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The meeting of a morning dawn in solar Bulgaria of

my previous story about this hotel in 2004

Everything repeats. Same firm, same resort, same hotel...

At first in brief about preparation for holiday. We touched just a heap of options, beginning from the private sector of Nessebar and Pomorze, finishing with hotels of the Solar coast (“Helios Palas 4 *“, “the Crown 3 *“ and “Kotva 3 *“) and Gold Dust (“with Odesos 4 *“ and “the Atlas 4 *“).

Preparation I began to be engaged in

still somewhere in February. But everything for some reason could not develop in any way as it was necessary for me. Or, if it was the private sector, it was impossible with visas and tickets as it was not organized tourism. Or, if the choice fell on hotels, comments on them or the price did not arrange (it rose in comparison with last year). So it turned out with “Crown“ and “Kotva“.

In our case left so:“ New is not absolutely forgotten old“. Though we will never forget the first Bulgarian rest in 2004. There was a heap of experiences concerning flight - just both the Irkutsk tragedy, and a crash landing of planes, and all this at Siberia airline. We should fly this airline too.

to be at that moment in Bulgaria. Ponachitavshis reviews of intestinal infection in Bulgaria on the website “the Response. ru“, we assembled the impressive first-aid kit which was not useful at all subsequently. Though the child nevertheless got sick (quinsy), but all - both survey of the doctor and all preparations were free of charge provided in a medical office of Siniger hotel. The medical insurance is provided from “Ingosstrakh“.

Tour operator

the Question at the choice of tour operator did not stand.“ Solveks“, and only it. A choice was made on the basis of the price catalog (the price in the majority of offers lower, than at other t / about and t / and) and due to the lack of negative responses on work of it of t / island. Though we had not to choose: in our city travel agencies offer the choice from two tour operators - it is “Solveks“ and “Oriyent“.

For those who reserve in advance and is paid by round at “Solveks“ in Primasol Sanrayz hotel, this year the discount rate and food which the hotel gives directly was provided by 15%. (On all other hotels the discount was 10%.) Plus to that children go to this hotel at the “children`s“ prices not till 12 years, as in all other hotels, and to 14. It was actual for us as with us went 13 - the summer daughter.

But not for long we rejoiced 15% to a discount: it appears, it extended only to standard numbers. Such is the offer as explained to me in “Solveksa“. We reserved an apartment. Well, let will be so. We were already happy, the first child, as always, goes free of charge (only flight). The second child at us went from 50% a discount.

Preceding by

a question of the price, I will tell that round cost at a discount of 3% (which our Omsk travel agency “Valentina“ provided), made a little more than 2200 euros for four (mother, the father and 2 - x children of 13 and 3 years). Plus to it the road to Moscow, is a lot of much, - 50 thousand rubles.

Flight and a meeting at the airport

of Options of a departure to Bulgaria from Omsk at the moment was not any more (in Omsk this year charters flew to Varna and Bourgas till August 23), and, naturally, nothing remained to us how to make big voyage...

So, our route was is as follows: Omsk - Moscow - Varna - Moscow - Omsk. Generally, 4 planes. To Moscow and back - flight by our Omsk airline “Omskavia“. Flight Moscow - Varna - Moscow - “valorous“ airline “Siberia“. You understand, in the light of the latest events, it felt a little ill at ease, we panicked a little. But everything passed as well as possible. All departures and arrivals of both airlines passed without delays. Was all right with lunches - newspapers - juice and polite stewardesses. And the most important - skilled pilots.

on the plane of the stewardess were distributed by forms of migratory cards therefore we passed passport control quickly enough. The baggage was also received quickly.

Meeting from “Solveks“. Our guide Plamena marked out us in the list and called number of the bus. 15 - 20 more minutes of expectation in the bus, and all tourists assembled. Plamena on the road briefly told about Bulgaria, wished pleasant rest, warned about fraud (currency exchange) and about a karmanichestvo. To Gold Dust to go minutes 30 - 35, time flew by quickly, under Plamena`s stories... And here we are already included into “our“ hotel.


“Primasol Sanrayz 3 *+“ enters the international network of hotels “Primasol Sanlayt“. In Bulgaria there are 3 more hotels from this network. In Albena - “Ralitsa“, in St. Vlas - “Blue a scourge“ and “Blue park“.

On Gold Dust the hotel complex of the PrimaSol network consists of two hotels - “Ekselsior“ and “Sanrayz“. Hotels are located a row, on both sides from the avenue of the resort. As both hotels are included into one hotel network, and they have one owner, it was possible to use infrastructure of both hotels. They are located in 350 - 400 meters from the sea.“ Yes“, - you will tell, - “will be far“. The issue is resolved, there is a free transfer to the beach with 10 - 00 to 17 - 00 (each hour).

