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School from the future of

On the far small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea there live children from the future. These children absolutely same as usual - they speak in Russian, play, study, rejoice and cry. Only they it is a little cleverer because they have more interesting lessons. And it is a little healthier because they breathe not ashes of ten million cars, but clean air from the sea. And still is a little more cheerful because they can swim after lessons in the real sea, play in the real theater, shoot the present movies and play cheerful childish sports. Still they very busy - every day they need to manage to make one million different interesting cases. And still they very much, very happy...


Ya long chose school for the children. What did I look for? Probably, the same that is looked for by all parents. Wanted that my child felt like the Person with whom the people who are passing on the life experience and knowledge reckon, how with equal. That my children gained not less knowledge, than in due time I, and it is more and better. That they developed comprehensively, and is intellectual, and is moral, and physically. That study was not only need, but also pleasure. And long time considered all this as an unattainable ideal...

in search of an ideal

It is possible, someone will accuse me of excessive perfectionism, but the parents who are sincerely seeking to provide the worthy future to the children will understand me: I really looked for an ideal.

Secondary education in Moscow is presented to

by thousands of schools, both state, and private now. There are even special firms helping to optimize process of the choice for the parents who were rushed off the feet.

my children studied

at remarkable Moscow schools: with strong teaching staff, well equipped, successfully located, but... Steadily, but small, but persuasive problems constantly made the life miserable.


the daily road - in traffic jams, on a smog and a rain. There was a chronic, collecting fatigue from - for impossibility of a full-fledged discharge: so far you will arrive home until you make lessons, you have supper, you will prepare by next day - it is time to sleep. And new gray, sad, ordinary school morning... There was the Moscow ecology, with its content of four free ions at one square centimeter of air...

Or, as alternative - school - board in Moscow area. At one of such schools with training for some unreal money for my question according to what textbooks occupations are conducted, I was answered: “definitely we do not know and what to you the difference - at us is five times house food and the round-the-clock protection!“ Generally, the prospect to put the child in “a gold cage“ me did not please too.

of the Ideal wanted also in another. In the relation - teachers to children and children - to study: I dreamed that my children went to school, as for a holiday, but not as on penal servitude. In education: I did not want to choose - either strong mathematics, or the strengthened language training, there was no wish for this bothered choice without the choice, it “or“. There was a wish - “and“. I considered necessary to open for the children all opportunities. But how?

the Ideal - overseas? Once long ago it was fashionable to h2 to send to

children to far-away countries for knowledge of the world and other culture. But now of shipping children outward, I did not even think. She was personally familiar with “victims“ of foreign high schools which graduates could not pass test in the fifth class usual (not specialized!) schools. The higher education abroad - it still can be, but an average... I do not know any foreign educational system which would give such broad outlook as Russian. And let I will not remember dates of great battles and exact formulas of benzene connections now, but I, at least, know about their existence.

All-round education creates ample and various opportunities, in other words - a freedom of choice of the way and an opportunity to adapt quickly to we menyayushchitsya to environment conditions. Perhaps, therefore Russian people differ in such surprising “survivability“ and adapt to life practically in any country.

A in a dream I continued to see the ideal - school of the future from Cyrus Bulychev`s stories - school to which go with pleasure, in which warmly and in direct, and figuratively in which children are considered as people and learn to be better than teachers...

A that if it happens?

Waking dream: the facts and emotions

my name obliges me to trust

in miracles, but life experience forces to belong to them carefully. Therefore, having learned about existence of school with gracefully traced coat of arms and in English the melodious name RBSM, we with the daughter decided to make “developing attack“ and went to study as far Malta.

