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The Moscow international marathon of the world - 2006, 10 km of

the Second time I participate in MMMM. And again I run to ten. About the first time I already wrote. If it is interesting - esteem. And here fresh impressions.

So turned out that all summer I trained very little. All people as people - do not run in the winter, and ski, running trainings begin in the spring, during the summer regain sportswear, just to summer and autumn competitions. But we do not look for easy ways! The peak of my trainings fell on winter, ran both in a frost and in a blizzard. A marathon ran in the spring. April 23. And most of kind people - 10 km. And now on the contrary. In total - a marathon, and I to ten. And that is interesting, I already know very many by sight.

the same people Participate. It I not about teammates, and in general. Running circles very narrow, as well as all happening communities on interests. Many know each other if they are not familiar then in a face.

Well, all this lyrics. For the first time everything was new and unfamiliar. And therefore it is terrible. Now I imagined both the route, and from where start and where there will be a finish. But as in the summer almost did not train for a number of reasons, did not know how it will be run.

to me gave a practical advice: not to begin quickly, to run at the speed, and to accelerate in the second half of a distance. It is easy to tell. As all flocked from start! I afterwards. And start, you know, on Vasilevsky Descent, on the bridge and respectively, in a hill. I feel that I choke. It is necessary to reduce. And I am overtaken and overtaken: old women, aunts, some school students, not to mention the healthy men rushing with an engine speed. I hate when I am overtaken!!! “But you do not want to die directly here?“ - whispers an internal voice. And I understand that it is necessary to listen to it.

I Reduce

, I reduce. But all the same, breath too deep, so speed is a little bit higher than my usual 7 min. on km. Perhaps and the rastrenirovannost affects. I look round. All fast runners already ahead. Nearby some cranks.

One begins to go, it is really already tired? Start was recently … Lo and behold, and it already ahead and when managed to overtake? And again goes. Interestingly, it is such tactics of overcoming of a marathon? Or tens? Another too, goes, runs. Also it is dressed in usual trousers, a shirt and top from a sports suit. Did not cook? And I feel hot, though I in one t-shirt. Sweat streams down the face and a back already wet. The cold head wind only pleases. And some type in a chain armor. And barefoot. Guo - about - ospod, pardon!

I Run at the speed now. It seems, a half of a distance behind because stopped winding on lanes and returned to Russia hotel. Now we run on the embankment, to the house of music. There turn - and on the finish, to Russia hotel.

Here among running I notice Alexander Belov. Some time we run nearby. I try to keep up though its speed for me too fast. But already the second half of a distance, means it is possible to accelerate. To talk it turns out hardly, there is not enough breath. He runs a marathon. Then, having seen acquaintances, accelerates and runs away.

to Marathoners still to run and run. And I to a wheel on the finish., it is already visible Russia hotel which is sorted. And the finish all the same at it, on the embankment. I try to accelerate, but it turns out badly. And what you would like? Without trainings? At last I finish. The daughter Ania waits for me on the finish.

Hardly recovered the breath, me still hot though on the street premerzeyshy weather. Cold wind blows and continually the rain is accepted. I get in line for t-shirts where soon I begin to freeze. To Bor at the daughter the jacket. Then in line for medals of the participant of MMMM. Well why did not make, how last year when finishing gave a package of water, a medal and souvenirs in hands? Why it is necessary to be pushed in turn instead of going to change clothes from wet sweaty clothes?

Yes, was run by me for an hour with kopeks, with some seconds. And last year there was 1 h 10 min. on MMMM and 1 h 04 min. on “7 hills“. Improved the result!