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Kindred blood or call of ancestors

in the Quiet cozy evening, having wrapped in a warm plaid, I watch the next soap opera about love. And here, touched up to the soul depth by a florid plot, crying, I sit, I enjoy rest.


Suddenly distribute phone call: “Hallo! Masha? Hi! It is the aunt Toma from Vologda. I am a three times removed sister of the uncle Pasha of the cousin of your father. My niece Lenochka goes to come to Moscow. She will be an actress! We gave it your address. Let it will live at you. Relatives, as - in any way!“ And here, one hand dusting, and another stirring slowly with ragout in a frying pan, I reflected: and whether really the aunt Toma, the uncle Pasha and the actress Lenochka - my relatives? And in Vologda I never was.

it became interesting to

I. Perhaps actually I have much more relatives, than it is possible to present? Having carried out difficult mathematical calculations, it turned out that in the 17th century of any of recent on the earth had 1024 praprapraprapraprapraprababushka and grandfathers! Whether it is possible to learn where they lived what place in society was taken what was loved and what belief was professed, than earned and than were remembered to the contemporaries?

Ya dived into boundless open spaces of the Internet. It turned out that tens of thousands of people look for the lost relatives, and every year (and even month) people who want to know history some kind of become more and more. Also pay attention that at such demand it is a quite good way to earn!

So, it is a high time to pass to the description of ways of drawing up a family tree.

  1. to Address according to the announcement the private “seeker of the past“. For this purpose it is necessary to send 500 rubles or more (as the client will wish!) “poste restante“ to Uryupinsk or Mytishchi with the indication of one straight line and three lateral branches of your family tree. Further you just sit on a sofa, go shopping or bake favourite buns of the husband and wait … Only be ready to what it is necessary to wait long for - long!
  2. to Look for relatives on the Internet, the benefit, such websites great variety. Small nuance: if your surname Golitsyn or Dobrolyubov, then problems is not since it is a lot of information on such well-known families. If you Kanavkin or Pugovkin, then at most what you can count on is a catalog of ridiculous surnames.
  3. to Address to Association of professional genealogists in Moscow, Murmansk or Sverdlovsk. Only it is necessary for all this 3 - 5 thousand c.u. and to stock up with patience for 3 - 4 months, and even for few years. Besides, you have to remember that any genealogical research is based on three foundations: names of people, dates and names of settlements. There is a question: whether you have exhaustive information necessary for researchers? If whether yes, you are ready to provide it absolutely to strangers? Whether you are ready that they will know about you everything?!
  4. Independently to look for data in archives. First of all, we advise to address to institutions where your relatives spent the labor everyday life. Everyone gave shots stores personal records of the employees where the handwritten autobiographies contain the most valuable information.
    But what to do if many Soviet enterprises sank into oblivion for a long time? There is the State archive Russian Federation and Archive of economy of the Russian Federation undertook care on safety of those personal records. However it is rather difficult to get there. But if you all - managed it, then, being among tons of dust and the enormous number of the turned yellow folders, you will understand that here time stopped in order that everyone could get to the past and, thereby, understand the present. But, having spent here only 15 minutes, you plunge into this mysterious world so that you forget yourself and you become the hostage of surprising destinies of the left people long ago.
  5. to Glance
  6. in a family album. Among “very necessary“, but never used things it is possible to find couple of albums with family photos in the storeroom. Almost on each photograph you will find young, beautiful people who are absolutely unfamiliar to you! And inscriptions ink on the back blurred long ago, having washed away the last hope.

A on the page of an album:“ I leave, but eternally I am near“ only ignite insufferably keen desire to understand who are they, these people from the past. Relatives? The lost beloved? Or casual witnesses of family history? And here, having passed hundreds of the websites, tens of establishments and several interesting meetings with “finders“ I went for thousands of kilometers … to visit the grandmother.

I so wanted that through many - there are a lot of years, young great-grandsons approached and quietly told: “The granny, and tell about our sort, our family“. And then I will tell them about noble roots, about difficult lean years and I will tell a strange story to front love; about meetings and partings, about improbable coincidence and irreversible losses. And at this moment time will stand, and centuries will turn minutes of happiness when all family is together in the hearts of descendants again. But it will be then, and now... Thanks, the granny, for careful memory of the family and darlings!