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Cosmetics bag for nails of

On counters of shops all new means on care of nails appear. How to choose what is really necessary?

is Advised by the teacher of the Moscow Academy Neill - an art Irina Kulalayeva.

- What “cosmetics bag“ should be had to each woman for care of nails?

- Nails the same as a face and hair, are the passport of any woman and demand regular careful leaving. Many problems arise first of all from - for peresushivaniye of nails. The cause is often there are detergents, including hand soap. Best of all to buy liquid soap or cream - soap. Color varnishes, a fixer - drying and liquid for removal of a varnish also enter a universal set means for removal of a cuticle. If your nails are not absolutely healthy, then it is necessary to include a basis in a set. Bases contain various ingredients which influence this or that problem. They are put under a varnish and erased together with it.

- Some firms claim that the cuticle can be removed in only a few minutes: put means and an order. Whether so it?

- It is really possible. Everything depends on structure of means for removal of a cuticle. There are nuances.

Alkali. Those means which quickly delete a cuticle are, as a rule, intended for professional use. Alkali is their part. Sometimes they can be found on counters of shops.

If you decided to use

such means, then it is necessary to observe some precautions. It is possible to apply it only on three fingers at the same time and to hold no more than 3 - 5 minutes. Then it is necessary to wash away carefully water and soap. If to leave alkali on a cuticle before full absorption, then it is possible to get chemical burn.

One more minus: alkaline means overdry a cuticle. It begins to grow even stronger, more agnails appear. Allergic reactions can even develop.

Acid. You will hardly meet the following group of means for removal of a cuticle on free sale. And to lovers to use professional cosmetics of the house it is worth being careful. Quite aggressive acid is a part of acid means for a cuticle. By the form such structure differs in a curdled, gel consistence. Delete with it a cuticle and the horny skin standing. It is impossible to use such means in house conditions.

Fruit acids. The third type of means for removal of a cuticle acts on the basis of fruit acids. On packing there will be a characteristic mark of A. N. A. This structure, perhaps, the most successful of all. It is absolutely safe. It is possible to put it though every day. Fruit acids possess the peeling action.

Means is applied on a cuticle, left for 5 - 7 minutes, and then erased the towel moistened in warm water. If the cuticle strongly grew, then at first it makes sense to remove it at the professional. Farther it will be possible to support successfully result by means of fruit acids. Other option: at first to apply this structure every day and when the cuticle returns to normal - once a week.

- And whether it is possible to make so that the cuticle grew more slowly?

- Yes, for this purpose the special means reducing growth of a cuticle exist. They are issued in the form of oils, creams and pencils. Proteins of wheat, an aloe and vitamins A, E, C most often are their part. These funds are allocated for prevention of a problem, but not for its decision. They do a cuticle softer and elastic therefore it does not grow and does not give agnails.

you can choose by

means in a form, convenient for you. But if you use a pencil, then it is impossible to give it to the girlfriend or the neigbour. It in a sense personal hygiene means, and only you can use it.

- we dealt With a cuticle. And what problems can be solved with the help of bases?

- They will help to put any nails in order. The main thing - not to try to solve all problems at once. Combinations “3 in 1“ should be avoided. There is the same situation that with shampoo and hair conditioner.

One of the most widespread troubles - the exfoliating nails. It arises from - for shortages of sulfur or a lack of moisture. For its decision it is necessary to clean at first the departed scales by means of the polisher, and then to start treatment by bases.


Best of all will suit bases with a protein. This component is the main supplier of sulfur. Most often add a vegetable protein of wheat to varnishes. There are bases containing animal protein, but they meet extremely seldom. The protein basis is opaque, on a consistence is similar to kissel. If nails exfoliate not strongly, then it can be put once a week under a varnish.


A here if a problem serious, it is necessary to treat. For this purpose the basis needs to be put within two weeks every other day a layer behind a layer. As a result on a nail there have to be 7 varnish coats. Then the basis needs to be removed liquid for removal of a varnish and to put once a week under a varnish.

