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Our friend Zayka of

of Artemk got acquainted with Zayka about a year ago. Since then they are the best friends. Zayka is the kid of two - four years, he has mother and the father, and his book life a little what differs from life of the real little man. Sometimes he likes to play pranks, sometimes does not obey mother, is capricious during food and runs on pools, but in general it is kind and cheerful small to which never happens boringly.

Zayka is the character of a karapuzovsky series of books for the malenkikh*. With its emergence in our house many situations began to be resolved quicker and with smaller losses for all participants of the conflict. And as it occurred, I will tell one after another.

Walking on bookstore with the one-year-old son, I stopped near the shelf with the developing literature. The sonny sat in a stroller, and in a zone of his access there were thin books for kids. In a moment of an eye in hands of the son one of books which he did not wish to leave any more came to be. So we had the first book - “On a visit at Zayka“.


In the book presented the everyday situations well familiar to each kid - bathing, feeding, game, walk, laying to sleep. Artemka demanded “Hare“ almost every day, and in a month the book was read to holes. Then I began to look out purposefully in shops of the book of this series, and in our collection some more copies increased.


A then it happened so that Artemka got sick. Ached strongly, with complication on kidneys. Having refused hospitalization, we were forced to give to drink to the son shock doses of antibiotics of the house. The sonny badly felt, was capricious, and refused to drink bitter drugs flatly. It was necessary to pour violently in suspensions in a mouth. The husband held at the same time the child, I tried to unclench teeth. And so several times in day. It seemed that there is no other way out and cannot be.

But suddenly... We in a collection had a book - “Be not ill, Zayka!“, where it is told that Zayka got sick. Here to it the doctor came, examined it, listened, prescribed medicine. Here mother gives to Zayka drugs from a spoon, the father consoles the kid. And already Zayka is also healthy, cheerful and happy.

We with the little son consider pictures in the book, I try to explain to him that to Zayka it is also bad, as well as to it. And then I offer the son, anything especially without hoping for: “A subject, and you want to recover? Here Zayka drank drugs and has already fun and plays. And you will drink medicine?? How Zayka?“ Artemka nods. I do not trust it, but I get a small bottle with suspension. I pour in a measured glass and... my child wonderfully opens a mouth.

From this day the problem of drug intake was dissolved by

as if it was not at all. Well who could think in advance that the one-and-a-half-year-old child can have such level of consciousness? To us, parents, it was necessary to find the correct approach only.

From this point my trust to Zayka sharply increased. I got two more books - “I do not want, I will not be! We learn to agree“ and “Oh as interestingly! Problem situations“. I will not tell that all situations offered in books we could transfer to ours with Art capacious life. But many things nevertheless were useful.

For example, Artemka very much likes to press different buttons - on the tape recorder, the computer, phone. And firm bans are easier transferred by the kid when he knows that it is forbidden to use these devices not only to it to one, and all small children. Examining the picture, the Subject shakes finger at Zayka and warns: “It is impossible, Zayka! Children cannot touch!“

One more lesson which was well learned by the sonny - can go on pools only in rubber boots. Zayka too when wants to run about on pools, asks mother to put on to him boots.

we Try and to collect toys in a basket in the evenings. So far with confidence I cannot tell that the sonny completely mastered this skill, but Zayka helps it to be adjusted by the hidden presence on this important issue.

In books, of course, cannot describe all situations arising in life. And then the mother`s imagination comes to the rescue. Recently, my sonny had to transfer very unpleasant procedure - a tsistografiya. This procedure becomes under the general anesthesia for several minutes, in a mochetochnik the catheter is inserted, some liquid is inside filled in and the X-ray becomes.

This time the tsistografiya passed

not really successfully - a catheter scratched mucous. Within two days test was necessary to us - the child refused to urinate. He suffered very much, was curved both over a pot and over a bathroom. Only in a dream could relax, let out a little a small portion and again wake up in tears.

Such stagnation in itself could provoke an inflammation, and we with the husband for hours persuaded the son to descend on - small, and he in reply only broke into bitter tears. Then I began to tell it about Zayka that to it there was the same, and he too at first cried and refused, but then all - listened to mother and could endure pain.

the sonny treated my story with mistrust, but demanded to tell “about Zaichk“ each hour. By the evening the child ripened to that, as it should pass through it too. Holding the child over a bathroom, we sobbed all together: from pain, pity, pleasure and pride of the son. Later put more, the Subject sat with a happy look on a pot and sentenced: “To Zaichke it is not painful, and to Thoemke it is not painful!“

So incidentally Zayka entered our life and now endures with us all our ups and downs. With it we met Artemkin birthday, we plan to go to circus and to a fir-tree. And it does not matter that the quantity of stories in books is limited - now I know what can be thought up anything.