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Childbirth of

I Want to share the experience in Holland pregnancy and childbirth. Perhaps, it will help someone. I live in Holland, I work as everything, I have the business, my husband the Dutch and still we have a dog and a cat.

Being a pregnant woman, I re-read, probably, hundreds of stories about childbirth because for me all this was for the first time - pregnancy, these strange feelings, a sense of responsibility and are a lot more mysterious that expected me after the child`s birth.

everything Began

with the fact that we decided that it is time to bring children, and decided “to practice“ a little as I planned to become pregnant in the summer in August (there was a strong wish that the child was a Taurus on zodiac sign), and we planned a trip to Greece concerning our wedding anniversary, there and there had to be everything.

I here in one “fine“ day I felt that I fall asleep in front of the computer, it was very strange feeling as though you fail in anywhere. At first it seemed to me just strange, maybe, did not sleep... And in the next days it repeated. I was very frightened, even thought that I have some serious disease, here in Holland speak about it much, all sick people tell about themselves, at first at the Russian person, unusual to such quantity of serious illnesses, the depression develops, it is a pity for all.

In several days heartburn which I never had joined feeling of fatigue. The breast was very sensitive, as usual and happened before monthly, but monthly everything was not. Delay one week. And here the doubt crept in, our last “training“ was in “red“ day.

I used

as protection then the Person (the small computer which shows days when it is possible to have sex without protection). Red light indicated that there will be an ovulation soon. It was just on 17 - y day of a cycle (28 days). I got into the Internet, to look at the first signs of pregnancy. Everything met, except for frequent campaigns in a toilet, but I was almost sure that I am pregnant. But continued to smoke a cigarette and to look for the new websites with pregnancy signs.

Next day I bought

the test for pregnancy. With impatience waited for the next morning and executed the test, the test was negative. I fell to a bed with thoughts that really with something it is sick.


In the same morning at me appointed conversation with the family doctor in other occasion, and I told it about the suspicions. On what he congratulated me and told that I am pregnant, but asked everything - to show him the test, according to him the second strip it is not always well visible and it can define. And then asked: “You, apparently, are not absolutely glad to such news?“ . I told that I am very happy, but planned it for a month later, from - for zodiac sign on what he very much laughed and told that some people for years try, and you also a sign want to choose!


But me all the same it was not trusted. I could not imagine that in me really someone sits. I needed to go to work, and I called the husband that he in a break brought the test to the doctor. The husband very much was surprised that I told nothing, and at once went. Through a couple of hours he called and told that I in the next 9 months cannot drink.

It was some days before holiday in Greece. We told a family about the forthcoming addition at once, all were very glad. On the way to Greece at the airport I bought magazines about pregnancy and read them without stopping. Though still did not believe in the pregnancy, everything was so strange, unusual and mysterious.

Ya always dreamed of the son though we planned always two children, but the dreamboat is I with the son on the beach, in the city, at home, in life. Therefore, just in case, I began to prepare for appearance of the daughter. And, lying in Greece on the beach, thought that the daughter it is healthy too, even found a name at once - Linda.

Upon return home me ultrasonography in hospital was necessary to

. And here on the screen the little man! Nine weeks! More doubts are not present! It it! My child! My conscious pregnant life began with this moment. There is no special control in Holland, every month it is necessary to visit the midwife who listens to heartbeat of a fruit, checks health of the pregnant woman and answers questions. On late terms of pregnancy these visits become frequent to 2 - x once a month, and then 2 times a week.


Ya perfectly throughout all pregnancy and waited for everything when it becomes worse since girlfriends said that from seventh month hypostases, etc. will develop. But I it had nothing, I ate much... chocolate, ice cream, cakes, candies, and still meat and rolls in unlimited number. But did not recover.

the Most interesting question for me. I for hours was online and read about signs of this or that. Everything indicated the boy, except for eating of sweets, but I always loved them. The main signs for me were: standing, in the top part several long hairs appeared (a sign of men`s hormones at a fruit), did not feel sick at the beginning of pregnancy, conception happened a peredsamy ovulation (on 17 - y day). By the way, coincided with the Chinese table. And still, to all to whom such forecasting, council is interesting: look at hair of your husband if hair thick and dense, then for certain there is a girl.

All this

it was very interesting, but I all - did not bear, and we decided to make ultrasonography 3D, with a child`s face photo. It was on 27 - y to week of pregnancy. The doctor could not approach the places defining a sex of the child in any way and took many pictures of his face. It was very beautiful, I even wanted to give birth to him somewhat quicker. And here, at last, she told:“ 100% the boy“, also made a photo. I was just on top of the world! IT! Even it is not believed that I was so lucky in life.

