so, perhaps, to translate?) .
  4. of Discoveryland - the country of opening.

In each zone from 6 to 12 various are... I would not call it “attractions“, everything is much more interesting, rather than “realities“. And about everyone it is necessary to talk separately. They are not equivalent - somewhere less and more simply, somewhere it is more serious and more interesting. We will walk according to the list of attractions (well where from this word you will get to) and we will talk almost about everyone.

On many attractions ALWAYS turns are. Before an entrance - plates with the indication of time which you should stay (in our opinion, these data are slightly exaggerated). But on the most popular attractions there is a pass on the FastPass system. You put the entrance ticket in the special machine, and you are given a talonchik on which it is written “an easy access in it - that time interval“. For example, if now 15 hours, then with 15 - 30 to 16 - 00. And if you approach an attraction in this interval of time, then will jump the line.

Keep in mind

that to hours to 19 all talonchik of FastPass come to an end, that is it makes sense to visit the most popular attractions the first! It and logically so it is necessary to do, you do not find? Yet time of one talonchik did not come to an end, you cannot order another on the following attraction.

of Turn - it is not terrible! They will give you time to digest impressions. Otherwise in the head there will be such porridge!!! The main thing, is initially correct to be adjusted... All turns stand in a shadow, under special awnings.

Around all Disneyland the railroad with stops in each zone goes. It is not necessary to consider it as a vehicle - distances in the Disneyland very small, all is easily achievable on foot even with small children, by train it is necessary to sweep just for pleasure.


he is familiar “!“ attractions which cannot be passed at all are noted! And nothing will prevent you to return there several times (if forces remain)!

So, Fantasyland.

  1. of Sleeping Beauty Castle - the lock of the Sleeping Beauty. Its pink towers became a symbol of the French Disneyland. Inside gallery with rooms in which scenes from an animated cartoon are restored. Among crowd go Merlin and fairies and are willingly photographed with children. Interestingly only to kids. A free admission (in sense, without turn).
  2. “!“ La Taniere du Dragon - a dragon cave - is located under the lock. The gloomy hall full of stalagmites, in the underground lake dozes a huge dragon. Periodically he opens eyes, is lazy moves, radiates with a smoke, disapprovingly glances at people. If dragons existed actually, you would not distinguish it from the present! Small children can be frightened. Free admission.
  3. of Le Carrousel de Lancelot - Lancelot`s roundabout. A classical two-storeyed roundabout which with identical pleasure both children, and adults ride. Usually there is a small turn.
  4. of Blanche - Neige et les Sept Nains - the Snow White and seven gnomes. And here the turn happens big. You get into the machine, and it is lucky you on halls where scenes from the fairy tale (scoring in French are played. It agrees with you, a disgrace!) . There is one terrible place, but nevertheless, probably, all children can watch it. There is an opportunity to get on this and the next attractions without turn, but about it below (where I will speak about carnival procession).
  5. of Les Voyages de Pinocchio - Pinocchio`s voyage. Similar previous, but based on the corresponding animated cartoon. For the very best small. Turn.
  6. “!“ Peter Pan`s Flight - Peter Pan`s flight. An amazing attraction for any age! Big turn, pass on the FastPass system.
  7. of Alice`s Curious Labirinth - a cheerful labyrinth of Alice. Free wandering on a labyrinth with surprises. And to be chosen - it appears, not so - simply!
  8. of Le Pays des Contes de Fees - cruise over the country of fairies. We were not there.
  9. of Le Petit Train du Cirque - the small circus train. And there we were not.
  10. “!“ “It`s a small world“ - “This small world“. One of my favourite places in the Disneyland. In general anything special - you float on the boat on the halls filled with moving dolls under very pleasant music. Here both heroes of animated films, and national dolls, and the dolls dancing a cancan... The attraction gives improbable, light pleasure! Thanks of the FranceTelecom company which created this miracle! (after 8 in the evening there is no turn any more. Two times are checked). I again there want!
  11. of Dumbo the Flying Elefant - the Flying Dumbo`s elephant calf. Roundabout.
  12. “!“ Mad Hatter`s Tea Cups - Mad tea drinking. Too roundabout, but what! Super! And turn usually small.

