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Once again about rest with small children. Turkey, Alania, hotel ``Botanist 5 *“

(on May 12 - 23, 2006)

In the azure sky of any cloudlet, is shone by a bright sun. The sea which is poured all shades from gently - blue to darkly - blue, rolls on the coast of hissing, is dazzling white foam. Hot smooth pebbles are washed by transparent cool water. I sit ashore, I consider these brilliant color pebbles, I look for cockleshells. Squinting from the sun, I peer afar, trying to make out the husband. Here it was developed and floated back to the coast, I wave to it a hand. On my lips the smile, and in the head only one thought stiffened: why it is impossible to stop time? And these memoirs will be always kept in my memory. It was our honeymoon trip 4 years ago. My God, as it was good to us then!

But all good quickly comes to an end with

, and here we already at home. But times for me the melancholy and as I wanted to come to be again where there were no problems, any cares rolled! For me it was the dream, I was pulled there, to that other world where every day - a holiday!

during meetings with our friends, looking through them, our videos about trips at the sea, we steadily dreamed how once we will make it at last together. (In practice, but not in words, it was rather problematic from - for different circumstances: well to go to Oka for the weekend - it is easy, and here abroad at least for a week …)

Once again we touched upon this subject on January 1, 2006. Our husbands were kind (new year everything is met!) and solemnly promised us that in May of this year we will go to the sea that, despite everything, all will postpone - the urgent matters.

I here in May everything was solved literally for couple of days. A call to us from friends, they (good fellows!) already called the agency, oriented at the prices. I call in the agency. There speak to me:“ Come tomorrow, we will execute all your dreams“. I call other friends: “You will go? You promised!“. They it is so simple: “Let`s go!“ . Really my dream will be executed? Really everything is so simple? Really everything will turn out? I sit stunned and I do not trust. All night long could not fall asleep!

Still I remember this time with some feeling of unreality of the events. And, maybe, therefore in my story such big preface. Expectation of a holiday, preparation for it - is also a holiday!

Where we will go, we solved for a long time. All of us already visited Turkey in different hotels, but there was a strong wish to have a rest in “Botany“. We saw it only outside of 4 years ago, but decided that we will go to it next time. I found photos and reviews of hotel in the Internet - practically all positive. The hotel is estimated on 5 points on a five-point scale. And the owner of agency herself had a rest there and told that we will not regret.

our company consisted of 6 adults and 4 children (1 year 3 months, 1 year 11 months. 4,5 years and 10 years), therefore the characteristic of hotel as specializing in children`s rest, was to us very opportunely. So, everything is solved: Turkey, Alania (hi, at last!), Botanik hotel 5 *, on May 12 - 23, and the price in 12 days quite accepted (2 adults + the child till 2 years = $1320), tour operator of Maxitours, Haner Tourism host.

So, a departure on May 12 at 13:20 from Domodedovo that is very successful as we live in Tula and to Moscow to us nearly 2 hours of driving. We met friends on the route and at 11 o`clock were at the airport. The remained 2 hours flew by as 20 minutes, and here we on the plane. On take-off my madam (1 year 11 months), and on landing - her cousin (1 year 3 months) most loudly shouted .

during flight children behaved well: ate, have a sleep. My Ania even overslept landing, the truth was necessary to give it a breast that did not wake up and did not shout as ears hurt even me rather strongly. Turkey is convenient also that time in flight 3 hours - children would not sustain more, with some difficulty to them still to spend so much time in limited space.

the Hotel really pleased

. The administration very cleverly thought over everything. Here we arrived, of course, got tired from the trip, we come into the hall, and there at once eyes will come across a table with fruit, sweets, champagne. We are invited to pass to be issued. There, sitting on a leather sofa, in a conditioner cool, under crystal chandeliers, having drunk on a glass of cold champagne and having had a snack on strawberry, we decided what here is pleasant to us.

I further we were not disappointed. Perhaps my story will seem to someone improbable that supposedly so does not happen that there was no complaint, any unpleasant moment, well though some trifle. Perhaps it and is strange, but this is true! Whether we were just lucky, but there is a wish to believe that there so always and with all. Neither we, nor our friends could remember anything that would be to us not so.

the hotel Territory very much - very beautiful and well-groomed. A sea of flowers, everything blossoms, smells sweet. We did not see any fallen-down leaflet or a zavyadshy floret. It is necessary only to be surprised operability of personnel. Purity around!

So there everything is thought over by

for rest with children (and all age - it we were influenced) that even you do not know what else can be thought up! There is everything and all inclusive! The attitude towards children at Turks special, but is told, love it is impossible to spoil! Everything is possible for children, any desire is granted! The husband joked that the personnel cannot tell to vacationers the word “no“, and I really never heard it. It was pleasant when all smile to you around, unostentatiously try to please and warn your desires. It is healthy!

