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Everything will be OK.. There are no

! I told and left in a huff.“ Your problem. Go here, listen to nothing, potomzhalutsya“: reached from there, but deafly and already not so surely. Both whisper, and a mean snicker in a hand. Yes, yes, probably, quite so. It seems, there is nothing more oppositely, than whisper behind the back. 1, 2, 3, 4 turned at me in the head, apparently, it is necessary to count to twenty before what - libopredprinyat? 5, 6, 7 that it? From what the head so ached? And why I to smoglaskazat nothing to this vile doktorishka? Nerves to hell, and it is even not control over itself, a chtozha? All right!


It is remembered, my last meeting with them was so unpleasant.

It began

somehow suddenly, directly in studio. The benefit, the driver was near. Called an ambulance ipozvonit to the husband.

still did not believe

Ya at all that it already occurred, hoped, consoled itself as could, and prayed, prayed, muffling up in an autumn jacket in the ambulance it appeared very cold and damp. Arrived. Iron gate, in the person of the dry old woman, absolutely sadly met night visitors.

“And documents at you are? Without documents I will not let. It is not allowed“: it creaked somewhere from below. I a togdabyla am so frightened that I even had no forces to become angry. But the husband did not sustain, and something skazaly. I do not remember any more that. Yes, most likely, I also did not catch.

“And, you where? Brought and go from here. Go here, at night it is necessary to sleep“: the groznyybolnichny guard in ridiculously - a sickly appearance was not appeased. Nobody turned on it attention any more, just went silently, thinking everyone of the.

Light. Not so that, absolutely bright, there to us, I hope, not soon, but appeared ahead. It seems, came. An accident ward with one bulb on all floor and shabby couches. A door a vtsarstvo of doctors with an inscription: Without call not to enter. We wait. As time is long played. It is a little more and I will lose over myself control.

Ah, the grandmother, well, lie down at us till the morning, we you will observe - reached from - for doors. Then steps, somewhere afar - each my change comes, lives alone, there is nobody to talk, vot calls an ambulance. Will lie down till the morning and again home goes. “There is somebody there? You come. Ugu“: the sleepy doctor took of us a view from under points.“ You pass, and men, wait in a corridor“.

I all my hopes failed. Abortion. A delay in development of an embryo for 3 weeks. Then already to the sovseena was forces to resist, ask some questions. Something is told in such cases? Probably, trying to console somehow me, the doctor promised to make something in rescue of my kid. Yapoverila also all night long did not sleep, prayed, hoping that everything will manage. As it became known for the morning, absolutely in vain. Too late.

Where you were earlier? - the very young medical sister asked. Yes was, at the doctor 4 nedelinazad. Told supposedly we wait for you after 12 weeks. Now will not wait - I absolutely ravnodushnootvetit.

I do not know

, but for some reason since the childhood at me great respect for doctors and teachers. For some reason you trust vsegday. How many it developed situations not in their advantage, but something forces me to concern a suvazheniye to these people. I do not know.

Here and now, absolutely already got rid of anger I go and I think: And in what, actually, my problem? Yaberemenna and I is happy! And the rest does not concern me at all!