In day across the territory of the Disneyland there pass two carnival processions - approximately at 7 o`clock Parade of Princesses and at ten o`clock Parade of Illusions. Parade of Princesses begins in the country of Imaginations, and all kids run to watch it. A beautiful show, but if you at once as soon as all platforms pass, return to Fentezilend`s attractions, you will be able to pass two - three of them absolutely without turn! Use.

the Following country - Adventureland.

  1. of Le Passage Enchante d`Alladdin - Alladin`s Passage. It is located on border with the country of Imaginations and thematically the entrance from the country of Adventures concerns to her, but. An easy access on rooms with scenes from an animated cartoon. On registration it is similar to the Lock of the Sleeping Beauty. It for kids, of course.
  2. of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril - the Roller coaster. Pass on the FastPass system. But personally I there not the walker!
  3. “!“ Pirates of the Caribbean - Pirates of the Caribbean Sea. Swimming by the underground sea along the coast of “the piracy island“ with adventures. Very interestingly. Turn, and any FastPass`a, alas.
  4. of Adventure Isle - the mountain pitted by the courses and caves. It is possible to be lost! Easy access.
  5. of La Cabane des Robinson - a huge tree on which branches rooms - “Robinzon`s dwelling“ are arranged. Rise up a ladder on foot. Did not make special impression on me.
  6. of Pirate`s Beach - a children`s playground.

Further - Frontierland.

  1. of Legends of the Wild West - Legends of the wild West. A passage of wooden buildings in the corresponding style.
  2. of Big Thunder Mountain - you sit down in a miner trolley and it, nearly flying from rails, rushes deep into mountains. Hell - drains - nalin - it is new. My daughter in 4 years was frightened. There is FastPass.
  3. “!“ Phantom Manor - a haunted house. Very cool the executed attraction with holographic effects. Not for kids, of course... We visited him 3 times almost in a row, so it was pleasant to the daughter! The turn is small.
  4. “!“ Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing - cruise around the island by wheel steamship. Beautifully, quietly. It is better to visit at the very beginning of twilight, everything becomes such magic! Turn for about 15 - 20 minutes.
  5. of Rustler Roundup Shoothin` Gallery. Paid shooting galleries and a photo in suits. Easy access.
  6. of Pocahontas Indian Village - the Indian village. Playground.
  7. of Critter Corral - a farm with animals. We were not there.
  8. of The Chaparral Theater - show with Tarzan. Too were not.

we Move to Discoveryland.

  1. “!“ Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast - Laser blasters. New superattraction. You go by the car for two, you shoot from the laser gun at enemies, at the same time one person still operates the machine. On the special screen - the number of hits. Very hazardously, cheerfully, brightly! There is FastPass.
  2. of Space Mountain: Mission 2 - the Space mountain. An extreme at which it is even terrible to look. You fly up on mountain top with wild acceleration, then fall back. There is FastPass.
  3. “!“ Star Tours - Star travel. The simulator of space flight based on “Star wars“. All take seats in chairs, the pilot comes and speaks: “It is my first flight, but I hope, everything will be good!“ And then: full ult! This my favourite place in the Disneyland! There is FastPass (so not only mine). The daughter was delighted also in 4 years, and in 8.
  4. of L`Astroport Services Interstellaires - Interstellar astroport. Hall of paid gaming machines.
  5. “!“ Honey, I Shrunk the Audience - 3D video. At first you watch a certain movie in the hall (it is possible to lie on a floor that by the evening is very useful), then actually 3D in the auditorium. Action periodically does not find room on the screen... It is a lot of ridiculous, it is simple - hilarious effects - I will not reveal a secret! The turn was big in the afternoon, by the evening absolutely resolved.
  6. “!“ Les Mysteres du Nautilus - Nautilus`s Secrets. Free pass via the submarine. Beautifully, stylishly. And then the boat is attacked by a huge octopus! It is better to stand to the right of a window...
  7. of Autopia - the Autodrome. We go on small double machines on picturesque paths. Wheel and pedals quite hard. The noisy motor, shakes. It is pleasant to children. Turn.
  8. of Orbitron - a roundabout.
  9. of Arcade Alpha, Arcade Beta - the Arcade the Alpha and the Beta - paid video games.
  10. of Videopolis - the huge hall with typically American show. Everywhere there are small little tables, it is possible to sit, at desire - to have a bite fast food.

Well as, you want to arrive here? And why not to make it on the next school vacation?! Or it is better to date for birthday?.

the Visa I can advise nothing


concerning the visa. There are many different ways of obtaining the Schengen visa, on this subject there are special websites.