At once here I will specify by

merits and demerits of hotel. of Advantage :

  1. rather convenient arrangement in relation to the center of the resort and a trade promenade;
  2. excellent food;
  3. presence of own territory at hotel (that is rare in Bulgaria) and the indoor pool with mineral water;
  4. at all this, the main advantage of hotel - inexpensive accommodation.


I will not tell
  1. that it is a shortcoming because it is solved (see below) - descent and rise to the beach (uphill or on steps);
  2. and, the most important, in this hotel becomes to get is more and more problematic, we, for example, reserved it at the end of March.

Hotel six-storied. In hotel 2 elevators. On a reception there is a safe (costs about 50 lev in 2 weeks. But we did not use it. All valuable things and documents with money stored in a suitcase), currency exchange, the Internet. In hotel there are 4 pools: 2 opened, separate children`s with a waterslide, and also the closed warmed pool (with mineral water) with children`s sector. It was still possible to use the pool (with a jacuzzi) Ekselsior hotel. In the territory of hotel there are 2 fountainlets, everywhere the Alpine hills with florets. Generally, everything is very green and well-groomed. Quietly and imperceptibly all this is looked after by personnel.

In Ekselsior hotel the volleyball court and a tennis court are. Also in Sanrayz hotel there were 2 tables for table tennis indoors.

Children`s club “Prima Kids“ for children from 4 to 12 years. Children`s disco. Of course, there is a playground with hills - a swing and such wooden cozy lodge pass - Prima Kids club. With kids in a nursery play interesting games. The whole program for every day and evening is made. Pass - the Prima Kids club works with 10 to 12 and from 15 to 17 o`clock.

A in the evening - very incendiary pass - the disco. Very interesting there were evening representations which were prepared by animators and for adults. All animation daily, except Monday.

In hotel the main restaurant with a zone for non-smoking and a terrace in the open air with a zone for smokers is. There is also a lobby - bar, bar for the pool (in the same place there takes place animation in the evening. It is also possible to use restaurant and a lobby - bar of Ekselsior hotel. Near the pool of Ekselsior hotel to be the cozy restaurant “Old Tree“ where it is possible to order on a preliminary reservation one dinner and - la - cards (is included in the price).

the Meals at the hotel are organized by

on the All inclusive system. Bulgarian cuisine. As I already wrote in the previous response, Bulgarian cuisine well about - about - very tasty and nourishing. Same treated also our hotel. In general food is very much strength of Sanrayz hotel. Everything always fresh, tasty and various.

What changed at restaurant in comparison with 2004? Appeared the new 2 “tea-coffee-hot chocolate-milk“ submachine guns, also wine can be poured from a keg now, but not to address constantly to the bar the bartender.

Me it seems to

, the menu became a little bit more various. Especially lunches and dinners. It is a lot of fruit and sweets. Ice cream in unlimited number. For meat eaters - paradise, is always 3 - 4 types of meat at choice. Also very tasty fish was always prepared. As a garnish there are a lot of vegetables, and also rice and macaroni. it is offered by

of Drinks in hotel to p enough too, they are high quality. On Fridays there were evenings of Bulgarian cuisine, once at us was evening of Italian cuisine. Masked waiters, corresponding menu... :)

For children a table very suitable. Always it is possible to choose something dietary and available to baby food. At restaurant it is possible to take children`s stools.

I can tell

concerning food out of hotel nothing. This time did not go anywhere. Though on “Gold dust“ a heap of pizzerias and others “fast - feet“ for every taste and a purse. The cafe - restaurants with different kitchen and entertainment program is a lot of.

Personnel of hotel, including both waiters with bartenders and administrators, it is exclusively polite, friendly. Generally, service, both at restaurant, and on all hotel, left the best impression. I did not notice any prejudiced relation in hotel to the Russian tourists. On the contrary, us (Russian) treated much better, than the same Germans.

“Pleasant atmosphere, hospitable service and quality control“ - here the motto of all staff of Primasol Sanrayz hotel. In day of arrival to hotel for our younger daughter delivered us on a little table at supper a small cake and a toy. The girl had a birthday. Through three most repeated also for mother. Only already without toy. Generally, such attention to us from personnel of hotel was very much and very pleasantly.

