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The correct position or alternative approach of

the Question of with what hand the person has to write or with what hand it has to hold a spoon during a lunch, remains open not one hundred years. It is not so simple to find its decision, and one strong-willed decision which is made by the leaders of this or that country, here not to manage.

In some countries, such as the USA, it realized already for a long time therefore in various American movies or transfers of lefthanders it is possible to see rather often. In our country, to be exact, in nowadays disbanded USSR, the problem of dissidents of people was solved rather simply - they were just retrained, without realizing about possible consequences.

the Situation began to change relatively recently, in the late eighties. At this time in the Soviet Union there took place global changes, reorganization was planned. Probably, it also served as the catalyst of a solution - ceased to retrain children at schools.

According to the researches conducted recently, more than 32 million “lefthanders“ live in America now. The general number of dissidents in the world makes considerably more than 500 million people. How many from them lives in Russia, it is difficult to tell as many of lefthanders were retrained.

the Only statistical data which we managed to find is the number of lefthanders in a percentage ratio to the number of the people living in the USSR. Data are dated 1988. At this time in the USSR 12,4% of women and 13,9% of men were lefthanders. Most likely, in today`s Russia these indicators did not change and even if changed, then it is not considerable. Anyway, the total of lefthanders is at the level of 20 - 25% of all population of Russia, and it, even by the most rough calculations, 25 - 30 million people.

of Lefthanders is not retrained today any more - it can be considered as a victory of various scientists conducting a set of researches which convincingly proved inexpediency of such approach as the reeducation interferes with development of children and in a consequence, complicates disclosure of their potential abilities.

Therefore if your child prefers to hold the handle with the left hand, then you should not worry so strongly on this subject. And, do not retrain it at all. Just begin to pay attention to things which are developed especially for lefthanders. They, of course, are not so widespread as the typical goods intended for right-handed persons, but nevertheless exist in the market, and at desire they can be found.

Today for lefthanders not only a stationery, but also technological things, for example, such as computer peripherals are issued. Growth of total number of lefthanders around the world forces equipment manufacturers and various goods to pay more and more attention to such people, the quantity of the produced models of devices and products increases, forms are improved, new functions are added.

So, for example, if still quite recently, the computer mouse for the lefthander was just the same, as well as for the right-handed person as possessed a symmetric form, and for use by the lefthander it was only required to put it on the other side of the keyboard and to adjust the software as appropriate, then today the situation is absolutely differently.

New computer mice are issued especially for lefthanders, new products are developed by the principle - only for lefthanders. There are some more products which are intended both for lefthanders, and for right-handed persons, however, all modern devices of such plan only look equally (design and style of design of the case, and also technical characteristics completely coincide). In practice are two different products, each of which is intended only for the lefthander or for the right-handed person. The most expressed representative of such class of products is the computer mouse of Logitech MX610 Laser Cordless Mouse who is issued in two options - for lefthanders and for right-handed persons.

Ergonomics - the important science

In recent years more and more attention began to attract with

to itself a problem of ergonomics of these or those devices. Products which level of usability was higher, than at models of competitors began to win the increasing popularity. The ergonomics as science, became important incentive to improvement of products.


, still quite recently, computer manipulators had the huge sizes, and literally in a form reminded “bricks“. They were terribly inconvenient to use, hands grew dumb in 30 minutes of work with such index devices.

is pleasant to be realized that today there was everything differently. Producers began to care for users, and let out normal products which are convenient for holding in hand, and, working with which the feeling is created that this device is nothing else as continuation of a human hand.

Word “Ergonomics“ rather old. It comes from two Greek words used in the ancient time. If to address the dictionary, then it is possible to see that:

Ergonomics (from other - gr.“ work“ and “law“) - the scientific discipline which is in a complex studying a production activity of the person and setting as the purpose its optimization. There was it in 20 - x years of the last century, in connection with considerable complication of equipment. The early mass studies on this discipline began to be conducted in Great Britain, the USA and Japan.

