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The children`s fan - Shui of

Appearance of the child in a family does her life more harmonious and filled. But that the kid could feel positive energy of the house and felt in it happy and protected, to the aid of parents ancient art the fan - Shui comes.

Children`s, adult... “Unless exists in the fan - Shui such division?“ - you ask. Strictly speaking, no, but in east philosophy on which this ancient doctrine is based the immutable rule is absolute dependence of wellbeing of children on wellbeing of parents, and relationship between them is the base on which the destiny of the little man is under construction. For this reason before the firstborn`s birth to his parents is what to think of.

waiting for a stork

Repair, shift, new furniture and new things - almost all future parents actively and with enthusiasm “twist a nest“. This natural and very correct behavior. Ideally would be to remake, of course, all apartment, but it will demand a lot of time and means. To correct and harmonize space “under the child“, it is worth beginning with a bedroom, exactly there at first the newborn will be together with parents. Try to exempt the room from bulky furniture and things that salutary energy “tsi“ could circulate freely as much as possible. Arrange general audit of property: get rid of unnecessary things in cases, clean book shelves, the computer and the TV from a bedroom, all this breaks the harmonious course of energy (to all other, and from the medical point of view it is harmful to the newborn). It is very important to choose correctly the place for a crib: put it in distant part of the room (but not opposite to a door in a bedroom and so that it was reflected in a mirror). You can put a bed closely to the (from mother) or in some distance. The kid will be in the first case not only under physical, but also under power protection of mother: the maximum proximity of biofields promotes stronger communication with the child. In the second case since the birth you will accustom the kid to independence and to cultivate in it psychological independence. This option is more preferable if mother has to come to work shortly. But anyway the place where the child sleeps, has to be most protected energetically. Nursery furniture by rules the fan - Shui is better to choose smooth, rounded shapes, right angles break positive energy. It is good if over a bed there are a bed curtains or a canopy. It should be taken into account still important nuance: it is considered that it is not necessary to let strangers in the room of the kid. If you want to show the child to relatives or friends, take out him to guests, but do not accept them in a bedroom. In color registration have to prevail light tone, they help to relax and calm down. On the taste it is possible to place not too bright color accents in the room. Light has to be soft, muffled therefore buy for a bedroom lamps from opaque glass or fabric.

the room

When the child will grow up, time to move it to own room will come. This personal space will influence by all means his health, mood and even the formed character. The scheme of the ideal nursery does not exist, but there are some general the fan - Shui which can be applied governed. The room of the child has to be located in east sector of the house and not exceed the room of parents by the sizes. It is important to cultivate in the child the correct understanding of the place in hierarchy of a family. The bed is placed by the same principle, as in a bedroom of adults. It is desirable to equip a workplace so that the child sat at the table a back to a wall and saw an entrance to the room, - so he will feel protected. The place is allocated to a zone to a door for games closer. The TV and bulky equipment, mirrors, pictures of artists (if only images on them are not brought closer to natural forms, for example panoramic views) are undesirable in the nursery. The furniture has to have the smooth, streamline forms. And in general it is better to make an interior of the nursery mobile and to change approximately time in two years, considering age, temperament and interests of her little owner.

the Interior and character Equipping


and rendering habitable the room of the child, it is necessary to consider his specific features. To the hyperactive, restless kid lay a soft carpet in the nursery, it will constrain its rushes. Buying curtains, choose cold shades of blue, violet, blue or green flowers. The quiet and low-active child will be helped to be hyped up, on the contrary, warm orange, yellow, it is brown - red tone, in an interior contrast combinations are possible. To the irritable child buy less mobile toys. Choose games and things, being engaged with which it will be compelled though for a while to concentrate.

the Workplace

If you want

that the child diligently studied, concentrate attention on the correct organization of a working zone - all necessary for occupations has to be near at hand and take the place. The table of the pupil should not stand in the place of the room through passage at all. It is possible to put it opposite to a window, but to sit to the child better not facing it, and sideways. To stimulate interest in occupations, everything that is connected with work (furniture, a stationery and so forth) has to be beautiful, positive, light. Any sad dark flowers! If the child has diplomas and awards for sports meets, good photos from interesting trips and campaigns, issue them and hang out near a workplace. It becomes not for encouragement of vanity - well-deserved rewards will be symbolical proofs of success and development of your child. If you care for physical development of the kid, allocate more place for outdoor games in a game zone, establish a swing, crossbeams, rings - and let the father does not forget to show it new interesting sports exercises.

the Brother and the sister

Ideally heterosexual children have to have different rooms. But if notorious square meters do not allow to have two nurseries, parents need to show the imagination and to equip two separate zones in one room. And if it cannot be made, try not to put at least beds and desks of the brother and sister in parallel each other. If conditions allow, rooms of the boy and the girl need to be issued differently, and differences have to be obvious. Long since in different cultures in boys and girls tried to cultivate those qualities which will help them to realize the vital mission subsequently and to cope with the social role determined by their floor. In other words, in girls sought to develop feminity, and in boys - courage. By rules the fan - Shui as soon as the child is two years old, it is desirable to paint the room of the girl in light warm color, and the boy - too in light, but cold.


Knows that children show special interest in various “symbolical“ home decoration. For the correct arrangement of objects - symbols the nursery by means of a compass needs to be divided into sectors (parts of the world) conditionally. Each sector is responsible for a certain area of our life. Three sectors are most important for children: the North, North - the East and the East. The northern sector is responsible for development of your kid. In this part of the room (in a northern zone) it is good to put an aquarium or some other symbols of water. And also the stone turtle very much will be suitable for this zone (from a natural stone!) though if you will put a turtle wooden, ceramic or from plaster, then nothing terrible too. If the child already decided on the choice of future profession, arrange in the same place those objects which are symbols of the profession chosen by it. Severo - the East is responsible for education and study. Therefore books and manuals it is better to arrange in this sector. In the same place it is very good to put the globe which is a symbol of the earth and represents durability and reliability, the child has to strive for strong profound knowledge. The East is responsible for health. In this part of the room there has to be all green and live so if in the room of the child there are plants, their place in east sector. And in the neighbourhood with houseplants it is possible to put pumpkin - a gorlyanka (it is the pumpkin of a bizzare shape similar to a small jug), which symbolizes longevity and health. But most important: each subject - a symbol in the nursery has to be pleasant to the child!