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Massage of a breast of

1. Beginning from above, strongly pressing on a thorax wall, move fingers in the form of easy roundabouts on one place within several seconds; then move fingers to the following area of a breast. Do massage on a spiral around a breast in the direction to an okolososkovy circle.

2. Stroke the easy movements from above breasts to a nipple. You carry out stroking on all breast.

3. Manipulate a nipple, holding it between index and big fingers.

4. Carefully shake breasts, at the same time bend forward so that gravity helped milk to go down.

5. After massage take a warm shower, directing a stream (scattered) of water serially to each breast.

Gymnastics for the nursing mother

can do the First exercises already next day after the delivery, gradually increasing loading, but they should not tire. At first it is possible to be engaged in them 5 - 10 minutes, later - twice a day for 20 minutes.

  1. Lying in a bed, to raise hands and to deeply inhale, lower hands and to exhale completely.
  2. To move toes in different directions. To make roundabouts foot. To extend socks and to lead them to a shin.
  3. To bend and unbend legs in knee and femoral joints, putting feet on a bed.
  4. To part legs in the parties and to reduce them together.
  5. To lift and hang the head.
  6. To strain and weaken an abdominal tension.

Next day, having repeated these exercises, to add new:

  1. to Lift and lower a basin - legs are bent in knees.
  2. To do roundabouts by legs, as when driving the bicycle.
are Especially effective

for formation and maintenance of a lactation of exercise for a humeral belt:

  1. to Raise hands forward, in the parties, up, for a back and to lower;
  2. To shift from one hand in another a small ball - before itself, behind the back, over the head;
  3. To shake at the same time two hands (direct and bent) forward - back;
  4. To swing hands forward - back, to Carry out
  5. the hands bent in elbows roundabouts;
  6. To lift a gymnastic stick up, to lower it for for shoulders.

the Staff of department of children`s diseases of N3 with courses of endocrinology and homeopathy of FUV of the Russian State medical university of L. I. Ilyenko and A. Yu. Kostenko.
Article from the book “The Book for Parents about Natural Feeding and Rules of Care of Newborns“.