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Would you like to hear cheerful stories? On recreation facility to Ilzho I already wrote

About our rest. Today I want to remember ridiculous and funny cases which happened to us during summer vacation.

Two girls - sisters (four and ten years) run up to the father and greedily, in eager rivalry, tell:

- the Father! Father! And the uncle Vitya caught a lizard!

the father (with some share of irony) to them answers

After a second pause:

- And what, he ate it?

P. S. Victor is the guy who went hungry eternally and never gorged on, despite big portions in the dining room...

we Go by bus (the old PAZ) to the neighboring country - in a stable. Before us on the road the pony (donut) by the name of Philemon (Filya) runs - comes back to a stall from walk. The bus driver - the professional of the business and the big joker - very slowly drove up behind to a donut, quietly - quietly pushed it with a bus nose on the fifth point and at once slowed down. The donut, like mad, rushed on the road, and not just forward on a straight line, and on the correct sinusoid. The bus went behind it afterwards on the same sinusoid and with the same speed, from time to time slightly pushing Philemon - and right there reversing. All this was followed by sound accompaniment from passengers of the bus. So we also reached to a stable. And it is unknown who derived bigger pleasure: the driver, passengers or itself Fil who, it is necessary to tell very much loves extreme entertainments...

our donuts very much like to roll

kids as astride, and in a carriage. But adults quite often too want to sweep on a pony. Of course, such prospect is not pleasant to donuts. And as they are very clever animals, here that they thought up. They just dump those adults whom ponies consider too heavy for themselves (having properly dispersed previously). To long-legged youth gets too: only someone will want to walk all, so right there the pony passes between the teenager`s legs as under the bridge, and then promptly runs away aside - that did not catch up. As a result all adults are left high and dry...

of Similar stories to us happened quite a lot. It is worth remembering our imitation of advertizing of Lipton (you remember when at office lower a tea bag from the floor on the floor through a window). And as once, at 10 in the evening, children went to bathe, swam away on the middle of the lake and is diligent, chorus, sang “There is one I to the road...“ And as the same children gave party of parodies and parodied all: beginning from the director of base and finishing all horses from a stable it is universal... But about all this it is easier to shoot film, than to tell on paper.