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Eight of ten Muscovites changing a surname do it when marry or get divorced. However to change a surname, a name and even a middle name, rather just your desire and the statement in a registry office. Why Petrov becomes Krasovsky, and Elena - Elina what names are forbidden and what difficulties wait for the replaced full names, correspondents of “SP“ Lev Bystrov and Sergey Topol

found out

according to the Moscow REGISTRY OFFICES, girls in the capital most often call Anastasiyami, and boys - Aleksandrami.“ The list of the most widespread names over the years changes not strongly, - the manager of Chertanovsky department tells a registry office of Moscow Lyudmila Sakharova. - Unusual names arise, as a rule, during the periods of important historical events (for example, after revolution of 1917) or at emergence of new entertainment stars and cinema, but their percent is not so great“.

Of course, nobody now will call the child Trolebuzin (a combination of surnames of four leaders - Trotsky, Lenin, Bukharin and Zinovyev) or Dazvsemir - “Long live the world revolution“. However the fashion on names of popular heroes - real and fictional - anywhere does not leave. Just as after Gagarin`s flight boys in a mass order named Yurami, and girls after Tereshkova`s flight - Valyami, with an exit to the Soviet screens of movies about Angelique de Peyrac`s adventures the number of her namesakes sharply increased in our country. And the largest splash in number Mary was recorded after display on TV of the Brazilian series “Just Maria“.

However, one business - a name for the newborn, and another - when the person himself consciously goes for change of a surname, name or middle name. Here usually there are more serious reasons, than just desire to be in the fashion.

the Horse surname

For 2005 in Moscow, according to registry offices, the full names changed 5679 people. The statistics of the reasons for which Muscovites made it is not conducted: experts describe them, proceeding only from own practice.

Lyudmila Sakharova from the Chertanovsky registry office claims that 80% changing a surname do it as a result of marriage or divorce. Here, in the largest standard group of “reliefs“, it is possible to carry also teenagers who take surnames of the stepfathers who brought up them and “order“ the middle names derivative of their names. The remained fifth part of the changing full names - much more interesting and variegated public. Its kernel, according to Lyudmila Sakharova, is made by owners of dissonant surnames. It is easy to understand such people: to live not easy with a surname of Zhabonos, Obzhorin or Lifeless. So, according to madam Sakharova, residents of the capital of Kosousov and the Boor changed the surnames on Belov and Smith respectively recently.“ Cases when people, having lived for many years with a dissonant surname, change it at appearance of the child in them are frequent“, - madam Sakharova tells.

Sometimes people change the names given them by parents who, naming the offspring, obviously sought to pooriginalnichat.

Lyudmila Sakharova remembers

how the young man by the name of Izyaslav came to be renewed to ordinary Vyacheslav, and the girl of Malines, having hardly reached majority (when change of the name invented by mother and the father does not require their permission any more), right there took herself a name of Alyn: also sounds habitually, and it is less shocking. Surge in renamings of young people, according to Lyudmila Sakharova, is noted in every spring. Generally in registry offices the girls believing that after leaving school they will find happiness with a new name address. Zinaida become Viktoriyami, Anna - Yanami.

“One girl this year two times changed the name, - madam Sakharova tells. - Initially was Vera, then Alina, and then became Zhanna“.


also the return cases Are extended: when to change the too surnames, habitual for Russia, Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorova and Kozlov come. The last from such cases for Lyudmila Sakharova`s memories - when a certain Vasily Petrov was renamed into Leonard Krasovsky.

the Ethnic question

As told

SP the chief specialist of GU “Moscow House of Nationalities“ of Gian Logasciov, some Russians want that their name sounded on - western. Here also appear Heloise instead of the Ave Besides, small, but constant percent from total of “reliefs“ the Muscovites who are going abroad make. Recently the resident of Moscow Elena Nikolaeva before moving to the USA received the new passport with a name of Elin Vudz.

Big layer changing names - the immigrants seeking to assimilate in Moscow. So, Nurmukhamed takes a name Nikolay, Mukhameddin becomes Mikhail, and Nafidin and Cheriffe officially turn, say, into Natalya and Elena.

the Return options extremely seldom, but too meet. For example, the Muscovite Pyotr, having accepted Moslem, submitted the application for renaming into Iza to the Chertanovsky registry office, and the Muscovite Tatyana became Gallia.

Similar situation with surnames: immigrants from Asia quite often refuse the terminations - Oglou and - kyza.“ In marriages of Russians with foreigners if couple is going to live in Moscow, he and she more often choose the Russian surname of the husband or wife“, - madam Sakharova tells.

What, the registry office has no right to refuse even to those who want to become Mickey Mouse or Alla Pugacheva.

a literalism Celebration

Change of a name, middle name and surname happens according to the law “About Acts of Civil Status“ of November 15, 1997. All capable citizens who reached age of 14 years have the right for change of a full name. For this purpose it is enough to them to address in a registry office - where the birth certificate, or in a place of registration was written out.