Fact: by RBSM - the Russian School - Board on Malta - was formed in 1997 and is the first similar school in the world. In 2005 the license was expanded, and the school began to be called RBSM International Boarding School.


of B RBSM realized idea of connection of two education systems - Russian and English. In practice it means that children study all obligatory subjects of the Russian basic school program, and also European (MATSEC) and English (EdExcel International), and graduates gain two diplomas: the school-leaving certificate of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the diploma of RBS approved by the Ministry of Education of Malta. The graduate of RBSM can be admitted without entrance examinations to universities of Great Britain, Switzerland and other countries of Europe.

of Emotion: as they are loaded! Children only began to study French, and it is already necessary to learn the poem and to do exercise in a notebook; English - every day; choreography - an obligatory lesson... “Nastyush, you were not tired? Perhaps all - to Moscow?...“ - “Well you, mother! I will not go for anything! Here it is so interesting!“

As this cheerful being never differs in

from eternally tired, constantly busy and until the end of in the time everything that it is necessary, my child of last year...

Fact: RBSM has in property the six-storied building from four connected cases. All territory is under supervision of chambers of safety and is controlled by the person on duty round the clock. At school there is all necessary for comfortable accommodation and training: twelve cool rooms calculated at most on 8 - 10 people, a language laboratory, physics - chemical laboratory, the internal warmed-up pool, a fine art studio, library (6000 books), theater, school radio, a videostudio.

of Emotion: very much lacks excursion on school or at least the scheme of school in open access. I do not understand how here children are guided....

Fact: Curative sea air, soft climate, the pure ecological environment of the island promote strengthening of health and a physical condition of children.

of Emotion: Sometimes after school, almost always - for the weekend, and also on the occasion of school holidays all collective comes out to the sandy Golden Bay beach. The simple Russian school students after lessons lapping in waves of the Mediterranean Sea and players in “sack-race“, “bouncers“ not on gray asphalt, and on the sandy beach of the Gold Bay, convince me once again that I and my children got to the future.

Fact: the program of school, besides the course “World Culture“, included lectures on ethics of behavior, a basis of musical literacy and the fine arts. The children wishing to receive big practical skills in the field of the fine arts or music in addition are engaged in a fine art studio or a musical circle (a piano class). At school the drama school, cinema - and sound recording studios work. In RBSM theater shows, the presentations of videos, concerts and the dramatized representations are almost weekly held.

of Emotion: dances Most of all shook: if not to know that ordinary children dance, it is possible to think that you watch the present professional ballet. Kids act not worse than seniors - surely and cheerfully. Recitals - creative: in each scene, the clip, in each movement - a joint creative of professional teachers and talented, as initially all children, pupils of RBSM.

Fact: the Special attention in RBSM is paid to food. Food at school four times: big breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Is always several types of salads and several main courses and garnishes. At RBSM restaurant system of “buffet“. Daily at the menu there are fresh fruit and vegetables, yogurt or desserts. The menu is approved by the doctor of school, but wishes of children and teachers are always considered.

of Emotion: and still cheerful cooks in undershirts with the inscription E=MC 2 are which help to orient with the menu and to choose the most tasty. However, even with their help this choice is very difficult... Even in the menu the idea of a combination of the Russian and English systems is traced: a classical continental breakfast (flakes of 6 - 8 different types, coffee, toasts) adjoin to “the simple Russian“ noodles and cream of wheat...

Fact: At school categorically, under the threat of assignment and deportation forbade manifestations of roughness and violence, smoking, alcohol, the use of drugs. The relations of all participants of educational process are under construction on the basis of mutual respect and mutual aid. The school uniform is absent, but slovenly appearance, excessively revealing clothes, piercing, tattoos “and other attributes of working class“ (as the school student during the holiday “Dedications in Students“ was expressed), in school hours are not allowed.

of Emotion: And so in everything. Study in RBSM - the main thing. But to constants, not always the noticeable, but always present reliable background there passes the care of moral shape of the child, about its mental health and development, gradual, highly professional and sure cultivation of the Person of the future. Beautiful internally and externally. Understanding and respecting the personal and others` rights and freedoms. Easily guided in modern to it world around - in his knowledge, languages and culture. True cosmopolitan. The representative business - elite of the future.