Apartments in hotel where we lived, consisted of two rooms. The room like a drawing room, there were 2 folding chairs - couches, a minibar (in a curbstone), the TV with two Russian channels. There delivered us a crib for the younger daughter. And a bedroom with 2 beds, 2 bedside tables, a dressing table. In each room the bathroom - a bathroom with a shower cabin (not a hole in a floor as it is frequent in the Bulgarian hotels) and 2 balconies. On a balcony a plastic table and 2 chairs. The conditioner (individual) worked perfectly.

of the Towel was changed every day, bed linen every other day. Our impressions about the maid only positive. Brought purity and order. . Left it several times tip on 2 Leva. What she only to children did not mold on beds. Both florets and swans... Some dragged all this to themselves in a bed and did not allow to sort, and slept with all this beauty.

the Resort and the beach

In 2 last years that we were not there, the resort changed. To the best. There were many beautiful hotels and apartments. Also many new little shops and entertaining institutions opened. On the resort 2 engines “run“. Blue and green. Routes at them different, by our hotel the green engine plied. The price is 1 - 2 Leva.

Continually cafe and restaurants and other points of a public catering. Heap of entertaining institutions. About them I can tell nothing as with our children much to such places you do not resemble. Or rather, you do not resemble absolutely.

On a trade promenade artists draw portraits. And photographers I do a retro - a photo. We, of course, did not order a portrait, but here a retro - a photo... Were photographed and this time. Our girls well just young ladies turned out. And Sashenka - as the little princess. Well and the father with mother is a match for them. Generally, here such memory. Pleasant.

Beach sandy. Free entrance. Weather in Bulgaria very comfortable, is not present the exhausting heat, and in the evening so in general beauty, air fresh and is breathed easily. The clean sea, rather warm, but not always quiet, sometimes stormed. Even at a small storm on the coast rescuers with whistles go and control that nobody not swam away, and even do not allow to come into the sea.

Beaches all municipal, but if to be not really choosy, then it is possible to tell that pure. But for all “beach gadgets“, with a mattress and an umbrella it is necessary to pay for use of a plank bed. A plank bed - 6 lev, a mattress - 3 Leva, an umbrella - 7 lev. Total - 16 lev. But is slightly closer or farther from the sea on the beach there is “a free zone“ (along all beach) where it is possible to settle down on the towel and to establish the umbrella. What we also did, having bought the umbrella, and beach towels brought with themselves. Straw laying and umbrellas everywhere are on sale (the price from 4 - x to 10 lev, depending on width of laying) and umbrellas (on 8 - 10 lev).

On the beach a lot of everyones everyones water entertainments: bananas, catamarans, etc. There are playgrounds and attractions (an engine, a caterpillar, accumulator machines, trampolines, hills). Generally, for every taste and purse. This year opened a remarkable attraction, - a big wheel. It is located it almost opposite to Admiral hotel. I advise to sweep, all resort clearly. Children had an indescribable delight.

Yes, besides the beach of Gold Dust, went to the beach of Riviera, I want to tell honestly, it was pleasant, of course, there more. As that is cozier there, kamerny, perhaps. Plus, hot springs (hydrosulphuric) of dushik. And children`s “razvlekalka“ quite good opposite to Imperial and Lotos hotel (a playground of “Chikko“) which were chosen by our Sasha. There are souls and toilets, cabins for disguise. It is very pure and well-groomed. It is possible to pass only through the central entrance there.

Where it is the best of all for p to change currency. Near a police station opposite to a barrier at entrance on Gold Dust there is “Xi Bank“, the course was 1,95 lev for euro. So to go to Varna to change currency, is not necessary. The same.

Other hotels in the resort which I could recommend and that was pleasant to me. Of course, first of all my recommendations will be to parents with kids. So, it “Park - hotel of Odessos 4 *“, it is pleasant to me most.“ Atlas 4 *“, hotels of the Riu Arabella 4 * and Bolero 4 * network. Hotels of a network “Iberstar“ - “Review“ and “Izgrev“. From 3 * still praise “Madara“, works on the All inclusive system. For economical rest with children it is possible to recommend safely “Slavey“ 2+“, in this hotel quite good breakfasts, there is the small territory with children`s office in the pool and a playground.

have some

about excursions

Of course, we visited all sights with Teo - Todor Voroshilov. Wrote many about it in the responses. And we used its services too. We chose for ourselves 2 excursions which ours could sustain 3 - x the summer child.

our First route was such. The monastery Aladzha - a potter`s workshop - Balchik (a botanical garden, the residence of the Romanian queen, tasting in a wine cellar) - Cape Kaliakra - picnic of the Camp (restaurant). On the way came around and went sightseeing in Kranevo and Albena.

the Dinner for us at restaurant ordered

Teo. After a dinner there were songs - dances, competitions, and then, the highlight of the program - dance on coals (it specially prepared people - nestinara execute). This dance on coals once was special ritual therefore it is followed by carrying out of an icon. The most interesting that this representation happens only in certain days. It is explained by the fact that nestinara can execute the dances only these days. When they dance, such feeling that they fall into an astral. Or so it seemed to me...

the Second route was such. The beaten stones - Kamchiya - the Review - the Solar coast - Nessebar (old and new part). Also came around on the way to Byal and Ban`s Bulgarian small villages.

