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We choose biological school

Genuine interest of the child in the nature and to all live around - for parents an occasion to reflect. And suddenly the little man, hours examining through a magnifying glass of ants, - future professor and the author of a set of opening? Perhaps, there is a sense to send it to school with biological classes?

At public schools from the biologist - chemical or it is natural

- profound studying of biology begins a scientific bias usually not earlier than the eighth class. However the emphasis is placed on profile objects from the very beginning: at the expense of a so-called school component the quantity of lessons of biology already in the fifth - a pole classes increases, and they are carried out often unconventionally. Quite often each section (botany, zoology, cytology etc.) the certain teacher - the expert in the field teaches sciences.

Classes, or groups in a class, can be not only biological, but also the biologist - chemical, the biologist - ecological, the biologist - mathematical, the biologist - geographical, etc. In this case profile are two subjects. But also other disciplines are taught in the volume provided by the program. Moreover, here are respectful to the humanities. In a gymnasium 1543, for example, there is an opportunity to learn two foreign languages: obligatory English and at choice - German or French. Sometimes even lessons of biology of the teacher are conducted in English.

I Want to study

to Get to a class with profound studying of biology quite really - there would be a desire. Evgenia Petrash, teacher of biology of school 520:“ We conduct only introductory interview. We look for first of all the creative children who are carried rather away by biology. The child loves a domestic cat - it still means nothing. He has to be interested in the nature in general and in particulars“. For transfer in the physician - biological non-state school “Vita“ it is necessary to have interview and to pass examination in mathematics. According to Larissa Katz, the deputy principal, teachers pay attention not only to knowledge, but also estimate psychological training of the pupil. Here children begin to go in profoundly for biology, chemistry, physics already from the sixth class.

For receipt in the eighth - the tenth classes of a gymnasium or lyceum, most likely, should take several examinations. Happens, in case of failure they are allowed to repeat, sometimes even two - three times. So if the child strongly intends to come to a biological class, it has every chance.

of Mathematics or humanist?
It is considered strong that biology - one of sciences, is equivalent developing both mathematical, and humanitarian abilities in the person.
Many famous biologists were versatily educated people. For example, Nikolay Koltsov knew the English, French, German and Italian languages that allowed it to study works of foreign scientists in the original. Vladimir Vernadsky was engaged, besides biology, and remained geology and chemistry in the history as the outstanding thinker and the author of the doctrine about a noosphere.

of entrance tests Russian (dictation), biology are among the mathematician (in writing) (orally or in writing, sometimes - both orally, and in writing). In the combined classes the second profile subject is given. The knowledge of foreign is sometimes checked at examination, but is more often on interview - to distribute children on different groups. As final selection it can be carried out also two - three-day departure “in the field“ - its results are estimated as an offset / not pass grade.

Entrance examinations take place

in the spring or at the beginning of summer, sometimes “gather additionally“ pupils in August.

Officially training in biological classes of the state educational institutions is considered

free. But, as well as everywhere, contributions to protection and needs of school are raised. Lessons and consultations of high school teachers can separately be paid.

All - in a garden!

Biology - science field, and its serious studying is impossible without supervision over wildlife in a natural situation. Therefore schools will organize regular departures on practice - usually on vacation. Such “business trips“ can be short-term (on one - seven days) and long-term (from two to seven weeks). Conditions of accommodation are close to forwarding: in tents or lodges without conveniences. The mode reminds a daily routine in a children`s holiday camp: watches, cleaning of the territory, cooking. But, besides entertainments, children and their mentors are engaged in the real research work.

Children receive tasks even prior to practice. Everyone chooses from the offered set for himself the most interesting. By the time of departure they have to study the subject thoroughly:“ Herbs of family lileyny midland of Russia “, “ pollinators of plants of family umbrella “or“ influence of illumination on morphology of grassy plants“...

Under the leadership of the teacher children leave base camp on excursions, watch plants and animals, put experiments, draw own scientific conclusions, and sometimes make small discoveries. And, of course, during such departures they know each other better, learn to communicate, live in collective, master tourist skills, have a good time and have a rest.

some schools for the practician have bases: for example, at school 520 - on the White Sea, at a gymnasium of 1543 - in the Tver region on Moldino`s lake. Pupils can leave also on research stations of profile higher education institutions (if the school has the corresponding arrangement). In addition, practicians in the territory allow to carry out many reserves of the country. The geography of trips can be very wide: Moscow area, Murmansk region, the Caucasus, the Urals etc.

What to do is farther?


If at school established direct connections with one, and it is better - with several higher education institutions, it is serious plus for pupils. Often introductory testings and interviews are conducted here by teachers from the higher school, thus selecting themselves potential students already at this stage. They lead lessons of biology, chemistry, other profile objects, leave with pupils on field practicians. It is a good opportunity to gain the volume of knowledge necessary for entering a higher education institution - without additional classes with the tutor, notice. Training in the senior classes of gymnasiums and lyceums is quite often constructed on a high school sample: lessons pass in couples, a lot of independent work is provided - so school students gradually get used to future student`s life.

Criteria of the choice
At the choice of school with profound studying of biology should consider several factors: whether it has
  • base for carrying out “field researches“
  • teachers teach objects of a natural cycle - whether scientists
  • the school cooperates with profile higher education institutions

of Advantage of training in biological classes that, besides a profile subject it is possible to master well some more accompanying. Thanks to it at graduates possibilities of the choice extend: they can come to chemical, technological, food educational institutions. But nevertheless the majority continues education in medical schools, at biological faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University, in the Moscow state academy of veterinary medicine and biotechnology to them. K. I. Scriabina, the Russian state agricultural university - MSHA of K. A. Timiryazev and in pedagogical higher education institutions at the relevant faculties.