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One day Saina`s eyes (1 year, 20 days) of

on July 25, 2006. Today I woke up before usual. Houses silence, and I decided not to rustle too, put the head on a pillow, lay and looked at the sleeping mother. Then unexpectedly I very loudly told:“ E“ why mother, of course, woke up, looked at me with sleepy eyes, smiled and again closed eyes.

But here I already decided to wake her, I wanted to pokuvyrkatsya on a bed. Mother grumbled a little and, as always, asked the grandfather me to take away. Only this time forgot to remind that it put me on a pot. If I was able to speak, I surely would tell the grandfather. Generally, the poor grandfather had to run about from - for me: to heat water, to wash etc.

Then all of us together had breakfast. I not really - that love porridge therefore I ate 5 spoons. I cannot any more. Adults ate fried eggs which I hate. The uncle Afonya had breakfast with us. Sasha calls him Indicating radioactivity. He somewhere called all the time and, in my opinion, told something type that I will be “aattaa ataa soon“. Let`s look.

Opened an entrance door wide open. The grandfather dug in a kitchen garden, mother washed a terrace, and I spent all this time on a floor about a door near slippers. But it was not boring, mother turned on the music, and I danced from time to time. Still I for the first time in life itself got out today of the house on the street. Mother was delighted, and the grandfather not really, he, probably, thought that now “an eye yes of eyes“ is necessary. Then we with mother watched transmission of doctor Kurpatov about the singer Jasmin. I fell asleep.

A I woke up how you think where? I also long could not think. It appears, me put to sleep on the street, you represent, directly took out my bed. Cool. I, of course, for the sake of appearances cried. Mother gave me sorat. She for some reason always calls it differently - “sorat“, “kefir“, “narine“.

So far mother prepared

for cutlet lunch with mashed potatoes, I sat in a basin with water, sprayed it on all kitchen. I very much like to bathe. Mother still took out me to the yard and put in a big iron bathtub. It was not cold at all, I even wanted to dive.

Mischa Came, it was washed in soul, long carried me on hands, missed, probably. He very much loves me, and I him too. When Mischa looks for me, I never pay. There is no wish. We together ate ice cream with it, it - ice cream, I am a glass. Then came Natasha and the aunt Marina. Mischa and Natasha go to Bayagu. I will go too when I grow up. Speak, there cool - always the summer and is a lot of children.

As soon as Mischa with Natasha left, the thunder-storm began. The whole two hours the thunder rattled, the lightning sparkled, poured a rain. Mother is afraid of a thunder therefore I was frightened too. To us there arrived the uncle Semyon. After a rain we have supper and went on Selick. Selick is a place where live the aunt Marina, the uncle Afonya, Mischa, Natasha, Cholbon and Maappa. Earlier I very much was afraid of Maappy. It has long nails and eyes too big.

long played

Ya with the aunt Marinoy while the grandfather with the uncle Afonya and the uncle Semyon put a wall in Natasha`s room. I am not afraid to Maapp any more. Only slightly - slightly.

Ya fell asleep on Selick, woke up in grandfather`s “Field“ - we went home. Houses me put in my pink bed. There was a usual summer day, but I was tired. What will be tomorrow?