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Steps of the ballerina of

- The daughter, you do not worry?

- Well you, the mummy from what to me to worry? - the daughter answered, correcting on herself a skirt - a pack. Standing behind the scenes and preparing for the next performance, Lyaysyan made a little toilet. And mother, worrying instead of the daughter, worried about her performance.

- the Mummy my exit is time for me, - smiling and calming a look, the daughter told. She on tiptoe in a suit of the ballerina stepped on the stage and prepared for performance. When she does the turn, all her soul is given to dance, it is so much plasticity and grace are traced in its favourite art. She danced classical dance which she already executed more than once on scenes.

Lyaysyan 7 years. Despite the young years, she managed to achieve already much. Acts on many holidays, concerts, competitions. She participated in the city competition “Little Ms.“ twice.

passed Lyaysyan`s

into the second class of comprehensive school. It with round difference ended the first class. Sometimes happens not easily, it is necessary to combine everything at once - both study, and rehearsals, and performances. Everywhere there is a wish and it is necessary to be the best, she madly rejoices to the achievements.

Conscientious, responsible, attentive, assidious, at the same time kind and very cheerful are its main qualities.

of Free time for games happens not so much. But Lyaysyan cannot do without choreography any more. She lives infinite rehearsals, continuous performances. Her hobby is, of course, to dance. She and houses dances just like that, for herself, as a hobby and teaches already it the two-year-old the little sister Aliya. And still Lyaysyan very much likes to listen to classical music, especially before going to bed. On Kultura TV channel together with mother with pleasure watches the ballet. More than once and mother drove the daughter in a concert hall to enjoy viewing of the live ballet.

Since four years Lyaysyan began to collect souvenir ballerinas, mother gives them to the daughter for her progress (even if insignificant). Now the considerable collection of porcelain and ceramic ballerinas - the decorating regiments in her bedroom collected. Lyaysyan carefully considers them, touches, something imagines.

For the first time mother brought the daughter when two more year was it into dancing studio, and Lyaysyan with pleasure started walking there. And in three years mother sent the daughter to prestigious vocational choreographic school. Lyaysyan was the most young schoolgirl of this school, but, having seen abilities of the girl, the choreographer could not but take it.

the girl`s Mother once, being a child, too went in for choreography, danced, acted. Now it helps the daughter and supports her on each performance. Worrying and rejoicing at the same time for the treasure. At Lyaysyan the way of the professional ballerina already began. She answered a question whom Lyaysyan when grows wants to become: “I want to become the famous ballerina as Maya Plisetskaya or Anastasia Volochkova“.