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To Bai - Bai, I swing the child... We choose a cradle of

the Kid was not born yet, and future parents are already anxious with a serious problem: on what he will sleep? And what to prefer - to buy at once a bed or all - at first to get a cradle? Of course, for the very first months and especially - days and weeks of life of the baby the small secluded cradle will approach more. In it the kid who still remembers a cosiness of a mother`s tummy will feel more comfortably and more quietly, than in a big bed, both, therefore, will quicker fall asleep and more strong to sleep. And it is very important for it, the newborn spends the most part of the time (17 - 18 hours a day) in a dream.

Part one - a lullaby

So it was moved that, buying an infantile bed, future parents try to estimate scrupulously this or that its model in many parameters before telling themselves firmly and surely:“ Yes, we take it“. And here the cradle is most often bought spontaneously, just because it very much was pleasant to mother. Of course, what female heart will resist such small and pretty infantile “nest“ decorated with ruches, frills, laid by the most delicate linen and added with bed curtains. However, as a rule, the purchases made impulsively under the influence of momentary desire to have IT by all means, quickly enough disappoint. Houses on closer examination the cradle can not fit into a room interior at all, to be not so beautiful, besides too small, low, low-functional and not costing the money paid for it at all.

That it did not occur, it is not necessary to hurry with purchase, having approached the solution of a question quietly, having weighed all pros and cons.

we Make the choice

Option first (classical) - a small wooden or wattled bed with a berth of 40 - 50 cm in width and 70 - 100 cm in length which shakes on arches - rocking chairs or at the expense of the pendular mechanism. “Pendulum“ has an essential advantage - the cradle can be recorded in motionless situation while the majority of rocking chairs are not capable of it. ATTENTION! Having learned to turn over with a side sideways or doing the first attempts to sit down independently, the kid can be shaken involuntarily very strongly in a cradle and as a result even drop out of it. Therefore during wakefulness of the child lying in it the cradle needs to be fixed.

Option second - the floor version of a suspended cradle. It is the soft fabric, wattled basket or a wooden cradle suspended between two basic racks and which is shaken on them like a swing. Among these models there are cradles with rocking blocking too, and some (with a basket - a hammock) can develop. It is possible to give the domestic cradles released by Kuban - Lesstroy firm as an example. Such cradle from a beech or an oak supplied with a clamp which will protect the kid from falling, will cost parents 3000 - 3500 rub together with matrasiky which is also included in the package.

Option third - the cradles of new generation which are reasonably combining in the design plastic, metal, textiles and modern technologies. It is about cradles on the wheels, on appearance which are very reminding a carriage. For such models all ways of rocking and their combination are peculiar. So, the cradle can shake on arches or on suspension brackets and at the same time have also electronic vibration system of a motion sickness which joins automatically from crying of the baby and works in the modes, various on intensity. Moreover, it is possible to operate vibrosystem and at distance by means of the remote control.

Option 2 in 1 - a bed plus a cradle. Very convenient and practical combination, it is not necessary to make the choice here whether to buy at first a cradle or at once to get a bed. In the first months of life the baby sleeps in a small cradle - a basket which shakes on belts suspended to sides in a bed. When the kid grows up, the cradle is removed, and he gets over to sleep directly in a bed. By the way, beds of the Tly (Geoby) series not only are completed with a removable cradle, but also in process of growth of the child increase on length (from 1,1 to 1,6 m) that allows to sleep on them to children since the birth up to school. At the same time they have the price more than democratic - from 4000 to 7000 rub, depending on model and a package in which the canopy and a support for it, soft “bumper“, matrasik are included. And here the bed of the oval SLEEPI (Stokke) form for newborn babies a cradle becomes. For this purpose only extreme sections of a bed are among themselves joined (without its middle part) and legs with castors are added. Further from a cradle the bed with a two-level bed which, in turn, will be transformed to a sofa gathers already. When the bed ceases to be used for the direct designated purpose, it understands and turns again into couple of stools which soft seat has two levels of height. But if to buy in addition additional section and the bottom, then the bed of the children`s size will turn into SLEEPI JUNIOR 170 cm long sofa capable to sustain loading over 100 kg. However, - a transformer it is necessary to pay a round sum for such superabilities of an oval bed. In a standard complete set it costs about 30 000 rub