Further quickly flew by 7 - y, 8 - y and 9 - y months, and big expectation began... When? Everything was complicated by the fact that the patience was already on an outcome, there was a wish to see somewhat quicker it, the most beautiful, plus the stomach grew as a mushroom after a rain, literally in 3 weeks, to the improbable sizes though about its eighth month it was not really visible. Already it was impossible to get out of a bed or a sofa since practically you do not feel muscles, it was necessary to turn over sideways and to roll down on a floor.

But any feeble efforts in respect of childbirth was not. The 42nd week of pregnancy ended with stimulation in hospital. There to me entered the gel softening a neck of a uterus and, having waited several hours, we were sent home. It appeared, as gel did not help.

I guessed in what business. I have a narrow basin, and the husband as the ordinary Dutch, large. I felt sometimes the shooting pain somewhere in the field of a basin or am even lower. I rummaged a lot of information and decided that the child tries to fall to a small pelvis, but does not creep. It is big. If I then knew how I was right, then would not agree to stimulation.

A stimulation to me was continued in 2 days. Now to me entered the lace impregnated with something that softens a uterus neck. All this becomes in order that then it was possible to enter a barrel into a uterus which begins to be inflated then and by that there is a disclosure. To all to whom it will not have the luck to be stimulated in Holland, I will tell at once that feeling not from pleasant. It concerns also definition of disclosure and input of gel, laces and barrels...

When into me with something was stuck, I thought that at me now everything will be pierced inside and will get out of a throat, even sweat appeared. And when pulled out (fingers, or a lace), it became so good as though from a stake got down... But the barrel played a role, and in 3 hours I already had a disclosure of 4 cm

fights, but tolerant Went. As anesthesia I used TENS. In Holland it can be ordered for rent. Very good device, electrodes on a back are pasted and current is given. The following feeling turns out: Fight - strong pressure in the bottom of a stomach comes and pressure upon bones begins (somewhere in a crotch), and TENS as if pushes out this pain, doing pressure from a back. As though 100 people stamp to you on a back, but it is not sick, and it is pleasant. Well, it turns out that pleasant pressure from a back is stronger, than belly-ache, and it is it seems not so sick.

Having learned

about such fast disclosure, doctors were delighted, pulled out from me a barrel and entered a stimulator into a vein. After that fights became almost continuous and such force that I began to climb already slowly on a wall, i.e. on a bed side.

during pregnancy I all thought: as it will be at the time of delivery what you think etc. of. Now I can tell that you think only of that, as if it you ended and are in such fog somewhat quicker that you do not see anybody and anything. Even when I saw that the husband already almost cries, standing near me all this time, even it did not cause emotions, thoughts turned only around one: as to me it is bad when it comes to an end.

So there passed 7 more hours! Doctors did not want to take emergency measures, wanted to be convinced that actually it will not turn out to give rise at me most. Eventually, the gynecologist told that she will be Caesarian. I so was delighted to this news that even pain seemed not such strong. I was morally prepared for such turn of events, I knew that the child big (4 kg). And even during fights I was told that a good chance of vacuum childbirth, i.e. would cut a crotch and would drag the child vacuum. Such prospect did not give me good feelings. Therefore when I heard that now the end to my tortures will come, I was very glad.

Further everything occurred quickly. I was smeared fast with iodine and carried to the operating room. On the road there I sent all doctors to the known address since they wanted to give to me an injection in a back as anesthesia. I about it much have heard a lot therefore I did not want at all, and doctors agreed to a full anesthesia which I demanded and told that if they to me do not make it, then I in general will get up and I will leave. Doctors told: “Only do not shout what you do not want - we will not make“. Through the same needle where the stimulator arrived, me connected anesthetic and, without having managed to curse until the end of all, I was disconnected.

Exactly in 20 minutes after operation I woke up. Having opened eyes, I thought at once: why I so well slept? It was not with me for the last months for a long time. And right there I was caught up by thought: “Wait a moment, I gave birth! And how it ended?“ .

At this moment I turned the head and saw over myself the husband with the child on hands. The husband put the child near me. This feeling absolutely indescribable. Having kissed him, I began to examine his face. Everything was so unusual - before me that of whom I thought so many months lay, dreamed and so waited. The biggest impression on me was made by his eyes and a look. Big eyes looked at me and as though spoke: “You are, huh? my mother? And where I came to be?“

Then. I did not fall asleep more, looked at the son, without coming off, and was already other person, than earlier. To me it was so quiet, gentle, warm and it is happy.

All this can be described indefinitely. But the most important that all this good and lasts, and goes with me on life. Ahead there is so much interesting at us three together.

still I will tell

I about the husband. It gave so much support during pregnancy and childbirth as nobody else could not. Even when there came the most difficult moments, it was always near. It passed through the same, as I, also worried and rejoiced. It is possible even to tell that we with two of them were pregnant and gave rise.