So, I distracted, we will return to rest with children. I will list that is in hotel that very much pleased our children. (Naturally, all this is free that else pleased also us! I do not know whether there are in Turkey similar hotels with the same set of services if who knows - write, please, very much we will be glad to go there.)

  1. of the Carriage. For us it turned out on the first place though houses the daughter in a carriage did not go in general practically since the birth, well it was not pleasant to it, and there saw at the brother and to herself wanted. Upon return home it was necessary to buy same! It is very convenient to move on hotel and to the city to go to take a walk. Children fell asleep in carriages, and we had an opportunity to sit longer in the bar where is more silent.
  2. the Moon - park where there is an engine, karuselk, a swing for small and the boat, a big wheel and machines for us. There it for some reason caused the sea of emotions, felt children. Personally I did not ride a swing long ago.
  3. Pass - club where there are a lot of toys, bicycles, children`s machines with pedals and without, felt-tip pens, pencils, puzzles, puzzles, a face painting, short flights of stairs, hills. Here it is possible to have a bite juice and cookies. It is possible to leave children with the tutor who will feed, and will play, and will put bed, and will even spread with cream from suntan. But it only in the afternoon, in the evening the nurse for money.
  4. Waterslides (their 5 pieces) and on one in 2 paddling pools.
  5. the Children`s town very much helped with the main restaurant to us, especially at breakfast. The child plays under our supervision, and we can eat. There is also a children`s buffet where there are small little tables and stools, but ours did not eat there. She managed to be fed with pancakes only on the run.

Children were delighted and at first in confusion that all give just like that, without money. Especially Ilya (4,5 years) who spoke in a whisper to mother:“ Mother, it is so healthy here, all free of charge give me. We here still will arrive? Give we here we will always live“. Also ran after the next portion of ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy, juice, cake etc.

in respect of food. Feed well, we had enough everything, rather variously. For breakfast - pancakes, soft-boiled egg, hard-boiled, fried eggs, an omelet usual and with a heat of the sun as pancake (it is baked at you), sausages in sauce, sausage, cheese, vegetables, something meat is obligatory with a garnish. Types of 10 flakes, several yogurts, a lot of pastries is hotter different, fruit, freshly squeezed juice, jam of 7 types, honey. For small - porridge semolina and rice, a pechenyitsa children`s. Heaters for small bottles stand, a microwave.

For lunch - soup (2 look), vegetables, salads, fruit, pastries, cakes, pizza. As a garnish - potato in several types, macaroni, vegetables on a grill and in the form of ragout, it is obligatory 1 - 2 species of fish (gave a trout, a humpback salmon, etc.) chicken a grill (always), still the dish with chicken, meat - cutlets (a grill or stewed with vegetables), beef in different options (chopped, stewed with vegetables, beef Stroganoff), was even meat of a lamb stewed with vegetables.

For dinner - practically everything already described

earlier, but surely other than what was given during the lunchtime. Several times there were sushi (or as they there still are called), a salty small fish different (both sturgeon, and a mackerel smoked, and sprats), shrimps, squids salads. Of course, there are hotels where feed even better. To whom it is very important - friends later had a rest 2 weeks also in “Ali Bey“ in Cyd. There was more seafood - shrimps huge, it is more cakes and desserts also practically all existing fruit: both sweet cherry, and bananas, and peaches, and nectarines, and apples, water-melons, a kiwi, but here strawberry was not also freshly squeezed juice - for money. And to answer a question where it was pleasant to them more, cannot, but with small children everything is better in “Botany“.

In hotel several bars exist. In “Vitamin“ - bar - freshly squeezed juice (orange, apple, carrots), ayran, banana and strawberry milk, and for an afternoon snack bake wafers with chocolate or condensed milk there. In Pool bar till 12 in the night ice cream, cakes, coffee, tea, juice, alcoholic drinks. For an afternoon snack bake national flat cakes with meat and potato or with cheese there.

the bar about the main pool, there one beer of types 6 Exists: casting “Hilt“ and “Beks“, in bottles “Hilt“ easy, strong, dark and usual, juice, alcohol. There for an afternoon snack baked potato with cheese and smetanny sauce. There is a bar on the beach and a hookah - bar. In the last we often sat up late. Husbands smoked a hookah (too free of charge!) we drank champagne or cocktails, children slept in carriages. The smoke did not disturb them at all since this bar is in an open arbor, lighting is muffled there, music too quiet.

Krom of the main restaurant 6 restaurants “a la cards“ exist: Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, fish and sushi bar. We visited all, except sushi. Most of all it was pleasant Turkish (a shish kebab, kebab, a liver, grilled vegetables) and fish. Chinese and Japanese a little in what differed from each other, but in the last prepared at us in the eyes, it is very effective arranging. At these restaurants quite good pink wine.

is cool to go with kids to restaurants. We it do not practice the house and would not understand at us, be declared we with the kid in the evening in restaurant. And there brought children`s stools on castors, and children became full members of our company, ate and clinked glasses with us. They were happy and allowed to have a rest to us. Having gorged on, children danced to live music nearby, all had a remarkable mood.

