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Razvivalochki for ``tick``?

Now shelves of shops are literally filled up with the developing toys, but their abundance often does not facilitate but only complicates the choice. Besides, many parents in a pursuit of fashion which is dictated by general interest in early development often buy toys only because they are declared as “developing“.

“As it, at you is not present the developing toys?“ - such mummy asks the girlfriend on a playground, having stared and very clearly showing superiority. At the same time it the fact that these razvivalka simply become dusty at her place on the shelf worries a little, and the child does not show to them any interest. The main thing - the fact that her child is provided with a necessary set of wooden, plastic and rag gadgets which it is possible is proud to show to guests.

it is Not enough to p to have the developing toys - it is necessary to be able to play with them! Wise parents know that to the developing toys not the grant then the instruction for application is necessary if. And it is even better to address to the developing center and to write down the child on occupations, who as not the expert will better organize work on these grants! The benefit that such centers ready for your money (and often considerable) to make of your offspring a miracle - the child, is a lot of now. What to do, demand, as we know, gives rise to the offer!


In magazines publish articles of experts from which follows that before making happy the child with the developing toy, it is quite good to understand for a start towards what type of perception he is drawn more since one toys are suitable for the child more - the viewer, and for the child - the figure - absolutely others. It is easy to guess that such types in pure form meet seldom and to define to what of them your treasure concerns, quite difficult, having near at hand only the general scheme.

Special awe in supporters of early development are caused by author`s toys. Montessori`s inserts, games Nikitinykh, Zaytsev`s cubes … The last, for example, are famous for the fact that after you get them, you will need a lot of time and forces to collect and stick together them. On forums legends of how mothers and fathers collected on streets of a stopper for fillers as collected cubes quickly became unstuck go and got out of a shape …

Can be bought

, of course, and ready cubes of Zaytsev at the price about 2 thousand, but then it can turn out easily that the child also will not become interested in them. And then parents for certain will decide that, probably, with their child something not as it should be, neighbour`s Dasha and Fedya on such cubes learned to read for a long time! And whether it is worth being guided by other people`s children if it is much more reasonable to look narrowly at own?

Successful, in my opinion, is the option when the toy becomes “under the child“ - any developing rugs and soft books mean. It is wonderful if mother is able to sew and it is ready to spend couple of nights for such gift for the kid - photos of such works on the Internet came across to me more than once - you will admire! And if mother is not able to sew, but very much wants to present the child with a similar bagatelle? In what problem? It is possible to make to order at the local needlewoman - the rug will cost you “only“ in 1200 - 1500, and the book - is slightly more. I do not speak about that how many there are razvivalka of import production which in big assortment are presented in children`s shops.

Here also turns out that the people who are not possessing sufficient means well will not be able to provide the offspring with many or at least some of these benefits in any way. So, leaves what children of needy parents simply - are forced to remain underdeveloped creations? And then answer, please, a question: and whether a lot of you had developing toys in the childhood?

Well as, - you will tell. - Mosaic, cubes, designer … That`s it! Almost each toy is in a varying degree developing and whether it is worth going all out and to spend the considerable sums to get the modern and often remaining unclaimed toys?


Advertising - in general a terrible thing, you are convinced of it when, having read about advantage and advantages of the developing toys on some website, you understand that practically everything from listed is absolutely necessary for your child, but actually it not always so. Often simple big wooden button with a string is more interesting than the most intricate lacing to the child, and closing and opening of boxes from - under footwear, a case from mother`s lipstick or jars from - under cream causes considerably bigger delight, than game with the grants urged to develop similar skills. And how many still it is possible to think up all from the most usual things!

Besides, it is frequent children think out to themselves razvivalka. So, once my three-year-old son, having interrupted the drawing which bothered to him, began to spread geometrical figures and letters from pencils, asking me: “Mother, and is a letter “P“? Mother, and is a triangle?“ . I needed only to praise it and to prompt that else can be laid out. Couple of days later it repeated approximately the same with a string which incidentally found in a dresser box, this time we had circles, ovals, letters “C“, “O“, a boot and other objects.

A what, maybe, it is worth patenting its invention, having called its “Magic wands“ and “Wonderful strings“ and to collect to itself money from trustful parents, it is often simple to them to show laziness the elementary imagination?