So to parents is what to choose from: the range of cradles wide - from strict classics to high technologies. But whatever forms took the cradle, its main objective is always invariable - rocking the child.

for the aid to mother

Castors at a cradle - absolutely important detail. If they are, then it is possible not only to shake a cradle, but also it is easy to move on the room. Big wooden wheels in retro style have the rubberized overlays for silent soft driving and bring the highlight in appearance of a cradle. However self-orientating castors - rollers do movements on the apartment more convenient. Mother without effort will move the kid closer to the bed or, for example, far away from a window. Locks on wheels will allow to record if necessary reliably a cradle on the place.

the Cradle equipped with electronic “stuffing“ provides with

to the kid a safe dream and along with it facilitates to mother care of the baby as has the whole arsenal of “specifics“ to calm the burst into tears child. Having reacted to crying, a cradle - the nurse will include one of the motion sickness modes, along with it soft light of the built-in night lamp will light up and the gentle lullaby a melody will be distributed. If there is a possibility of record and reproduction, then the cradle “will sing“ to the baby a song by a tender mother`s voice even if at present there is a father nearby. The peanut will be interested in suspended toys, especially, if they smoothly rotate on a roundabout with a pleasant melody and flickering sparks. Also as vibration, an electronic roundabout and music can be operated from the remote control.

Thanks to the lower shelf or a laundry basket mother near at hand will always have a replaceable kidswear, diapers, hygienic means and objects for care of the kid. As addition the suspended handbag for necessary trifles and linen executed in tone of an upholstery of a cradle can sometimes be applied.

If the cradle is already completed with

matrasiky and bedding, mother should not look for them, selecting the suitable size.

It is very convenient to

when there is an opportunity to change cradle height level. Where mother neither was also what she nor did, she will always have a kid “in the eyes“, she should not get up for this purpose once again or, on the contrary, strongly to bend to a cradle. If mother lay down, the cradle easily draws near and falls to the level of its bed. Cradles of the American Simplicity trademark, except a possibility of the choice of height, have also the coming unfastened board that allows to use them in bedside option.

Moreover, having removed a hood, the cradle of Simplicity turns into a convenient pelenalny little table on castors with a capacious lower basket for replaceable linen. At all short duration of use of cradles (no more than 5 - 6 months), such “transformers“ will serve to both mother, and the kid at least a year - and even after the baby moves to sleep in a bed.

Distinctive feature of the Pearl model from Kolcraft (USA), except existence of the electronic block, is the new design of “hood“ of a basket. It is located not traditionally, in a headboard, and sideways, turning a cradle into the sea shell storing precious “pearl“ - the little man. Such arrangement allows to put easily the kid in a cradle and to take out, and the cradle will better fit into an interior if the place at a wall is allocated to it.

Part second - the lyulechka for a krokhotulechka

Cozy alternative to a cradle can become a basket - a cradle for babies.

Undoubted pluses of baskets - their small sizes (only 40 - 45 cm in width and 65 - 90 cm in length) and rounded shapes which are simply created to give comfort to newborn remains. Equipped with handles for carrying, the basket becomes very mobile - the child it is possible to put to bed in any room and even on a balcony, and also to take it with itself on kitchen. The main thing - that the basket with the kid was placed on a steady, wide surface, then it will not fall and will not overturn.

Of course, as the first berth for the baby it is possible to use also a basket - a cradle from a carriage especially as there are models which are specially intended for this purpose. They have a convenient orthopedic bed, they can be used in the rocking chair mode and be motionless on legs - supports, have handles for carrying. But, in - the first, not all buy carriages of this kind, and in - the second, the “house“ basket always remains pure, without street dust, on it the rain does not drip and does not pour snow. ATTENTION! The basket - a cradle is not intended for transportation of the kid in the car. For safe automobile trips only the autocradle with the case from shock-resistant plastic equipped with the internal holding belts, a protective head restraint for the kid, a special set for its fixing on a back seat of the car can be used.

