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How to look after jewelry?

from contact with a body on jewelry collect over time a grease layer and dead cells of skin. It is the best of all to clean jewelry by means of a toothbrush (or Q-tips) and usual liquid for washing of ware. In some shops of jewelry special supersonic means and liquids for cleaning which literally corrode pollution are also on sale. It is the most effective way, but, unfortunately, not all jewelry will be able to sustain it. Solid jewels as diamonds and sapphires, rather strong, but nevertheless before it is necessary to consult to the seller or the jeweler. The safest way of cleaning - a soft, damp rag. By the way, now there are special rags for these purposes. And by means of gin it is possible to polish already cleared jewelry and to return them former gloss, but not to remove pollution.

Solid jewels

Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and grenades - needs to be cleaned very accurately not to damage a frame. For elimination of pollution use a new toothbrush, warm water and the clearing detergent. Incidentally not to drop a jewelry in a sink, use a deep bowl or a small basin.

Problem jewels

of Opala and emeralds are very whimsical

and demand especially careful leaving. Fragile and fragile, they are covered with small cracks which pass water. To smooth roughnesses, they are usually impregnated with special oil greasing. Therefore when cleaning jewelry it is strictly forbidden to use water or solvents. It is better to ask in jeweler salon for the professional help.


It is known that silver quickly grows dull and loses the original form. To return gloss, rub jewelry with a piece of cloth or brocade. Also there are special means for silver polishing, but they are suitable not for all jewelry (better at first to consult with the seller or the jeweler).


This precious metal, as a rule, loses soon enough faultless gloss, becomes dim and becomes covered by a raid. For a start try to wash jewelry a toothbrush in warm soap water. If it did not turn out, use special means for gold cleaning. It is sold in large jewelry stores.


of Ornament from pearls are magnificent and noble

, and demand the appropriate leaving. Beads thanks to the round form usually do not become soiled, but the silk thread on which they are strung is quickly soiled. To clean a pearl necklace, time in three years it it is necessary to string on a new thread, tying small knots. Without the aid of the professional not to cost you.


Platinum - the strong and reliable metal which is not demanding serious efforts and expenses. It is enough to use warm soap water or special means for gold cleaning.

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