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We are going to maternity hospital - and back

That “treasured hour“ did not take future mother unawares, necessary for maternity hospital it is better to prepare all in advance - for one and a half - two months before estimated date of childbirth. You will have time slowly to think over, correct and understaff “baggage“. And even if the kid will decide to please you with the birth of the put term slightly earlier, you will go behind it at full equipment.

we Prepare for


a bag in maternity hospital. Or two? Four!

Of course, all maternity hospitals different, conditions of stay in them too different. Somewhere all ““ is welcomed, up to medicines. Somewhere, on the contrary, everything is forbidden, except objects of personal hygiene. But in general maternity hospitals rather democratically treat desires and needs of the woman. Therefore it is better to lay out something in a reception, than then to feel discomfort.

not to take with itself it is too much things, it is more convenient to prepare instead of one bag four, at numbers:

the Bag No. 1 - with it you will go to maternity hospital.

the Bag No. 2 - to you it will be brought after the delivery.

the Bag No. 3 - things on an extract to the kid.

the Bag No. 4 - things on an extract to you. For everything that is used daily, is rumpled or spoils, and therefore it cannot be packed in advance, make a crib and attach to the necessary bag. Then even in a hurry you will forget nothing. For example, for a bag No. 1: “Here to report documents, the cell phone, a hairbrush, a bottle with water, etc.“. For a bag No. 4: “Here to report (removed from a hanger) a favourite beige suit, boots, a jacket, etc.“ .

When all bags will be ready

, show them to the husband. In your absence he has to know what for what and where each of them will lie, then he will mix nothing.

the Bag in maternity hospital No. 1 Contents of this bag to you are required to


even before childbirth.

  • Documents: passport; policy of obligatory medical insurance; prenatal record of the pregnant woman; the birth certificate with the coupon No. 2 (if the woman was not registered in a maternity welfare unit, this certificate to it will be issued directly in maternity hospital).
  • the Dressing gown (also the light sports suit or a pajamas is convenient).` Slippers. Rules of maternity hospitals order washing. It is justified - they are more convenient, and it is easier to keep them clean.
  • Nightgown. It has to be convenient, from natural fabric.
  • Socks (2 couples of cotton).
  • Linen. If it is necessary to lay down in maternity hospital in advance, it is necessary to take couple of replaceable linen.
  • of the Towel: one for the person, another for a body. By the way, disposable paper towels (roll) are quite convenient.
  • Sanitary products: soap in a soap tray; a toothbrush in a case; toothpaste; hairbrush; mirror; disposable safety razor.
  • For a toilet: toilet paper (choose the softest); disposable coverings on a toilet bowl seat. These are special tissues which are put on a toilet bowl (literally by one hand), and after use of a toilet spontaneously slide off inside, carried away by drain water. They do not litter the sewerage as easily rastvorima, are suitable for a toilet bowl of any form, do visit of a toilet convenient and hygienic. `Cosmetics: hygienic lipstick; hand creams and for the person which you use daily.
  • the Deodorant (it is better ball, with a slight unsharp smell or in general without it).
  • Cuticle scissors. In addition, they will be useful also for domestic needs (to open packing, to cut bandage etc.) .
  • Cell phone. Do not forget the charger and a card for replenishment of balance (if it is used).
  • Hours - wrist or small desktop (it is better with a second hand or digital). Though hours are also in the cell phone.
  • Electric kettle (boiler). Except the main destination, this device will provide you with boiled water which can be useful further for sterilization of a baby`s dummy.
  • Packages for garbage. There will be no problems where to put packing from food, the used tampons, etc. It is convenient to pack into packages also dirty linen.
  • For entertainment: magazine or book; player or radio.

the Bag in maternity hospital No. 2


This bag to you will be brought after the delivery. As now you there were two, and the bag will consist of two “offices“.

