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The important boundary of

your kid is unseparable with a pacifier? No wonder - it is remarkable “soothing“ for the small child which, certainly, helps out also parents. But this means causes accustoming so it is important to take care of parting with a favourite baby`s dummy in time. And, of course, about that the otucheniye passed peacefully and without serious consequences.

the Kid “is sure“ by

that his favourite pacifier is necessary for it, she consoles, helps to cope with boredom, fear of darkness, hunger and other unpleasant feelings. At first the baby`s dummy is pleasant also to adults, it is an excellent way to calm down the noisy child. However a year later, two or three the baby`s dummy does not seem to adults so remarkable any more. Because the dentist says that from - for nipples teeth become curves. Because, talking, the child lisps. So, everything is already clear to adults: the baby`s dummy has to disappear! And as soon as possible! The kid, however, does not agree with it. So here the power of persuasion, the imagination and patience is required.

From the very beginning

When the kid is born, most of parents has no doubts that the baby`s dummy is necessary. It is the integral attribute of infantile age, the faithful assistant to parents. However now, when the kid already in kindergarten, a pacifier looks is inappropriate. If the child spends the most part of time with a pacifier in a mouth, playing with children or communicating with adults, it is surprising and misunderstanding of people around. Besides need to constantly have it at itself creates a set of efforts.“ When we walk, the pacifier often falls to the ground, - Marina, mother of two kids says. - We forget it at friends. It is necessary to tie her to a coat and a carriage“.

All babies have a need for sucking which gradually vanishes after a year. If the child does not leave a pacifier and at two-year age, then, most likely, more mature ways of self-complacency are still inaccessible to it. Or his parents are not always emotionally available when it is upset, alarmed or tired. Long use of a pacifier in some measure interferes with the child`s growing. If the kid becomes angry or is afflicted, confused or tired, most often he resorts to the infallible remedy helping to cope with tension - to a baby`s dummy. The child matures, his emotional life becomes more and more rich and saturated, and sucking of a baby`s dummy cannot be proper response “for all occasions“ any more. Besides, continuous sucking quite often is the reason of a delay of the speech, difficulties with a pronunciation and swallowing.

All gradually

to convince the child to refuse a pacifier, to ourselves it is worth understanding why it is necessary.

That process of disaccustoming took place

quietly and without serious consequences, do not force an event. Begin to give less often a baby`s dummy, let us assume, only at home, then only in the evening before going to bed and, at last, only in a bed. If the kid wakes up, do not give him a pacifier at once. Observe the child. When it especially needs a nipple? What it to it replaces? If the first stage of disaccustoming is passed, congratulate him and tell what he is a good fellow. If you did not manage to convince the kid to give up a habit lovely to heart, take a break and through some time try once again.

And I against!

A if, despite all your efforts, the child did not agree to refuse a pacifier? It is important to understand what prevents the kid to feel rather adult to do without pacifier. Perhaps, it just does not represent how it is possible to calm down if it is upset, or to pass from wakefulness to a dream without favourite baby`s dummy. And it needs your help at the transitional moment, difficult for it. In those situations in which he would be consoled in a pacifier earlier take on hands, embrace, tell about how you love him. If no receptions help, then once you should forbid the child to suck a pacifier:“ I know, you will be able without pacifier. I gave it to you when you were small, big children do not suck a baby`s dummy“. Too strictly? Someone from parents will consider that yes. For someone such way will be unique. Making such decision, you help the child to mature. After a while he also will be proud that got rid of a baby`s dummy.

If to you to liking original, “author`s“ ways of disposal of a baby`s dummy, it is possible to use experience of parents for whom this stage already behind.
Gardeners are fans
When to our daughter time to get rid of a pacifier came, we together dug out a pole in a garden, dug baby`s dummies and accurately watered. Three days later I secretly planted a small tree on which the candy hung on this place. Our daughter diligent watered a tree... From time to time on a tree something pleasant appeared. Since then we have own “pustyshkovy“ tree. And our daughter does not miss a baby`s dummy.
Sellers of air
One more tested way: to cut off a top at a pacifier or to make in it several holes. Then when sucking air gets through a baby`s dummy - and the child ceases to derive pleasure from sucking.
the Gift of the fairy
We told our son such fairy tale about a pustyshechnug the fairy: the fairy brings to the kid the first baby`s dummy and when he becomes rather adult - approximately in two years, - it arrives to him again and carries away a baby`s dummy to the kid is younger to which it is more necessary. In exchange the fairy leaves a small gift. Our son found this history very convincing.
the Night shift
When to Maxim was 1,5 years, we explained to him that in the afternoon baby`s dummies have to have a rest because all night long they “worked“. And baby`s dummies began to go in the afternoon to bed and during the day did not get any more. So we disaccustomed Max to suck baby`s dummies in the afternoon. At the end of last year - to it it was just executed three - the son wrapped the nipples in gift brown paper and put under a New Year tree. So we said goodbye to them finally.
Children and animals
In one European zoo I saw the following “way of an otucheniye“: kids can give the baby`s dummies to children`s krabika in an aquarium that krabik could play with them then. Children enthusiastically giving the baby`s dummies!

0 than needs to think

Positive moment
Comfort and tranquility. Sucking - the most ancient and first function acquired by a germ: it possesses it in 30 days. Sucking of a baby`s dummy allows the kid to be exempted from tension, to quietly wait for the following meal, to fall asleep quickly.
Analgesic effect. This is true, and many advise a neonatology a pacifier as the simplest means of anesthesia in cases of small painful interventions.
Development of muscular movements of a mouth in newborns. The baby`s dummy helps development of the sosatelny movement.
the Reduction of feeling of discomfort caused by violation of digestion at gripes. When sucking a baby`s dummy it is allocated saliva and there are additional glotatelny movements that reduces an abdominal murmur.
of What it is necessary to avoid, disaccustoming the kid to a pacifier: to Do to
offensive and humiliating remarks, such as: “You behave as “alenkiya“. Do not compare the child to others: “Your elder brothers never sucked humiliates the kid and does not yield results! (Do not forget that it you gave it a pacifier once.) to Carry
in a bag a stock to an eye in case the child will lose it or will forget. If it occurred, so it is not necessary to it any more.