Never thought that rest with kids can be such lung! We for a second did not regret that we took them with ourselves! Though concerning the smallest doubt were to the last. Many, having learned that Timofey (1 year 3 months) children decided to take with themselves too, dissuaded them from it, speaking, as to them it will be heavy, and the child of pleasure has not enough since it is still too small and will understand nothing, and will worry concerning change of the place and climate. But they solved in own way and subsequently only rejoiced to the decision.

We got acquainted there with couple which did not take with itself the kid. Every time, looking at our happy peanuts, they very much worried that they left the at home, deprived of it such pleasure. They spoke, as did not think that there will be so much malyshna. Really, those who goes to have a rest without children or from children have nothing to do in this hotel because there is a lot of children. Practically all vacationers were with children. To the smallest whom we noticed was month 3 - 4.

On the beach for children a sandbox under a huge umbrella - cannot be afraid of the sun! Paddling pools too under umbrellas.

to any excursions we with children, naturally, did not go. But 2 times went to Avsalar behind souvenirs and to Alania even. There is a free bus to Alania and Cyd by appointment. Made friends with our guide, and he in a time off showed us from the mountain to night Alania. The road, I will tell you, was … e - e … Well, I do not know how they parted there. I sat behind and tried not to look out of the window. Several times it was necessary to be rolled away back to pass the oncoming car, but Said was unperturbable, probably, got used. But when arrived - beauty indescribable, the camera could not transfer all beauty, we stood as bewitched. One we would not go there for anything, would curtail with halfway and would go for a walk on the embankment.

Only where we got out - it is an aquapark of “Troy aqua“ in Beleke. It is in a watch of driving from hotel and is stylized semi-antique. There it is a little hills, pieces 10, worked pieces 5 (including one of the kamikaze), there is a dolphinarium. We expected much more something (for such - that the sum! - $80 for 2 adults + child 1 year 11 months) but to look it is possible to go, once, and then to have a rest in an aquapark of “Water Planet“. Especially as it is in 5 - 10 minutes of driving from hotel, costs cheaper and hills in it much more. But there just modern aquapark, and here era Odyssey.

Walked in the next hotel “Delfin“ (they have one owner). With children there is nothing to do also them there and few. The small children`s town, is right in the sun. The hotel territory is less too and not such green, it is more than sun. Though there too it is very beautiful. The hotel is the one building in which all also is concentrated: both numbers, and restaurants, and the pool covered and in general all infrastructure.

In “Botany“ the gym is. You sit on the exercise machine, you twist pedals, and you look at the sea. Beauty! We very much rejoiced to its existence, but only our husbands and that went several times there during a quiet time of children.

Together with kids we went to the Turkish bath in hotel (free of charge). Very much it was pleasant to the daughter. Warmly, but not hot, and water can be poured from a bucket both on mother, and on itself, and on the aunt, and just on a floor. There is happiness! Did not want to leave.

Was also a jacuzzi on the street, but water some cool, without the movement quickly you begin to freeze.

on the street on the big screen were shown In the evenings by animated cartoons and movies. Ilya (4,5 g) was chained to the screen for an hour while there was an animated cartoon about the spiderman, and we had quietly supper.

generally, rest at us turned out remarkable. This hotel - the embodiment of dream of children of all age and their parents is simple. Children can find in any corner of hotel to themselves work to liking, and parents quietly to enjoy at this time rest.

Here several moments which recur to my memory once I reflect. I sunbathe in the morning on the beach, and the daughter, having armed with sovochka, buckets, collects pebbles (and, believe, bothers to sunbathe to me quicker, than to collect by her pebbles!) . Or still: in the late afternoon we go in an arbor to the beach to have a bite a baked kartoshechka, and children dig in a sandbox nearby. Or: I swim in the pool, and Ania pours water from a leechka, swims under supervision of the father. Here Ania slides from a waterslide, I catch it, and she embraces me, happily laughs loudly and shouts to the father: “You saw?“.

Having arrived home, the daughter several times asked “and mine“ (at the sea), and, having seen a pond, with mistrust asked me: “Sea?“. And still seeing the plane in the sky, she joyfully shouts: “Mothers, samoletik!“ and already with ascertaining of the fact, so seriously explains to all: “At the sea flies!“ (and where still!).

On my question whether Ania at the sea wants, she, without deliberating, shouts: “Yes!“. And sometimes, having approached the father, with the most serious and a little sad face declares: “Fathers, I want and mine“. And I completely share her desires. And imitating it, I speak to the husband:“ Fathers, I want at the sea too“.

With girlfriends we already began to make plans, as in May sleduyushchegabout years we again all together will go to have a rest, did not decide only on hotel yet. On the agenda detailed studying of Riva Diva hotel in Lara and if we do not find anything similar to “Botanist“, then we wish and to return there. Children for us the main thing, and let to them will be good!