Today ergonomics is an important criterion which is estimated as producers, the letting-out these or those devices, and users who should work with them. One of the companies paying close attention to the level of ergonomics of production is Logitech. This company won popularity among many users, offering in many respects unique products, including, and on the level of convenience of operation.

Down with the “Tunnel“ syndrome!

it would Seem to

what dangers can proceed from an ordinary computer mouse? This, you see, not most difficult electronic device having rather small form, and not having any moving mechanical parts. But, alas, computer mouse often is the means developing the karpalny tunnel syndrome (KTS). Such disease still sometimes is called the syndrome of a carpal tunnel (SCT).

can be the Cause of this trauma: an uncomfortable position of a hand, a long bend of a hand in a wrist and a large number of small and monotonous movements (for example, frequent “klikanye“ a mouse according to references).

Owing to all aforesaid of a muscle are in not really strong, but long tension, and it, in turn, leads to violation of blood circulation and hypostasis of muscles of a brush and sinews. Violation of sensitive functions of a nerve which is expressed in a sleep and a pricking in wrists of a palm and fingers results, and also violation of motive functions of a nerve, signs of what are weakness of a palm and fingers. If in time not to distinguish a syndrome, then it can lead to the fact that the hand will lose capacity for several months. In especially started cases - for several years.


to warn this disease, once the elementary rules conform. The mousepad has to have a special small pillow for a wrist, it is desirable to do small, minutes on 10, breaks that the hand has a rest from a mouse (for this purpose there is a mass of special rubber expanders). But one of the most important conditions of prevention of an illness is a convenient mouse - ergonomic, developed taking into account requirements of users, passed all necessary tests.

Getting the qualitative products released by the companies - the producers paying much attention to a problem of the karpalny tunnel syndrome (KTS), for example, such as Logitech you will forever relieve yourself of similar problems. All mice of Logitech are made the most convenient for use by many users. The mouse correctly settles down in a hand owing to what the hand does not become numb from the wrong situation on a desktop surface.

From the general to the particular

of One of the few companies which is engaged in release of computer peripherals not only for lefthanders, but also for right-handed persons is the Swiss company Logitech which by right is considered as the leader of the market in many directions.

In a model range of Logitech many products focused only on use by lefthanders are. One of the most interesting, the modern computer mouse of Logitech MX610 Laser Cordless Mouse is considered. This laser mouse is issued in two options - for lefthanders and for right-handed persons. Externally mice are absolutely identical, possess identical technical characteristics. Distinctions - only in the form of the case and an arrangement of keys. The user can decide what mouse will suit him more, intended for work as the right or left hand.

the Mouse possesses very ergonomic, in many respects a unique form. It is only enough to take of it in a hand, and it will not want to be released any more. It elegantly settles down in a palm of the average size therefore for certain will suit most of users. The hand thumb conveniently settles down in the deepening which is specially intended for it. Thanks to such form, the person working with the computer will be tired less, it will be convenient to it to use a mouse.

Application of laser technology allowed to achieve the tremendous accuracy of tracking movement of a mouse in desktop space. Such mouse surprisingly well works practically at any surface. Of course, to achieve ideal sliding and the highest accuracy, you will need to use a specialized rug. But also without it such mouse will be able to satisfy needs of any, even the most exacting user.


, as the only problem it is possible to consider only that such mouse will not be able to work, settling down on a glass or smooth surface, but, on the other hand, similar materials in production of desktops are not so often used. Especially, if it is about that place behind which the school student spends all the free time, performing these or those homeworks.


Also, undoubted advantages of a mouse of Logitech MX610 Laser Cordless Mouse it is possible to consider the highlighted keys which can signal the user that on his computer the new letter by e-mail or by means of an instant messenger arrived. If to press such key, the new message right there will appear before the user`s look, having effectively appeared on a desktop.

Additional keys of a mouse of Logitech MX610 Laser Cordless Mouse can be recustomized by

at the request of the user. The convenient software of Logitech SetPoint which is attached in a set will allow to achieve tremendous functionality from the magnificent computer mouse intended for people with different classes of intellect.