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Ways of suppression of

are Hardly sense in detail to tell about suppression: vegetable or meat stew at least once in life was cooked by everyone. And therefore we will address some details

Meat and other vegetables

In the principle can extinguish any piece of meat. But not with any meat it makes sense to do it. by

For suppression it is reasonable for p to choose rigid and so-called semifixed pieces - a neck, a shovel, a leg, kostrets and a saddle. In anatomic sense they represent well trained muscles. In them there is not enough fat, muscle fibers - large and rigid. This notorious rigidity of meat, generally speaking, is defined generally by the protein class forming connecting fabric, and also cartilages and sinews. One of types of protein, called “collagen“, makes the main part of connecting fabric in these most rigid pieces.

However such meat has even a number of indisputable advantages before so loved by all cutting, stakes and fillet. In - the first, it is much cheaper, and, you see, it is important if to a table than two are invited more. In - the second, in the course of long heat treatment in the liquid or semi-fluid closed environment at rather low temperature - namely we call suppression - at inexpensive these pieces such incomparable aroma and taste is shown that the knowing people in an anticipation of hot refuse even salads.

Now - that it is necessary to make that ragout turned out more tasty. Let`s simply list one after another all necessary actions. All ingredients - both meat, and vegetables - need to be washed up accurately. It is obligatory to dry meat (better and is most practical - a paper towel). Then vegetables should be cleaned and cut, to peel meat of all films, splinters of bones and excess fat (the layer at most 0,5 centimeters thick is considered useful and if you put before yourself any special dietary purposes - that less) and too to cut. The form of cutting can be any. However it is the best of all if each piece the form reminds a cube. It is not necessary to measure precisely it with a ruler, but the aspiration to an ideal can only be welcomed. It is easy to determine the size of a piece - cut so that it was enough “for one sting“ that is that knives were practically not required for guests. (From this does not follow that it is optional to give knives to a table.)

Then all ingredients should be reddened, that is quickly and gradually to fry on strongly warmed frying pans. It is not necessary to season products at the same time. The most important here - to watch that neither from meat, nor too much liquid followed from vegetables. For this reason products should be put on frying pans in the small portions. The fried meat and vegetables should be laid out on big plates, and to deglazirovat frying pans, that is to pour on them a little dry wine, juice of a citrus or broth and to boil until all juice which flowed out from products is not dissolved in liquid (if you use wine, then the alcohol smell has to disappear absolutely). The fat which emerged on a surface needs to be removed ruthlessly because it can give to a ready dish soap smack. We pay such attention to the juice emitted from products for one simple reason: in the flavoring relation it is better than nothing in the nature is not present. No spice will be compared to them. Seriously.

When all ingredients of future dish at you are prepared by

, they should be laid out in a big vessel for suppression. Big so that products filled it only on two thirds. Material of which capacity for suppression has to be made can be a miscellaneous, but it is good if it is cast iron. However, the modern capacities with difficult arranged thick bottom made of aluminum will approach too. In what order it is necessary to spread ingredients, we will not tell you - it depends on the recipe. As well as how many to pour in liquids. Someone prefers not to add broth at all - such approach is justified when the dish contains many juicy vegetables, there will be enough liquid in them and so. It is enough to pour only in deglazirovanny juice - them several spoons only turn out. Someone, on the contrary, fills in a dish with saturated broth nearly up to the top - it works in a case with very tough meat which you will stew several hours on tiny fire. For example, the adult, the run goose.

Some types of meat love certain types of broth. And not broth even, and that insufferably tasty semi-fluid environment in which there is a suppression. So, all know that the rabbit safely prepares in sour cream. But so well it turns out if before it is good to redden all its pieces on olive oil together with several garlic gloves, and to extinguish, having laid on a pillow from a celery, carrots and leek, having imposed with the same vegetables and having filled in with broth (it is possible even chicken) with addition of a fresh thyme. Yes, it is a thing. French thought up.

Fish and not fish products of the sea

the Modern view on a problem such is that fish to extinguish a sin. Say, it is necessary it or to fry on a grill, or to steam. It, of course, is good, but does not settle a question.

In - the first, we will stipulate at once what fish you should not stew. First of all grades, valued for gentle fillet - for example, all species of a salmon. The salmon means when the speech about a fish stake comes. And it is correct. Absolutely there is no need to prepare long what can be prepared quickly.

