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The non-material gift of favourite

Of course, not in money happiness, but a gift demands means, both considerable, and the mood at impecunious part of girls in anticipation of February 23 begins to spoil.

should congratulate the man this day. Even if your elect never played a role of the Defender Otechestva, then it is all the same not an occasion to deprive of it a lawful gift. In - the first, he, most likely, will take offense since he at heart can feel like the defender, and, in - the second, not far off and on March 8 so, forgetting about his holiday, you thereby set it a bad example which, as we know, is infectious.

Where exit? I offer you the list of gifts for darling which will not cost you anything or almost anything.

1. Present it the lottery ticket. It is possible to try to find such lottery on which draw will take place on February 23 and to together monitor this simple procedure for the TV, and it is possible just to buy couple of tickets, without becoming attached to number. The choice of lottery tickets now rather big (what only people do not play) so at the same time broaden the horizons and they cost not much. It is possible to spend cheerfully time and even to win something. Not without reason say what first time lucky so there is a sense to try.

2. Present it theater tickets which unlike tickets in movie theaters now rather cheap. Sitting on a gallery, it is possible to derive pleasure at all not less, than in orchestra seats. However, in an interval it will be a little sad as all will direct in buffet where the most modest meal will be estimated by three-digit figure. But go to theater “behind shows, but not behind bread“.

3. Compose verses. If it is not allowed to rhyme couple of lines to you, then write prose to his honor. It is possible to try something to draw, for example, to paint a wall in its garage though if you make it without its prevention, then you risk to lose the darling forever. Therefore it is better to take the first steps as the young artist from the room where directly on a wall it is possible to draw his portrait.

4. If your darling somewhere studies, then suggest it to make as a gift for it course or homework.

5. If you or at it have a parrot, then teach him to tell something pleasant to the darling.

6. Pick up on the street of a homeless kitten, wash him, bind a bow and present.

7. If you are able to use the scanner and work in Corel Draw or PhotoShop, then make a label on a beer bottle with its photo where instead of Afanasy your darling (any of those drinks to which he gives preference will approach here).

8. Play with it on desire in its favourite game. No matter, that it is dominoes, cards or computer races. Here - to lose the main thing, and it is better at once several times in a row, and then with enthusiasm begin to carry out its whims.

9. Try all evening to smile. It not only good gymnastics for the person, but also it will be very pleasant to darling to watch at your smile. Especially if in usual days it rather seldom appears on a face.

10. If you were lucky in love also your beloved at the same time also is your husband, but it was not lucky with a living space and you live together with your mummy (his mother-in-law, respectively), then as a gift to the husband it is possible to alloy the mummy from the house where - nibud for all day.

11. Arrange a festive dinner. Even if except pelmeni in the refrigerator and crusts of bread there is nothing. Get festive service, crystal and grandmother`s table silver. It is much more important - not than to feed and as to make it. If your darling - the person trustful, then an insinuating voice tell him that it is almost sacred pelmeni with which you went to magicians and magicians, and they loaded them with energy and other good for many years ahead.

12. Dress up in his favourite dress and frank underwear and suggest to take a bath together.

13. Try all evening to guess his desires and to carry out them. If you are not a clairvoyant and are not able to understand what he wants, - ask. At the same time you learn what is not enough for it in life and whether there is a place for you there.

14. Entrust for the whole day to it control of the television panel. Keep the company in viewing of transfers even if it is a football match, and try to refrain from caustic remarks. He will appreciate your act, especially if you constantly have disagreements on this soil.

15. All evening pay it compliments. If you do not know for what - praise for the fact that it exists. The fact that men are indifferent to compliments - the myth.

16. If you expected the material problems in advance, then it is possible to collect the whole year all bottles drunk by it from - under beer, and then to hand over them and for the realized sum to buy a gift, and here it is better not to try to be original especially and to besides buy it beer.

Even if you do not experience material difficulties and prepared for the second half a smart gift, it is not an occasion to ignore the offered list. You can use all points at once, some one or think up something special, perhaps, more interesting and original. Nobody knows your darling better you.

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