For mother:

to the Pregnant woman should carry with itself many documents (the passport, the prenatal record, the policy, the directions of analyses and their results, various recipes, instructions, etc.) . At everyday use they can obtrepatsya, be rumpled, tear, be soiled, become wet etc. To ensure safety of documents and at the same time to have to them fast access, buy for them office folder - an envelope on the button or a lightning. Thanks to soft and transparent PVC - material of which it is made and to a zipper your documents will always be in the public eye, in an order and on the place. You can pick up the folder of the suitable size (usually A5 quite enough), it will not take a lot of place in your handbag.

For the kid:

Take care of the father! If your husband is going “to give birth“ together with you, then for him it is necessary to prepare “a bag in maternity hospital“ too.
For presence on childbirth future father has to hold the following documents:
  • Results of analyses (specify what analyses will be required in your maternity hospital and when it is expedient to hand over them).
  • Passport or other identity document.
  • Prepare for
  • for the husband easy clothes and replaceable footwear. It is better if it are the washing slippers or disposable boot covers. With a dressing gown, a hat, a mask it has to be provided in maternity hospital. If you decided to make the movie about the child`s birth, hold video - a camera ready to work - with the charged accumulators, with cleared a flash - memory or the cartridge. If the husband after the delivery remains in maternity hospital for joint stay with the wife and the child, then objects of personal hygiene, a towel, shaving accessories, replaceable clothes and linen will be necessary for it.
If mother with the kid are without father, but in separate chamber, for their subsequent visits it is quite good to father of family to stock up:
  • medical disposable boot covers;
  • medical masks.
Regardless of that, the supporter your husband of joint childbirth or not, he has to know how to contact maternity hospital and your doctor. Therefore provide it with the corresponding phone numbers.

the Bag in maternity hospital No. 3

put things on an extract to the kid Here. If decide in what yours will be dressed the baby, then and prepare everything according to season. Among winter and summer things it is better to put both easy, and warmer clothes and blankets. Let will remain superfluous better, than something will be missing.

Necessary documents
Surely check correctness of the data entered in these documents:
  • Certificate of the birth. On the basis of this reference your kid will be registered in a registry office and will receive the birth certificate.
  • “Children`s“ part of the prenatal record. Here physical parameters of the kid at the birth will be specified, features of a course of childbirth, the conclusion about a state of health of the child after the birth and at the time of an extract, given about the carried-out vaccination, recommendations of the doctor, etc. You will give this reference to policlinic in which yours will be observed the baby. It will become the beginning of its history of development and the out-patient card.
  • Certificate on preventive inoculations. Here data on the preventive inoculations which are carried out to the kid will be entered. The certificate will be stored at you, do not forget to show in a consequence it for introduction of new data.
  • “Maternal“ part of the prenatal record. Here data on childbirth and on their features, on the applied medicines and the carried-out procedures will be specified (if those took place). You will give this reference to the doctor in a maternity welfare unit.
  • Other documents (if those are available): the part of the birth certificate remaining with the woman; its copy of the policy of voluntary medical insurance, the concluded contract (contract) on obstetric aid, etc. These documents confirm the fact of rendering medical care and services to you and can be useful further at the arisen complications.

the Bag in maternity hospital No. 4

On an extract to mother. Planning in what clothes you will go from maternity hospital, keep in mind that the stomach and hips for the present will be not in original state if for pregnancy you gathered many extra kilos). Give preference to the free (stretching) clothes regulated on width (with a smell, on an elastic band).

Hurrah! we Go home!

Day of an extract at the same time both long-awaited and concerning. Gathering home, check whether everything you packed the things. Do not forget also about documents which to you will be prepared by maternity hospital.

of Thought of the forthcoming concerning moment, efforts on gathering of all necessary for itself and the child, the aspiration to that everything turned out as is necessary and even better, - an excellent way not to think of bad and to make dream reality. With a positive spirit, with quiet confidence that at you everything is ready what all of you provided and considered, it is possible to go safely to maternity hospital, easy childbirth and to you and are guaranteed to your kid!