In Kamchiya on the boat swept on the small river, saw turtles, children squealed from delight. At entrance to Kamchiya, active construction of a balneological health resort is conducted. Directs rather invests, this building who other as dear Mayor of Moscow Yu. M. Luzhkov. In the to a vramya as told us Teo, he bought this ground literally for kopeks.

have On the way back supper in Nessebar, at restaurant on the seashore of “Zornits“. Both excursions cost us 140 lev. Are very convenient, especially with small children, here such individual excursions: you go to yourself quietly where wanted, there stopped.

In addition visited, already, an aquapark, a dolphinarium. The aquapark does not make per se, big impression, exactly as well as a dolphinarium. But to kids it was all the same interesting and healthy. Also ourselves visited the archaeological museum, there was just a Thracian Treasures exhibition.

of the Price and operating mode.

  1. Aquapark. Works with 10. 00 to 19. 00. An entrance fee (on the adult) - 24 Leva if you buy the ticket in the morning, to 16. 00. After 16. The 00th tickets become cheaper - 14 lev.
  2. Dolphinarium. The ticket costs 20 lev for the adult there. It works every day, except Monday. Representations begin 3 times a day: at 10:30, at 12:00 and at 15:30, last approximately minutes 40.
  3. Archaeological museum. Works till 18:00, daily, except Monday. The entrance to the museum costs 10 lev.

Still ourselves went and saw resorts the Sunny Day and St. Konstantin and Elena and some hotels in these resorts. The next year St. Konstantin and Elena chose for themselves as the vacation spot the resort. Let`s choose between hotels “Swan 4 *“ if of course we pull at the price, and Coral 3 * hotel. The last - very much even quite good 3*. Still very much the park - Estrey`s hotel“ was pleasant “. But the tour operator “Solveks“ does not work with this hotel.

the Ticket from Gold Dust to Varna 1 lion cost to

of the Trip to Varna 80 stotinok. The trip on time takes about 30 - 35 minutes. Numbers of buses: 9, 89 (comes around in St. Constantine and Elena, a stop on a ring at mail), 109, 209, 309, 409. Routes at these buses differ a little, but invariable is the fact that all of them leave from Gold Dust, and you always get on them to Varna.

the Bus with number 409 will take you to the airport if of course you need it. We, by the way, 409 used when went to the Pikkadili supermarket, in it, in the building of a supermarket there is a quite good children`s shop (clothes, footwear, toys etc.) . The Hipplend shop is called.

A so if you want “to poshopit“ a little, then you reach to a cathedral, from there and begins peshekhodno - a trade zone in which there are a lot of shops. Still there is a lot of them on Street “Vladislav Varnenchek“ which begins from a cathedral too. In many shops there were sales during this period. Than we also used.

Rest entirely all of us were with

of the Summary satisfied. Everything was healthy: hotel, conditions in it, food, weather (though the first 3 - 4 days it was cool), culturally - the excursion program (well it, of course, thanks to Todor Voroshilov). And that we go exactly there for the second time did not regret about the choice of the resort and hotel for a second. Once again I will repeat - it was remarkable and healthy.

There now, it seems, and everything that wanted to write. I apologize if it turned out too much and long, and thanks to all who mastered up to the end my opus. Perhaps something is also required to someone from it useful to the forthcoming trip to Bulgaria.

U of each of us remains a trace in heart and soul here after such trips. For us Bulgaria forever will remain the kind, remarkable and open country with the problems which exist also in any other state. Same garbage, same infections... Having had in the winter flu, let us assume, in Moscow, you do not speak: “Everything, I leave once and for all this city“. Why then you write such words in responses after a trip to Bulgaria? This virus as that cat, “walks“ in itself. At what in general all country? And we have enough garbage - dirt too, as well as everywhere.

Gathering for rest to Bulgaria, be guided by the statement:“ The main thing in Bulgaria - not to have the overestimated expectations, then it will be pleasant to you, and everything will please you!:-)“ And I think, we will want to return to our Solar Bulgaria there still more than once. Let`s admire dawn and declines of the warm Bulgarian sun.

P. S. And let I will be forgiven by my favourite Bulgaria, and Bulgarians, of course, too, but I very much do not want that you were not accepted to the European Union in 2007, understand me correctly :). The next year and in the next years, there is a wish to have a rest cheap and with high-quality service too. Just to our Russian resorts still, oh, how far to the level of Bulgaria (a ratio “service/price“).