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We fight against excuses of

Each of us easily can find very good reasons not to visit the gym. How to cease to think out excuses and, at last, to begin to train?

Excuse No. 1: I have no time for trainings.

Most often deficiency of time is only illusion. Even the busiest persons are politicians and business - ladies - find from the saturated schedule several hours a week on sport. And large fitness - clubs work since early morning up to midnight, and even round the clock.

By the way, business women just easily find time for occupations. They are helped by a habit to plan and organize the schedule.

the First step solving this problem, - maintaining the diary. Several days in a row in detail fix in it all the affairs and their duration. Be honest with themselves and note even such “trifles“ as viewing of series or telephone conversations with girlfriends. Very quickly you will find “black holes“ in which your time flows away.

it is important to p to move gradually Here and to forget “everything or nothing“ about the principle. At the beginning it is enough to allocate only two hours a week for trainings.

Excuse No. 2: Fitness - it is very expensive.

the Annual subscription of the category “VIP“ in elite fitness - the center and the truth can cost several thousands of dollars. In sports club of middle class it is possible to train the whole year for 500 - 700 conventional units. Small “rocking chair“ in the yard will open for you the doors for 200 - 400 dollars a year. And the next park or stadium is at your disposal absolutely free of charge.


Eventually, it is possible to be engaged also at home, in heat, a cosiness and it is besides gratuitous. Nice sportswear will help to increase motivation.

the range of options and the prices is besides wide

Here. It is possible to get every month latest models from the leading western firms. And it is possible to find not less beautiful and functional clothes of a domestic production. Also it will cost several times cheaper.

Excuse No. 3: I too am tired of work and household chores. Much the feeling of a full devastation which rolls after intense day is familiar to

. On this background stories of girlfriends, it is regular also with pleasure visiting trainings, look mockery. From where to take forces on all this bustle with dumbbells even if they catastrophically are not enough for the most necessary affairs?

Strangely enough, “bustle with dumbbells“ will also provide you inflow of forces. In - the first, fitness is a shift of activity which, as we know, in itself is rest.

In - the second, physical exercises start the whole chain of chemical reactions in an organism. Blood circulation amplifies, exchange processes accelerate. Certain hormones which raise a tone and mood are thrown out blood.

Excuse No. 4: For fitness it is necessary to be ideally healthy.

At most of city dwellers by 30 years a quantity of problems with health collects. Many of them - for example, osteochondrosis - are widespread so that they became nearly norm option. And them often the sedentary life is the reason.

of Fitness class - the best way to improve the health, available to all “average“ citizens.

Even if you are disturbed by some specific problems, do not refuse trainings. Just consult at the doctor in fitness - club or a sports clinic. To you will pick up optimum loadings which will improve your health.

Excuse No. 5: Among ideal women in fitness - club I will ridiculously look.

It is one of the most widespread fears preventing women to step over a gym threshold. For some reason it seems to much that fitness - clubs are filled entirely by the figuristy models, with contempt looking on burdened with cellulitis and extra kilos of “mere mortals“. Actually 90% of visitors of the sports centers - ordinary women who as well as you, want to solve these or those esthetic problems.

If to you it is all the same difficult for p to get rid of this phobia, present what terrible can happen if you step over a hall threshold. Will begin to point a finger at you? The Homeric laughter or shouts of horror will be distributed? Of course, no.

All once were beginners and had a stress from the first step. The competent instructor will always help you to relax and find himself. And through couple of occupations you will forget about the fears and will begin to derive pleasure from the movement.

Excuse No. 6: At my age to begin trainings already late.

Similar thoughts come to mind to ladies of the most different age - and 25 - summer, and 50 - summer. And most often they have under themselves no reasons. Avoiding physical activities, you “disaccustom“ the organism to effective use of the resources sooner or later. It will begin to work in half-forces. Blood circulation will worsen, the metabolism - here they, aging processes will be slowed down.

If your plans include preservation of youth for the longest term, it is necessary to train. Having felt unusual tension, the organism will be mobilized and will begin to work for full power. It gives the remarkable rejuvenating effect. On a face there will be a fresh flush, eyes will begin to shine, skin will be filled with elasticity.

can Begin with

trainings at any age. So, for people is more senior 50 - ti modern fitness - clubs offer the special programs created taking into account features of age.

Excuse No. 7: Fitness - it is boring.

Here everything depends on you. If fitness for you are monotonous approaches and repetitions in a gym or tiresome walking on a racetrack, it is time for you to reconsider the views.

any fitness - club to you will offer

B a set of trainings which will not leave you indifferent. It is impossible to yawn at a lesson of an incendiary Latina or a vigorous step. Aerobics is not pleasant - be engaged in a gym, but not one, and with the girlfriend, the husband or the child.

Start competition: who will not miss any training, will lose more extra kilos or will execute more twisting for a press. And if there is opportunity, be engaged with the personal trainer.

Should tell

that over time in sports clubs there are companies of adherents. The thought that at training you will meet pleasant people will give you forces and will not allow to skip class.

Excuse No. 8: I was already engaged in fitness, and it did not bring any results.

you went to club the whole month, and the waist decreased all by centimeter? Or did not consider as a crime to regale on a dessert after intense training? Then your disappointment is clear.

the Key to the solution of this problem is simple

. Fitness is not a temporary measure for improvement of a figure. It is a way of life. Beginning occupations, you have to be sure that you will be able to train all life. This same important issue as work or study.

do not forget

also that fitness is not only physical activity, but also healthy food, and also personal care. Forget about diets. When you train, you need to receive all necessary substances in the correct proportion. And if you want to grow thin, consume slightly less calories, than you spend.

of Any extreme - only the moderation and a regularity will lead you to a victory. Do not wait that in few weeks of occupations you will become similar to Cindi Crawford. Just train, and the result will come by itself.

Excuse No. 9: All the same I already missed two trainings this week, I will begin all over again on Monday.

you so tried, went to classes, courageously had not supper after them - and all this in vain? Here the same mechanisms, as work with diets. You try to eat the whole week properly, but then eat cake and decide that all diet came to nothing.

Actually one missed training, as well as one cake, is not accident. You the living person, are also not obliged to be ideal. Do not abuse yourself for violation of the mode. Just the next day recommence lessons and a diet.

do not make to yourself promises to make something since Monday, new year or the next month. It is a psychological trap. Monday will smoothly pass on Tuesday, Wednesday, and there and till next week nearby. The key to success - to begin to work right now.