If to the citizen is from 14 to 18 years old, then for change of a full name he needs to receive a consent of parents or trustees. When parents live in a case separately and that from them with whom the child lives, wishes to give it the surname, the body of guardianship and guardianship resolves an issue depending on interests of the child and taking into account opinion of other parent. If to find this the second it is not possible or it is deprived of the parental rights, or recognized as incapacitated - his opinion is not asked. When the young man or the girl steps 18 - a summer boundary, can already be renamed into anyone without someone`s permission.

will ask to show to

In a registry office of potential “relief“ the passport, and then to fill in the application form about change of a name where he has to specify that he specifically wants to change: surname, name, middle name or all at once. The birth date and birth place, requisites of a birth statement, nationality, marital status and the information about minor children are specified in the statement; at will - a nationality. It is required to enclose documents to which the applicant refers, and the receipt on payment of the state duty of 500 rub to the application

to “Relief“ can refuse, however in this case in a registry office are obliged to explain causes of failure, and in writing. The percent of refusals is very small. These are cases when in the filed documents (the statement, the passport, the birth certificate, marriage or divorce) experts of a registry office found mistakes.“ As a rule, when we find some mistake, process of receiving a new name is just dragged out before its correction: for a week or two, - Lyudmila Sakharova says. - Unambiguous refusal in change of a name will follow if after inquiry of a registry office in law-enforcement bodies it becomes clear that the person is wanted“.

However, guessing that for attempt to replace a name shines the criminal not only refusal of a registry office, none of the wanted citizens try to deceive thus the state. In any case, the registrars interrogated by SP could not remember similar cases.

In a month if the client of a registry office does not change the mind (on what has the right at any time), it will be handed the certificate on change of a name. On the stamped paper with many degrees of protection signed by the head of a registry office will be specified a new and former surname (a name, a middle name) of the citizen.

By and large, restriction for change of a name only one.“ The main thing - a name has to consist only of letters, - Lyudmila Sakharova says. - Under the law in it there cannot be figures“. However, to appropriate numbers Muscovites and do not aspire. Each of such attempts - the most rare incident.

For example, in 2002 parents of the newborn boy, adherents of the modern art, were refused in the Chertanovsky registry office on registration of name BOCh RVF 260602 (Biological Object of People of a sort Voronin - Frolov, been born on June 26, 2002) - so they wanted to call the son. A cause of failure - not BOCh RVF, namely existence of figures. Parents tried to challenge almost at once refusal of a registry office in court, but there rejected their claim.

However, sometimes there pass not less scandalous numbers - if they without figures. For example, in 2003 in Ryazan the woman by the name of Svetlana officially took a surname of the CPRF. The victory at State Duma elections where the lady stood from the party of the same name was the purpose of an action. However, acceptance of an abbreviaturny surname did not help to become the deputy.

of Difficulty of new life

the Main complexity which is caused by change of a full name, - need to change the whole package of documents after a name. The registry office changes entries only in the birth certificate, marriage and divorce and reports about change of a name in police station at the place of residence of “relief“. Other documents: the passport, the driving license, the certificate of the property right to the apartment or the earth, an insurance and so forth - should be changed independently.

the New passport has to be issued to

in 10 days after filing of application, but in practice process does not take less than three weeks. There is it only 100 rub. It is also necessary to change the service record, the military ID, the pension certificate, nominal securities. Besides, it is possible to change documents on education - the diploma, the certificate. It is quite troublesome, and seldom which of the replaced full names makes up the mind to such step. Especially as it is not obligatory to do it. In general, strictly speaking, it is not obligatory to change documents (except the passport): any instances where you will file the documents which are written out on your old name have to be satisfied with the certificate on change of a full name. However, it only in the theory.

“Needs to change documents in order that at emergence of controversial issues of the section of property, receiving the rights for property, registration of inheritance there were no additional problems, - the lawyer Mikhail Marov tells. - Under the law it is enough and the fact that on hands there is a certificate of a registry office on change of a name, however there are cases that instances can not accept this certificate, and demand the new document“.

But such requirement, the lawyer consoles, it is easy to challenge in court. At renewal of the document either is given new, or change is made to the maintenance of former. According to Mikhail Marov, most of all time takes away obtaining not the passport, and other documents: “It is necessary to be ready to bureaucratic procedures on two - three months, and even for half a year“.

But paperwork seldom stops those who decided to replace a name. Lyudmila Sakharova claims that in 20 years of her work in a registry office no more than ten people returned the old names from - for difficulties with renewal of documents.

Not according to the calendar
the Soviet power, sweeping away old foundations, thought out the unprecedented names
Such as Dazdraperma (reduced from “Long live The First of May!“, Kukutsapol (Corn - the queen of fields), Lagshmivara (Schmidt`s camp in the Arctic), Chelnaldin (a) (Chelyuskin on an ice floe), Lorierik (Lenin, October revolution, industrialization, electrification, a radiofikation and communism), Leundezh (Lenin died, but his business lives), Pofistal (The winner of fascism Joseph Stalin), Uryurvkos (Hurrah, Yura in space!) Vaterpezhekosma (Valentina Tereshkova is the first woman - the astronaut). These names, of course, already imagination top, also called so the children the few. However quieter options - Vilen (V. I. Lenin), Ram (Revolution, electrification, the world), etc. - were registered in registry offices constantly.
“Emergence of all these names: October, Vladilen, Vladlen, Aurora, the Radio-gramophone and similar - it is caused by the phenomenon which received the name household avant-gardism“, - the head of Chertanovsky department says a registry office of Moscow Lyudmila Sakharova.