But natural variety, thank God, by salmon it is not settled. And they, frankly speaking, can be put to use. In particular, recipes of some chauder without fail include among other things the smoked trout giving them incomparable aroma. Chaudera, if you do not know, are such dense - the dense soups very popular on the American Midwest and one existence disproving opinion on negligibility of American cuisine. They prepare by the principle “that the spoon stood“, are wildly tasty and incredibly variable. It is unclear, why all of them did not become current at us yet.

Most recipes of stewed fish are thought up by

in areas where it literally the sea. Here in the southern Italian cuisine of them it is full. Our darling - Calabrian soup. It besides perfectly illustrates the basic principles of stewing of fish. The main rule - speed. In a case with fish process of suppression takes much less time, than with meat. Italians prepare so a usual tuna, a tuna “bonito“ and fish - a sword. That is fish, on density close to veal. Still add anchovies. We prepared so a cod, a grouper and a catfish - too there was nothing. But it is necessary to watch constantly that fish did not peretushitsya.

the Collection of recipes

  • the Angler, stewed in pumpkin puree
  • Vegetables, stewed with tomatoes and an orange dried peel
  • of Fillet of a rabbit, stewed with wine and an anisetree
  • the Celery, stewed with vegetables
  • Stewed meat with mushrooms on - Slavic
  • Artichokes, stewed with tomatoes

So, in a big frying pan it is necessary to warm 2 - 3 tablespoons of olive oil, to fry in it a garlic glove and to remove it (it is routine procedure for Italian cuisine). Then to add 2 thinly cut red bulbs - only choose sweet, for evaporation of bitterness you will have no time. Cook onions at continuous stirring minute - another that it all mixed up with oil and even as far as it is possible, became impregnated with it. Then add kilograms of the fish fillet cut in cubes with the party of 2,5 cm. Increase fire to a maximum and fry at continuous stirring, adding at the same time gradually small cut fresh basil, all about a bunch, and if you want, fresh mint - very little. Season with salt and white pepper to taste. In the same mode continue to train minutes three, then quickly shift fish to a plate, and add ingredients for sauce to a frying pan. These are of course tomatoes (better wiped), a handful of olives and a tablespoon of capers.

Should note

that it is that case when it is impossible to save on sauce. Buy the best tomatoes what you will be able, - Italian plum-shaped or summer Uzbek, Baku or Voronezh, only surely soil. Too try to find olives better, a lot of things depend on them; about capers, we hope, too it is clear. Mix all this, let`s begin to boil and boil thoroughly minutes three. Add the postponed fish, lower fire, let`s begin to boil once again and remove a frying pan from fire. Cover and wait until temperature of a dish a little goes down. This time, 5 - 6 minutes, quite will be enough that everything prepared. Then give.

Approximately in the same way can stew fish and in other sauces. They can be prepared on the basis of dense vegetable broth, butter and a large number of a fresh sorrel as the famous cook Michel Troisgros thought up. It is possible - on the basis of white wine, cream, cheese with a blue mold and fennel. In principle, there will be enough even bunch of an estragon, butter and a half of a lemon. There would be fish. And the main thing - quicker, quicker.

it is even simpler than

With seafood. They should be prepared either 4 minutes, or 40. The second is just about suppression. Justified it, in our opinion, only in a case with squids - when them is stuffed. And still Italians within several hours cook the traditional octopus sauce. If the fresh octopus gets, try. Anything difficult.

New - old

Stewed dishes sometimes get charming forms. For example, the main souvenir which can be brought from the city of Leon (poorly - poorly, but the culinary capital of France) - a pot or, more precisely, a jar of white beans, stewed with a duck leg and sausages. At us is on sale too. You will not believe, on taste - nothing of that kind. But as the sample of the French classical cuisine looks not bad.

It does not mean that the high kitchen neglects suppression. And here it will be a question of stewed meat. However, it in cans it is called stewed meat. And when it is proud lies on a huge restaurant plate - it is already “candies“, or it is even more correct, “konf“. Thus, that is having extinguished in fat, it is possible to make any meat, but cooks prefer different types of ducks, and also a game. Once French so prepared products for the future. Over time they paid attention and to taste - enriched with long and penetrating heat treatment. Now act this way and with fish - put fillet in a package, fill in with saturated, spicy broth, vacuumize and prepare minutes 15. For fish - very long so the real stewed meat turns out.

we Learn to prepare

  • of Ragout from veal with young vegetables and trickled pastries
  • Pork, stewed “on - red“
  • the Duck breast, stewed with apples and oranges