Minuses of baskets besides are their sizes. The less basket, the quicker the kid will grow from it, so, to use it about half a year will turn out (the biggest - at most 9 months). At the same time it is necessary to pay for a basket the sum equal to the price of a full-size bed which will serve, at least, 2 - 3 years. For this reason such natural and traditional habitat of newborn children as a cradle, now many is considered not too practical and expensive acquisition.

we Choose by

a basket for the baby

production Material. Figurative baskets - cradles are made of natural, environmentally friendly and safe materials. As raw materials for wattled baskets various parts of palm trees - stalks of a rattan or leaves of a raffia are most often used. The Russian producers spin cradles from a willow rod. Wattled models look very gracefully, have the small weight, a smooth surface and, as a rule, natural “wooden“ tone. At all seeming fragility of a wicker furniture, modern technologies allow to make the reliable and strong design which is not afraid of moisture. It is important, the basket should be wiped quite often and from children`s surprises it is not insured. In order that the baby slept on ideally plain surface, in a cradle there is a wooden bottom. The figurative basket - a cradle for the kid happens not only wattled, it can also have the soft case from quilted fabric (as at a basket - a cradle from a carriage).

the berth Is short about the main thing
The more at a cradle, the longer it will serve. And the bed has to be ideally equal and moderately rigid. The cradle completed with bedding (first of all matrasiky), removes a question of their separate purchase. Unlike beds with more - less standard sizes pick up bed linen to a cradle it can to be difficult. It is better to choose a cradle which covering can be removed easily for washing.
Convenient elements of a cradle castors, a shelf for linen, the handle for movement, the leaning-back hood - a dome. More preferable than the model capable if necessary to become motionless.

Accessories. Basket walls are usually trimmed by natural fabric (cotton, flax) from within. The berth consists of an elastic matrasik and a sheet. For an additional cosiness, and also for protection of the baby against light and undesirable views in a headboard of a basket there is a dome - a hood which or makes with it a whole, or is removable and is made of fabric, can open and accept several intermediate positions silently. As a rule, baskets are on sale in completely filled look and the tulle cape or a canopy, a blanket, a small flat small pillow are included in the package. Gentle pastel tone of fabrics, finishing from sewing, embroideries, and also ruches and bows give to a basket cozy, “is fantastic - rural“ a look. ATTENTION! If the wattled basket or a cradle is not completed with special bedding, it is necessary to close independently internal walls a soft board or fabric. And the upholstery needs to be fixed so that in need of it it was possible to remove easily for washing.

of the Handle. That when carrying the basket did not turn over and the kid did not drop out, handles have to be fixed reliably and symmetrically. It is worth paying attention to their convenience also: when carrying a basket they should not “crash“ into parental palms.“ The handles which are built in“ in the form of special openings in walls of a basket will not come off, but it is possible to carry such basket only two hands. There are models which except handles have the long ropes attached in four points to the basket case. In this case, if to offer for the next several months the top lighting of the room, on a hook from a chandelier the suspended cradle can appear.

Support. Most optimum, when the basket is on sale with a support at once. In this case parents should not look for the suitable place where it would be possible to put a basket. The support can be got and separately - wooden, wattled or even shod. The main thing - that it approached the chosen cradle by the sizes - it is necessary for reliable and safe installation. On the functionality the support can shake, develop, have castors.

the question Price Multioption cradles of Simplicity and Kolcraft (USA) cost


within 4500 - 6500 rub, and some of their models can be bought for 2700 - 3000 rub at all. The Italian wattled cradles from Feretti are quite available too - their price of 4500 - 8000 rub without the cost of bedding. For 10 000 - 13 000 rub the kid will have a cradle from the Trama trademarks (Portugal) and HPA/GERA (Greece). And here classical wattled and wooden cradles from PINOLINO and LEIPOLD (Germany), Italbaby (Italy) cost much. Their average price of 15 000 - 20 000 rub, and some models with a totality of bedding and accessories will cost 28 000 - 33 000 rub

Figurative baskets for babies cost an average of 3000 - 5000 rub. For a basket complete with a support the price can double. For example, the basket - a cradle from Kitten (Greece) costs about 3500 rub. and the similar model on a support will cost already 6600 rub

the Russian wattled and wooden cradles are cheaper, they can be bought approximately for 3000 - 7000 rub, and without bedding and that it is less basket - for 1500 - 3000 rub. Though there is also domestic a VIP - cradles worth from 10 000 rub and above.