- And unless at the exfoliating nails bases with calcium are not useful?

is very widespread myth. At the exfoliating nails you should not use calcic bases, otherwise nails will begin to exfoliate even stronger. And here for thin nails such “top dressing“ will be very opportunely.

Here only needs to handle with such bases with care. If, besides everything, your nails exfoliate or break, then it is necessary to refuse a calcic basis. The main thing - not to oversaturate nails calcium, otherwise they will break even stronger. Such bases usually very dense, are hardly poured in a bottle. Calcium can use not more often than once in 10 - 12 days.

- What it is better to use at fragile nails?

- a problem Root that nails lack moisture. In this case the basis which holds moisture is necessary. Such bases, as a rule, contain clay minerals. They are put under a varnish and work as a sponge. Thus, moisture does not evaporate, and circulates in the top layers of a nail.

For the fast solution of such problem can use coverings with teflon, iron and magnesium. Nails really become stronger during carrying a covering. But as soon as you will remove a basis together with a varnish, nails will be same fragile.

Often happens that nails seemingly strong, but grow at uneven. The most common cause - a trauma of a rostkovy zone of a nail. At the basis a nail very thin, and it it is easily possible to injure, cleaning a cuticle the metal tool, and sometimes and an orange stick. Subsequently it is impossible to correct this defect.

can give to

of the Basis only cosmetic effect. Such means are called ridzhfiller. The basis fills roughnesses, and, thus, the surface of a nail becomes absolutely smooth. Bases of such orientation may contain talc, gelatin or clay minerals. It is frequent it is not recommended to use means with talc because it dries nails. They can become fragile.

- whether Can accelerate growth of nails by means of a basis?

- do not have Special bases for growth of nails. But here it is important to remember that and beautiful only healthy nails can be long. That is it is necessary to solve all available problems. It is possible to make it by means of bases. Even if there are no special problems, under a covering it is much easier to keep a nail plate.

Also special oils which accelerate growth of nails exist. Vitamin C is their part. Oils stimulate cell fission of a nail, and it begins to grow quicker. You should not trust, however, advertizing which promises long nails in 5 - 7 days. The normal nail in a week grows on 1 mm, a maximum on 2 mm. To force a nail grow quicker, than the physiology allows, it is impossible.

- Choosing a varnish, we always want that it both dried quickly, and kept long. Whether it is real?

- As a rule, quick-drying varnishes are also quickly erased. And all varnishes which remain on nails about a week dry long. Volatiles - alcohols, air are a part of quick-drying varnishes. At the expense of them the varnish quickly dries. Volatiles take away with themselves both parts of a varnish, and a moisture molecule from a nail. Therefore the varnish is quickly erased, and nails become dry. It is quite good to have such varnishes if you gather for some action, and there is catastrophically not enough time. And the manicure is necessary for only one evening.

If you constantly varnish nails, then it is the best of all to use a “long-playing“ varnish. And to save time, it is possible to use drying. Drying happen two types: spray and a varnish - a fixer. Flying components of spray take substances in a varnish which will have to evaporate in process of drying. Thanks to drying it occurs twice quicker.

the Fixer with the drying effect will force a color covering to dry within 8 minutes. Plus to everything, a varnish will both keep longer and to shine more brightly.

- Now appeared many liquids for removal of a varnish without acetone containing nutritious ingredients.

- About modern liquids for removal of a varnish legends go. Some clients even come to salon with the liquid. There is a popular belief that liquid for removal of a varnish should not contain acetone because it dries nails and a cuticle.

Such conclusion is not absolutely justified

. Liquids without acetone were developed for artificial nails. Really, they from acetone become sticky because their top layer under its influence is dissolved. by

For “live“ nails it is better for p to choose usual liquid for removal of a varnish. The varnish will quicker be removed, than when using liquid without acetone. In addition, acetone well degreases a nail plate therefore the new varnish coat will longer keep. “Bezatsetonovy“ liquids contain substances from the same group, as acetone or organic solvents. Therefore there is no enormous difference between them.