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Whether it is necessary to treat the genius?

Problem children - with diagnoses of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, “autism“, various other psychophysical deviations - appeared in the house of a patopsikholog of Aleksandra Popova when her daughter Annushka from - for a serious illness was chained the whole year to the house. That the daughter did not feel lonely, Aleksandra began to invite home children. They were not just friends of her daughter, but gradually became Aleksandra`s patients.

“Psycho“ - “shower“, “stalemate“ - “deviation“, - she says. - What I am engaged, is somewhere between psychology and psychiatry. Aleksandra worried both four minutes of clinical death, and death of two children, and divorce, and a serious illness of the daughter Anna, and four months of own life in a wheelchair after falling from a horse...

- After such “adventures“, - Aleksandra says, - begin to appreciate absolutely simple things - an opportunity to breathe, see the sun, it is simple to go down the street. .

I Want to be mother!

in kindergarten on a question: “Whom do you want to become when you grow up?“ - Sasha it is proud answered: “Mother!“ - It is ugly to dream about personal, - mother, the teacher of Stalin ferment rebuked Aleksandra. And then Sasha thought up for herself other profession: - I want to become the defender of children. In 14 years Sasha became Aleksandra Vasilyevna: went to work as the nurse in kindergarten.


In 21 years Aleksandra married on passionate and mutual love. Genetic analyses then were not carried out, and incompatibility of blood with the spouse yielded terrible result. The first child, the son, died in one and a half months, the second child, the daughter, in one and a half years. Aleksandra endured clinical death. Then divorce with the husband... The third child, the daughter Anechka, needed a bone marrow transplantation. Her Aleksandra left. - I since the childhood hated the fairy tale about the Cinderella who sits in ashes, cries at an oven, rubs Tazy and waits for the prince, - Aleksandra admits. - To me not to understand it. As nature active I always fought for the happiness, but did not wait for favor by nature. In due time Aleksandra graduated from the Yaroslavl teacher training college majoring in “Defectology, a surdopedagogika“, courses of massage and obstetric aid. All this was useful to lift up Ania. Now Ania is nineteen years old, she is in love and is going to become the psychologist...

As “birds“


of Children - Aleksandra calls autists “birds“. They are fine and defenseless. - They are not sick, they are just others. For me autism is features of formation of the personality. And I am grateful to these children for the fact that they let me in the difficult world. When I for the first time faced autistic children, thought: why to correct geniuses and to make them similar to us? And then understood that any genius coldness and cruelty of society can kill.

- How to make the diagnosis? And with what this disease is connected?

- autism Reasons are up to the end not established. There are many theories (from patrimonial injuries to genetic predisposition to mental disorders), but any of them cannot be exhaustive. Till 2 - 3 years the child develops as usual, starts walking, to murmur... Then ceases to react to objects, to talk, does not come into emotional contact with parents, does not look in the face, is more often about - hundred sits, having turned away to a wall. Mother comes to policlinic, and the neuropsychiatrist speaks: observe how he puts a pyramid. And he just is not interested in it! And make to the child the diagnosis: “delay of mental and speech development“, and then even more rigid:“ autism“. Parents are depressed: someone sends the child to a boarding school, someone goes on tserkva, healers, someone stuffs with drugs. The only thing that they want to see the child such as all other children - In my opinion, the birth in a family of the unusual child - good chance for parents to live surprising, interesting, bright life.

- Aleksandra, in what a problem of a patopsikholog? What help you give to autistic children?

- my purpose - to stir up desires of the child, to teach him to communicate, react to world around and to tell, verbalize the requirements. My task - to find, open and keep his talents. All autistic children have some special, outstanding abilities practically. If in time to develop abilities, then the autistic child can have very bright future. Michelangelo, Newton, Einstein, Mozart, Darwin, Mendeleyev, Socrates, Lewis Carroll suffered from various forms of autism. You know what Newton hardly told? And it is one of the main symptoms of autism! In 50 years to it there was a nervous breakdown, he could forget about food, could give lectures in empty audience... Einstein at children`s age almost did not communicate with peers - one more sign of autism. He could repeat the same words to persistence. He did not fit into canons of the training program and in 15 years left school, but nevertheless graduated from polytechnical institute, hardly found work in patent bureau and there, being an ordinary official, opened pound - the mental theory of relativity.


Aleksandra Popova`s Pride, the child who “gives it wings“ became the autistic nine-year-old boy Nikita. She is engaged with it five years. During this time Nikita not just began to talk well and showed the mathematical abilities, he went to ordinary comprehensive school where it came excellent contacts with children and there was even a girlfriend. And establishing contact with the outside world - for the autist the biggest problem. He does not feel need for communication, and society rejects it and does by the derelict. Nikita daily comes to be engaged to Aleksandra, learns with her lessons and helps her on occupations with other children. - Senya, tell: “ball“, - it is persistent, but is soft, with Aleksandra`s intonations Nikita asks. - I know how it is difficult, Senya. But, please, tell: “ball“... And Senya murmurs:“ Ball“.


Aleksandra considers herself as the happy person. She heals children`s souls, composes verses, draws, creates children`s books, writes to order theses and scientific articles, is engaged in interior design, everything tries to be in time and it is always ready to try new. Immersion with an aqualung - yes, jumps on horses - of course! (And it in spite of the fact that one such walk cost to it four months in a wheelchair!)

- And how private life?

according to the British Council of medical researches, aged more young 8 years are the share of 1000 children 6 autists. In their Russia 57 on 10 thousand. By the way, the boys suffering from autism are six times more, than girls.

- It is full of fascinating adventures. But the condition of the eternal bride suits me more, than the wife`s duties. Though the good wife I am able to be... On love... It is interesting work! But, probably, any normal man will not sustain rates of my life and its conditions. And my still main lovers live in good detectives. Aleksandra derives the greatest pleasure in life from the life. And still the dream of her childhood - to be mother came true! Mother for many - many children.

Autism - a condition of mentality in which activity of internal life and discharge from the outside world prevail. Autistic people are shipped in themselves, they are not interested in reality and do not need communication. The aggravated intuition and remarkable mathematical, linguistic, design, art abilities are often inherent in the “woken“ autists. The speech at such children develops late enough or memory magnificent does not develop in general, but. The little autist, having acquired some system of calculation, can solve the most difficult equations with a speed of the calculator. Or, having studied the mechanism of action of a piano, to play the most difficult piece of music, only once having observed the professional musician. At the same time the autist will not want to lift a spoon or a fork just independently to eat. Autistic children are conservative and attached to a confined world of the habitual things. If the favourite mug broke, such child will suffer from thirst, but will not begin to drink for anything from another.